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  1. 311 miles 6 gallons of gas Would have been a nice ride to go on too..
  2. What a great loss I was just talking to Tod at the bash He's so easy to talk to what a nice guy I will really miss him. Tom
  3. oops I'm not in this mission
  4. The Packers at home should win I'm told so I also have to go PP (Packers and Patriots.)
  5. I think I NEED to get in on this one!!! LOL I have a strat just like that one!!!
  6. From what I was told she was screaming INSIDE the restaurant!! Congratulations Anne!!!
  7. C'mon. We wanna hear it! Spill it. Its a family friendly forum!
  8. Congrats Steph!! I had a good answer for my next one so its good someone won before that!! LOL
  9. grizzley paws on your ears and hat!!!
  10. Grizzlies bear stickers on your face and other places!
  11. If your team is going to lose then we want it at away games right? Isn't that an elk horn you use too? Hmm I guess these are my guesses for a winning season * 9/1 GRIZ 35 VS Southern Utah 24 TD Player: Bradshaw Quarter: 1 * 9/8 GRIZ 42 VS Fort Lewis 17 TD Player: Allen Quarter: 2 *9/22 GRIZ 31 VS Albany 24 TD Player: Bagley Quarter: 3 *9/29 GRIZ 28 VS Weber State 24 TD Player: Bradshaw Quarter: 4 *10/6 GRIZ 28 VS Eastern Washington 10 TD Player: Allen Quarter: 2 *10/20 GRIZ 49 VS Northern Colorado 24 TD Player: Bradshaw Quarter: 1 *11/3 GRIZ 24 VS Portland State 17 TD Player: Bagley Quarter: 2
  12. I usually lurk here on these forums but have seen enough that I would like to make some nominations. Glennk721 He is very generous to everyone on the forum here especially those in need. Hats off to Glenn! Dorkfish I have seen her many auctions for those in need and she has been very generous also in other ways. She has helped and is helping to plan events and other cachers in Idaho. Hats off to Karma! LadyBee4T She is my third nomination for this week. She has a very kind heart and is always willing to help those newbies on the board to set things up etc. Hats off to Beverly!
  13. Today I received AE Turtle--thanks Tsun It is magnificent! MWGB Duck--Go Girl MWGB Duck--Gpx Nav Frog/Prince--KingFinder
  14. Happy Birthday Keewee from one Leo to another!!
  15. Congratulations to the winners!! Thanks Joni for a fun contest!
  16. Go up to the top right of the page. It will say new messages in small letter -- click on that. No new messages for me so I guess Im not a winner or an issue problem
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