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  1. I've had this! Approved a Waymark, then it's come out as a Vote with "Duplicate?" as the reason for the Vote!
  2. Those that are Waymarking with a phone app may not be able to access video/audio content from the site. At least some text relating to the video/audio file needs to be included in the description.
  3. Asked a CO by email if my co-ordinates were correct on a multi, I'd got the relevant information, but ran out of time to look... They came back and told me exactly where the cache was, and how it was hidden. (A method I had found before, but was new to the area the cache was placed.) Did return to find it, but didn't rush back. Did it another time I was passing the area.
  4. Log the cache as Found. Mention in your log that the cache may need a little TLC (Tender Loving Care) If others before you have also mentioned problems, also log a Needs Maintenance log (or whatever your app of choice calls it!)
  5. A PQ when unzipped has two parts. 1. query name.gpx 2. query name.wpts.gpx 1 is the main part of the cache information, cache info etc. 2 is the waypoints for the cache, parking, stages of a multi etc. Both files need to be loaded to get all of the information for the cache. Make sure ALL old PQs and cache information are cleared from your GPS... Edit to add http://markwell.us/pq.htm well worth a read!
  6. If I was in the situation you are, given the above that the previous holder has logged more caches, I'd Grab the TB and log things in the order I've done them with the TB. ie Grab, Drop in the cache it was found, retrieve from cache, continue with it's travels...
  7. A good cache should get good logs... You do write a good log on the good caches that you find?
  8. Static Train Cars: https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm8TRK_Carriage_34644_Cafe_Stratford_upon_Avon_Warwickshire_UK
  9. Is the train static, or does it move? Go uphill/downhill? Try Funicular Railways... (Not sure if it states how steep it has to be, to be a Funicular )
  10. CO could be reading emails, and if checking cache/logs via an app on the phone, so may not show on the website as 'being active'
  11. New users, especially app only users, dont realise that you should post DNF if you dont find the cache. To them, just being where the app says 'you are here' means they have found it! They may be unaware of DNF, or Write Note logs. (Or even Needs Maintenance)
  12. In the Midlands? Claimed they had downloaded the information, so even if banned by GS they know where the caches were! If they dont log online, whats the problem? If they start getting snarky with someone who claims FTF online? Maybe they need to start logging online! I log online when I get home (even though I cache with a mobile phone..). FTF hounds need to be aware the cache may have already been found!
  13. Don't know! Might even be from a forum discussion. Anything I've declined with that has always come back with a translation. (I do run the description through a translator, just to check there are no glaring errors, so they can be corrected at the same time.)
  14. A good selection of dates, and good descriptions? Timelines category?
  15. I have a copy of this, and place it in the decline notification, when reviewing Waymark submissions to categories I'm an officer in.
  16. So, a Waymarker adds to this category, waits until it's accepted, then adds to the other categories... (Not that I would do that. )
  17. One of those things that 'rings a bell' for here in the UK. I've watched history programmes that have mentioned "Hanseatic" and have shown buildings from the period that are still in place/in use in the UK (not necessarily in use as was originally intended)... Not having seen them 'in person' I'm not sure if there is evidence on site to prove the fact. Like the idea, not sure how it will work. (I'm interested in the idea, lets see how it works out. Good Luck!)
  18. I like the fact it says CITY. And showing the skyline.
  19. I posted a Waymark. Later on a local cacher placed a multicache. Part of which was "Count the number of posts around..." None of my photos showed 'all' the posts in one photo, but the posts were regular enough to take an educated guess at how many there were. Thats how I solved the cache location... No one mention Waymarking when they found the cache. I dont think many cachers realize the answer may be in a Waymark posted at/near the location.
  20. Suspect you might do better on a local Facebook group...
  21. Slightly Off Topic... Having had a look at the category, it would seem that those logging a Visit are failing to comply with the Visit instructions. Very few (if any!) add the co-ordinates of where their Photo Goal was achieved.
  22. Some categories require "Describe your experience" with no mention of having to take and/or submit a photograph, in order to claim a Visit to the Waymark...
  23. Topo isnt really a UK mapping option. The two suggestions above would be my recommendation too. Edit to add: Or, take a look at https://talkytoaster.me.uk/ for maps by a UK cacher.
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