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  1. One thing that has always puzzled me is why do all these notes say "dedicated to GPS users", and not played by GPS users ??? Played by GPS users Play? Play? What do you think this is, some kind of game? G
  2. Maybe the answer is, keep the Geocaching site free, but Premium members get priority when things get busy, ie non-paying cachers get logged off -or aren't allowed to log in until things are less busy... G
  3. On sale here -IF in stock! Latest due date is June 2007 G
  4. Also belive* a "Mega" event has to have cachers from other countrys visiting the event... Does Wales, Scotland, Ireland etc count for an event in the UK? We would be interested if it happened! G * Don't quote me, I think I've read it somewhere on GC.Com! I think in the US they have to get cachers attending from other States...
  5. OR We only go in to work when there's no caching to be done! G (Read below! )
  6. Would it be better to call it a Puzzle cache? I think it's a micro... G
  7. In a tree, or a cliff face, its moved higher or lower... Same co-ords. Shouldn't move it*. Leave a note on the page, and/or email the owner. *We have moved a cache, but it was only inches from flood water. We moved it a foot or so higher into the hedge it was hidden behind, said so in the log, and emailed the owners to warn them. G
  8. Neither do caches with "TNLN" in the log. Think GC.com are 'shutting out' the GUK site as "(Most data has been refreshed in the last 151 hours)" and if you use GUK to search and link to a page I've found 'not logged in' where normally it say 'geocachuk' G
  9. Went "Ha ha, cough, cough, cough, cough..." Excellent! G
  10. Think I might have to change caching partner... DVLA choice Car Anyone with a name starting with V interested? G
  11. When I were a lad... The local Dr had SAY 99 and later got SAY 99R for his other car. G
  12. GC.com logging people out, after a set time of inactivity, to try to keep the servers going at the weekend? G
  13. No such thing as "Bad weather", only inappropriate clothing! G
  14. I think a lot of people these days work on the principal of: "If all else fails, read the instructions" G
  15. Shh! Have you tried taking .loc/.gpx files from here "geocacheuk.com"? No, down as well, not even showing "basic" cache pages.
  16. Shh! Have you tried taking .loc/.gpx files from here "geocacheuk.com"?
  17. Animal life isnt really a problem. Snakes are as scared of us as we are of them, give them a warning, make a noise -shake the bush or rustle the foliage-and they will slither away given a chance. If the area around a cache hide is littered with empty cans, broken bottles, needles, is it really the sort of place we would like to show other cachers? Is the cache really safe from being muggled, and what would happen if a cacher arrived when the sort of people that leave the rubbish are around... G
  18. We've logged todays caches, they show as found on the cache page, they show on "caches you've found in last ?? days, they show on our stats/profile gizmo, but not on the "caches closest to home co-ords"... AND! keep getting "Server busy" messages. Are there that many of us trying to log, or it a slow day in the USA that they are all on GC.com instead of caching! G
  19. Hi, I live in Norwich and am interested in geocaching with my 8 year old son. I don't have a gps unit yet. But will get one soon. Should I get a Garmin etrex or should I get something better? Do you go geocaching in groups? Nicola Welcome! Garmin etrex is fine, we started with the yellow, and found 300+ before I "upgraded" to a Garmin Legend! K now uses the yellow. We cache in a group of 2, many cache solo. Some get together to do a days caching trip. Its whatever you want to do. G
  20. Always worthwhile to put a note in the description, that the cache has new co-ords, in case someone has the old details printed out/stored in PDA... eg ...and not just us! G
  21. From a previous thread. Quote from Deceangi Owners can move caches up to 0.1 miles [528ft/161m] before hitting a system block after which it becomes a Reviewer only option. If it needs moving further, drop a note to the reviewer/s G
  22. Use the :"Copy" tag that you recieve with the tag, or make your own copy tag, just laminate and mark it as a travel bug so people know it's a TB. We dropped off a TB and it 'dissapeared' only to turn up 12 months later, many miles away from where we left it! (Spookily it was found by a cacher we know, as we are often in FTF races against him, in certain areas!) G
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