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  1. Hi All, I'll be in Amsterdam this afternoon, attending the small Event. Is there a chance a Amsterdam Foreign Exchange cacher is present there that could help me with information? Thanks, and greetings, GEO BEAR. See you this afternoon?
  2. I've send 15 coins for adoption (just a bonus to a cache), and all of the actions fail, if people want to retrieve them. There is no real hurry, but it is a bit strange that you receive a mail, but cannot end the adoption process. Looking forward to the reaction from GC.com
  3. Again thank you all for the fast response. The problem seems to be gone (the switching of the lines did the trick). Let's hope that there will be no problem on the day of the event.
  4. I was also trying to create a Wherigo, but the cartridge returned strange characters when uploaded to the Oregon. I restarted the creation of the cartridge, but it looks to me if the .lua file is spoiled or contains trash. Is there anybody who can help me out. I already asked Ranger Fox, and he will check some things... but I'm already to the 9th upload to Wherigo.com and the cartridge is still not doing what is is supposed to do. In the emulator everything just works fine, but in my Oregon the first zone does not become visible and active, the first task does become active. Is there anybody who can read the lua file and perhaps check if the order in the file is OK, or if it contains trash... Looking forward to any replies. Greeting, Arjan.
  5. Also received the coins, and again, what a nice detail. Love these coins, they even look bigger than 2". Thanks for the fast shipment.
  6. Have been following this topic for some time, and am looking forward to the looks of this coin. GeoAware, I've seen you are very busy with all the Earth Caches as well. Keep up the good work
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