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  1. 18 hours ago, Bear and Ragged said:

    How many officers in the group, if you drop out it could leave the group/category struggling without sufficient officers.


    17 hours ago, T0SHEA said:

    Are you referring to the Outhouses Category?

    Or more general? A minimum of three officers including the leader. 



    More of a general comment, but specifically Outhouses if the OP is the only active officer. (I haven't checked out the category to see who the officers are.)

    If a Category is at the minimum number of officers required, and the one and only active officer drops out, there may be no one to promote new officers and keep the group active. Without intervention from Wayfrog (or others)


  2. 6 hours ago, EthisEthat said:

    I almost always bring a pen during my caching journeys but for me it isn't BRINGING a pen. It's DROPPING a pen. I can't tell you how many times I have been geocaching in the bush then finding my pen had dropped out of my pocket :cry:


    Once looking for a cache, and found it because I found a pen on the floor near where the cache was hidden! :lol:

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  3. 18 hours ago, SpinRay said:

    Indeed, as indicated above.  It has been about a week with no reply.


    Thank you for your help.  I did add the log note as you suggested.


    Post a Log (Write Note) the owner should get an email. A week in caching terms is a rather short time... Give it more time, and see if you get a reply.

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  4. As PISA-caching suggests



    I recommend to write down the description and post it in the forums. This way you have a lot of proof-readers and the others can recommend to add/delete this or that, before sending it to peer review.


    It can help to iron out any misconceptions with language, as what is English to some, can mean something different to someone translating it to their own language!


  5. On 1/19/2021 at 11:50 PM, niraD said:

    If there is a local cache maggot with a basic account who makes a point of stealing caches, then the cache maggot won't be able to see a PMO cache listing without paying for premium membership.


    Making it PMO before/after replacing it, wont stop the cache maggot. If its where it was before you made it PMO they still know where to look...

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  6. 9 hours ago, bluesnote said:

    Oops, I completely forgot about this. I just made some edits to the category. Please let me know what you all think before moving forward to peer review. Thank you!




    Edit required?

    Instructions for posting:

    4. We require at least 2 good quality photos to be taken and uploaded. Some sites, if large, may warren additional photos if deemed necessary.


    Should it be warrant? ie Required, not warren as in rabbit? ;)

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  7. On 12/1/2020 at 6:55 PM, PISA-caching said:

    but didn't dare to create a waymark, because the category is called "Quaker Meeting Houses" and not "Quaker Meeting Apartments"


    From a Christian viewpoint a church is the "House of God" so I would consider any building - or part of - to be a House...

    (Other officers and other categories may have different opinions.)

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  8. 3 hours ago, lumbricus said:

    "The Grutten Hut (German: Gruttenhütte) is an Alpine club hut at a height of 1620 metres in the Kaisergebirge in Tyrol in Austria. It is owned by the Turner Alps Kränzchen Section of the German Alpine Club." Wikipedia Grutten Hut - Wikipedia


    Lodge-Style Accommodations - A Waymarking.com Category

    Chalet, Cottage, and Cabin Style Lodging - A Waymarking.com Category

    Remote Backcountry Shelters - A Waymarking.com Category

    - ...

    Not 100% sure where to put a normal alpine hut. Thanks for your help.



    There is a category for places mentioned in Wikipedia

  9. 4 hours ago, Alfouine said:

    I am sure you could try to publish your waymark and wait and see....


    Having looked at the other waymarks photographs, the lack of a photo of "the entire building" would be a "Decline" from me, sadly.

    Not sure how any of the other officers would decide on it.

    (I'd be happy to leave it, or put it to a vote, should you submit it, to see what the other officers think)

  10. 10 hours ago, PISA-caching said:

    The modern door handle has nothing to do with the old building that is only visible above the shop. Would a photo of the shop/groundfloor in such rare cases be better/enough?


    Does ask for the whole building...


    Me? I'd take 1 or 2 photos of the handle, 1 of the door, 1 of the 'modern part, then the whole building.

    As you say, the handle/door IS relevant to the new part, so that's what I would show, but it still needs the whole building.


    I think the category is one of those that you need to know the requirements (or make sure you take enough photos!) to submit a Waymark.

    Needs a little thought, and isn't a 'drive by' category. ;) (Is that a good or bad thing? )


    How much of the building do you have? Think you have enough? As an officer I'd be happy to put it to a vote. (Or another officer here might say yes...)


  11. 13 hours ago, PISA-caching said:

    The door handle was made by the same artist (Vlado Kostov) as the human statue waiting and looking at his watch (see his signature at the top of the bigger circle). Unfortunately, I have no detailled photo of the handle and no photo of the entire building, but nevertheless I wanted to give an example of a modern artistic door handle and wanted to know, if modern door handles like this one are also accepted. The category description doesn't explicitly in- or exclude them.


    As the category doesn't exclude 'new' items, I would happily accept this, and other modern door handles and knockers - providing the required photos were there.

    Keep your eyes open! You may see more, and be able to get the required photos and information, :)

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  12. On 9/27/2020 at 11:33 PM, PISA-caching said:

    The trunk is a copy of the original trunk of the tree, but in bronze. They used the wood of the original tree too to create this bench.


    "Exact Replicas"




    In our daily travels we often see exact replicas of known art, buildings and other structures, sometimes in full size, sometimes in miniature. The replica may be thousands of miles away from the original but sometimes, seeing an exact copy can be almost as good as the real thing.

    A place to log locations of exact replicas of known or famous statues, sculptures, paintings, landmarks and structures, etc. If the items are not as well known, but are specific to or "famous" in your region, please include them as well. The replica should be permanent to its location or part of a permanent installation. The replica can be full size or a miniature version of the original. This category can include replicas of items that are located in, or are part of, a museum collection. It will not include any object that can be purchased in a store. The proper definition of replica is a copy made by the person who made the original although it is now commonly used to refer to any copy. In this case any copy will suffice as long as it is an exact copy of the original.






  13. 2 hours ago, iconions said:

    Moral of the story - try not to sit on your backlogged pictures too long!  :)  


    Locally I was thinking "That would make a Waymark" for a lot of things/places...

    Started submitting one or two...

    Noticed someone else was submitting Waymarks, and they were not a local. (A Waymarker on holiday, Waymarking what they knew would make a Waymark.)


    Following a couple of messages/emails he continued with his, he offered one he knew for me to submit, and here I am, still Waymarking! (With a few of my Waymarks 'Visited' by the other Waymarker!)

  14. 19 hours ago, fi67 said:

    A nice idea, I have never thought of that possibility. Something I occasionally do, is to give a hint to another category when I review waymarks.


    Methodist Churches category, if it's a good write up and mentions things like Stained Glass windows, bells at the side of the church and not inside, First/Oldest/Largest, or a 'Famous' person is buried there etc, I may suggest a category. (Usually have a quick look at Nearest Waymarks to see if they've already been approved!)


    One or two officers have made suggestions for other Waymarks Categories to post in when I've posted in their categories. It's appreciated!

  15. On 7/24/2020 at 10:18 PM, L0ne.R said:

    Make the displayed find count only a ball park figure. (1-100, 100-1000, 1000+). 


    Which would encourage the fake loggers even more. REALLY need to get to the next step 9,000 to 10,00 or 20,000 to 30,000

    instead of adding 10 or 20 fakes, it's going to be 100's or 1,000s at a time :(

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