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  1. The thing I find annoying about this feature is you don't know the type of cache it is until you click on it. I am one of the cachers who does do dnf posts so I now have a sea of blue faces and I don't know which ones are trads, multis, mysteries etc until I actually click on them. Can there be an button somewhere that disables this feature and reverts it back to what there was before. I knew that there were ones I had dnfed as they were still visible on the map without a smiley face on them which was fine. Now I get a stupid blue face which is miserable looking and there are loads of them.


    Please get rid of this feature, or make it possible to disable it or could someone post me a script so I can disable it on my own login.

  2. Hello


    Personal Cache note is not saving. It brings up an error saying that geocaching.com can't do this and suggests I refresh the page. I have tried it on both chrome and firefox browsers and it does not work.


    Please fix it someone?

  3. Well I was looking on here out of interest.


    To earlier posts the reason why it is useful to have a large memory bank is if you go on holiday and you haven't got access to a computer and want to cover a wide area


    I tried 1000 geocaches but when checking the gps said - 'no geocaches' despite the fact that there was a 5mb file sitting in the GPX folder.


    I tried 800 geocaches and this worked. Guess I need to experiment with it.

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