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  1. I have Anne Hathaway's Cottage WM45NF in Wikipedia Entries. It's historic. There is a visit from 1980 that also refers to what was on at the theatre as well. The photos are also a chance to see how it has changed over the years! (Or not!) In the right category, I'm all for 'backdated visits' from before the Waymark was listed.
  2. I'm not aware of a time limit, I've got 'unfinished' waymarks that are years old! I don't think there is a limit to the number of unfinished waymarks... (If there is, I'm sure the system will let you know, if/when you reach it)
  3. Moved? Delete it, and re-download. Logging back in may solve the problem.
  4. Location: Alberta, Canada Surely British Columbia?
  5. Leave as is. As the fact is mentioned in the description. Or Temp Disable until the items are removed. (Wonder if the family have been unable to get there? What has the Coronovirus situation been like in the area?)
  6. I'd like to see the photo requirement increased. One of the headstone. One showing the location. Option of - if it's a family marker - one showing the details of the person. Example (mine, submitted before I became an officer) https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmPGW5_Mike_Hailwood_British_Grand_Prix_motorcycle_road_racer https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wmPGVZ_Nick_Drake_Musician I don't mind 'copy and paste' from the source, but do like some attempt at formatting the text, and not leaving it as a 'block of grey' when submitted... It's not about the numbers... It's about providing the information that people can read easily, be presented well enough, and be interesting enough to make people want to find the Waymark.
  7. Other websites are acceptable. If more than one can be offered, it makes it so much easier.
  8. Didn't even have to wait for me to accept it!
  9. As an officer... I'd be tempted to accept it!
  10. OT. A Bacon Butty, is NOT the same as a Bacon Sandwich... Butty >> On Topic, if the HINT doesn't suggest where the cache should be, D/T is the next best thing as a guide to re-hiding an obviously "not in the right place" cache...
  11. Do they have the same (or close) 'Placed Date' to allow some filtering. eg Search placed before *Date* and then search placed after *Date* The new search allows you to set filters. Maybe exclude Mysteries, then search Mysteries with date options? A bit long winded, but may be a quicker option? Other option is GSAK to exclude caches by Owner...
  12. A local cemetery has a Commonwealth War Graves section, with graves of British, American and Canadians that were killed or died in the area in WW11. A small section has graves for Germans (Were not our Allies, and not part of the Commonwealth)... Would they be considered 'Out of Place'? *The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is an intergovernmental organisation of six independent member states whose principal function is to mark, record and maintain the graves and places of commemoration of Commonwealth of Nations military service members who died in the two World Wars. ** Probably a hypothetical question, and not for discussion.
  13. Probably. A lot of caches these days are too small to take a TB. And TBs have a habit of 'disappearing' . They get very few photos of their travels, and soon get on a list, where cachers will 'Discover' them via the web.
  14. Often used to connect various parts of the building. Chapel, living accommodation, hospital/infirmary, kitchen etc. Often square around a Quad (Quadrangle). Can be used to walk and meditate/contemplate.
  15. GeoTrail. A series of caches in an area, by a cache owner, or group of cachers. Or could be 'some' caches that can be done while in the area. That may, or may not have a theme. That can be done 'together' in a caching session. (That could be a short or long session) How many caches to make a trail? Depends! eta https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2011/05/geocaching-com-do-it-yourself-create-a-geotrail/
  16. The problem of trying to be broad, but not so broad anything and everything is included! That Alter should definitely be included!
  17. Why did it fail last time? (Or, why were voters against it?) Can that/has that been rectified? Interesting category.
  18. Could be a little subjective, maybe along the Grave of a Famous Person category. If there is plenty of online information that makes them well known -fine. Otherwise, as you say, Citizens Memorial?
  19. Think I would put a Write Note log on the cache, so others at least know I've seen the Needs Maintenance, or any mention of requiring maintenance in a Found It log.
  20. I'm interested. Will there be any restriction on the number of Waymarks, eg only one row of pews, and not every row? (And Poppyhead etc) (Pews are not meant to be comfortable, don't want the congregation falling asleep during those long sermons!)
  21. Watched the launch. Watched the ISS pass over. (5th time I've watched it this week) SpaceX was supposed to pass by 5 Minutes after the ISS, but didn't see it. (Suspect too much light pollution as I'm 'in town'.)
  22. If the Waymark was sent to review, but not published, the only people who can see it are the Waymarker and officers in that category... Only 'oddball' I can think of is: Did the Waymark page get sent to Uncategorised Waymarks at any point? Others can see it there and make Waymarks from the page.
  23. And find out which caches they found and read "Found, didn't have a pen..."
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