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  1. I'm new to this, but coulden't you take a long skinny rod with a sharp point and probe for a buried BM? Any rocks might get you confused but you might (In some caces) be able to assume the size of the underground object by probing with the rod. Just a thought, I've never tried it.
  2. There is a cache in my maintainable area that has been muggled and needs help. The location is great and the cache was very popular. I'd like to know what is involved in adoption, I think the owner wants someone to adopt it as they live far from it. Thanks in advance, Airmapper
  3. I want one! I'll probably try to enter the contest, the extra icon will be nice too. Seeing where it would go next would be cool.
  4. Welcome, remember, there ain't no 12 step program to get you out of this.
  5. Man! 38 feet, he might as well drill for oil, I bet that one hasn't drifted far.
  6. With that many you could put an entire state (A smaller one) in the unit. I filled up my Airmap trying to put caches in, I think it caps out at 500. Lowrance will be the company to watch over the next year, I've heard about some changes thier making to Mapcreate, good changes.
  7. I found all three marks on the runway, two were of the type mentioned. Stainless steel rod. I could see the top of the rod, I assume it goes down 3 feet or so. The mark halfway down the runway was a regular disk set in concrete. The last one down the runway had a witness post, this is the first one I've seen, without it I woulden't have found the mark. I paced off the distance and started prodding around, found it under grass clippings. Thanks for all the info. Airmapper
  8. Airmapper


    Try to get one you can load waypoints into using a computer, entering caches by hand is a pain.
  9. I woulden't want a cache on my families property so strangers woulden't come poking around. But say I owned some land next to a road and I didn't live there I don't think it would be a problem.
  10. Hey man, why don't you use a coin tube as the cache container, thier plastic, pretty tough, and the coins fit right in. I mean that would qualify as a cache, and you could put your coins in there. Don't fill it up, leave some room for a log, and you got yourself a micro with silver in it. If that is really your intention? And you can hide it hard without burying it, just pick a place with lots of possible hiding places within a 30 foot radius, most people expect thier GPS to be off by that much. Hey it may be a promo thing, but how many of us have went to a promo deal, got free stuff, and didn't buy anything. I've done it, they shove free stuff at you all the time trying to butter you up to buy something, but you are still under no obligation. Let's watch the newbie and see what he's up to. We all know how to watch people, put his caches on your watchlist, read his logs, he can't do much that won't be public noweledge on this site. I mean, whats he going to do, wait at the cache site for you to pay him.
  11. I'm not a preimum member, so I can't see Waymarking.com yet, but it seems to me if you stick a big red and white sticker on something it'll take the fun out of finding it. Besides, I think charles up there is right, they want you buying those stickers at what, $1-2 a whack, that can add up. I got a benchmark near my house that I assume I'll be able to log after Waymarking comes. (it's not in DB) Are they going to require you put a sticker on it?
  12. Hey, you want to set one of those near me!!! I'll adopt it after I try for the FTF prize.
  13. I bought a 512 MB SD card from Newegg, transaction went smooth, got my card FedEx, and had no problems since, no spam or anything.
  14. Better buy new, it's hard to tell what kind of abuse a unit has been through, might be just a time bomb waiting to be bought to quit. Also if you buy new you get a warranty of some sort, that is a very valeuable thing to have.
  15. Garmin has the I- Que, an attempt to mix a PDA and a GPS. I'm not a premium member, but I do know that a mix of the two would be great for pocket quaries. Now if they can combine the PDA / GPS with the cellphone/ digital camera and us cachers would have it made.
  16. That is one thing I have noticed about Lowrance, thier units are not rugged. But I have an Aviation unit, not really designed for the woods, and it came with a waterproof pouch that works well. Since I've got the Garmin 72 I take it anywhere water or the elements will be an issue.
  17. I have two GPS units, one has a pach, the other has quad helix. I don't notice much difference in accuracy, but it might differ a little. With a quad helix you have to hold the unit so the antenna pionts straight up to get a better signal. The pach isn't quite as picky, but you do need to hold it so it faces the sky. I did a side by side test of my two units, not much difference, my Airmap did a little better because I had an amplifying antenna on it but both did well.
  18. Ahhhh, I get it, yes that might be an interesting twist. I've only been here a couple weeks, didn't know much about the Garmin vs. Magellan debate.
  19. Posting in the Forums. Thot sent me a link to his Geocaching help site, it's really good. http://factsfacts.com/geocacher.htm (Hope that comes through as a link.)
  20. I wonder if that is hard to pack around when your looking for Caches or Benchmarks.
  21. I've mentioned my Lowrance, but I also have a Garmin 72. It's a back to basics GPS, simple and easy to use, and holds signal good. All of my 5 caches were set using the 72, and so far no complaints about the coords, actually a few compliments. I use it in my local area more because it doesn't have mapping on it, I know where I'm going, the GPS will tell me where I'm at. I like the big data screens, there easy to see when your walking around and looking at other things. I also use it Kayaking, I want a waterproof unit in there.
  22. What's your unit? I leave WAAS on always, but then again it is how my unit came. I've heard WAAS will drain your batteries quicker, but you get better signal. If your in a hilly area with trees your probably not going to get WAAS reception anyway as the sattelites stay low on the horizon.
  23. Most of the time they are listed as event caches, and shown with the rest of them when you search. You could try your local Geocache orginization, I think there is a pinned thread in this section with links to thier websites by Max Cacher.
  24. Fill me in here, where are we going again? I think it has something to do with GPS compasses, this is a thread about your favorite brand name. But hey, maybe this will be exciting. We'll see.
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