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  1. I think there is a way to make your own maps, but I do know it isn't easy. You would need to find mapping data for Ireland and then assemble it and package it so the unit could use it. I think the program is to do some if this is called lcmMapEdit and you can get it from the Yahoo MapCreate group.
  2. And without any of the fun of falling overboard. Oh but that would be made up for by the reckless driving of the cachemobile. We might see some rally car driving cachers drifting around the hairpin turns and coming off the ground as they top hills on dirt roads. (And you know everyone watches a race for the wrecks. ) Seriously I don't think I would really like Geocaching getting that mainstream, or that it would be viewed as a competitive activity. Sure you can be competitive and I have been in several competitions at events and it's cool, but not what I would like to see as the norm. I think I'd like to see it stay as local good natured competitions and not something that becomes televised with certain people being considered "pros" and winning big prizes.
  3. I guess I was born cacher, I found it on my own and knew instantly it was something I had to start doing. I liked maps a lot as a kid, and wanted a GPS for a long time before I got one. When I did find caching I had already started to get to a point where I wanted to use my GPS more since I just enjoyed messing with it, but taking it on mundane trips to town was getting old.
  4. I use this one from GPS Outfitters: I think I got it for around $12. I put the GPS in the main pouch, the digital camera in the smaller one, and a flashlight, pens, batteries, and a lot of smaller items in the side pockets or attached using d-rings. I like it cause it's big enough to pack everything, small enough to keep on my belt or hooked to a belt loop, and it doesn't look like a purse.
  5. Searching an address will get you close, but it's never really dead on. Really most programs that try to put a street address into concrete coordinates aren't always that accurate. The road I live on will throw a GPS or mapping program every time since there is a difference in the name the road is called, and the way it is in the database. MapCreate is a program with a lot of good intentioned features that never really got refined to the point of being reliable. If you can use a program like Google Earth or even Google maps, I think it might work out better and be more accurate.
  6. If you were there when it was hidden, I say you are a helper in hiding it and it would be very lame to log it as found. That is a situation I'd try to avoid in the first place. I've been there. I gathered what I could together and got it in a spot where it was "cache like" minus the container. (I think I had a ziplok bag with me) I signed the log. Then once I got online I logged a find and a Needs Maintaince log. The owner later replaced the cache with a new container. Sure, name in the logbook = a find. I'd notify the owner about the situation. Your call, if you don't like it, delete their log. If your cool with it, thats fine as well. As the cache owner you make the decision as to what goes and what does not. Did you sign the log? If you did, I'd call it a find. Name in the logbook = a find.
  7. Thanks daudalrumi and VENTUREMAN7, I will try your suggestions.
  8. GSAK is a very detailed program and capable of many tasks beyond what the average user usually takes advantage of. For example, it can be used to create offline HTML databases which can be regularly updated and cross referenced for multiple uses. I do this so my PDA can use the database to display cache info away from the computer, and a mapping program can access the same database allowing me to click on a cache icon on the map and see the page, internet connection or not. Another advanced feature is Macros, these can shuffle data or make a often used process only take one click. My favorite is called FindStatsGen, it will use the databases of my found and placed caches, and then generate a extremely detailed report full of maps, statistics, and trends of my caching activity.
  9. My unit once goofed up on the memory, it would claim it was full but the memory would have a negative percentage value. But from your post I guess your right and just have too many waypoints loaded. There are two ways to store waypoints, and they have to work together but are stored separately. Active memory is what is currently loaded on the unit and being displayed. SD card memory holds the files to load data to the active memory. You can load more than one file, but if you save the data it will be stored as one file. You can have up to 1,000 waypoints in "active memory" or loaded on the unit at any given time. If you try to load more than 1,000 you will get a warning message. In System Settings should be a option to "Delete all Waypoints" (I think the key sequence is: Menu -> Menu-> System Settings -> Delete all waypoints) On your card you can have as many waypoint files as will fit, but each should only have 1,000 waypoints or less. Say you have two files with 500 waypoints, both can be loaded at the same time, but no more waypoints can be loaded after that. You will have to delete all waypoints to load a new set. May be more info than you wanted, but hope that helps.
  10. As far as I know there is no way to get a basemap for EasyGPS, the same person who distributes EasyGPS for free also offers 2 other programs that are more advanced versions, ExpertGPS and Geobuddy, which do offer mapping, but are not free.
  11. XP is great. I used mine with Windows 98, 2000 Pro, and XP, all worked very well. I even had it working with Vista, however there are a few issues with it I've yet to sort out. Another good unit is the M125. Very similar to the M500 Mirage mentioned, only it uses AAA's instead of an internal rechargeable battery.
  12. I used to pack a lot, but now I just take what I'll use. In a GPS Outfitters Large belt case: GPS Digital Camera Spare Batteries Mini-Mag Flashlight Lighter Pens/ Pencil/ Small Sharpie Each of these has a belt case or fits in a pocket: PDA Cell Phone Knife Most of that will stay in the vehicle unless needed, and I leave with the GPS and a pen. If the cache is out of sight of the vehicle I'll take the PDA in case I need the hint. I also have an Ammo box geocache filled with various smaller caches for if I fun across a good hiding place, this stays in the rear area of the SUV.
  13. Depending on how you use this music file, you might need to consider this from the Guidelines:
  14. If you can record it on the caches physical log that would be cool, but if you forget to or don't have time, personally I don't consider it a problem. As long as the bug is recorded online as being in the correct cache everyone should be happy. The online logs are where the owner will be able to look for it and keep track of it.
  15. When I load a PQ of ALL caches in an area (with EasyGPS), I get the closed treasure chest for unfound and owned caches. I get the open treasure chest for previously found caches. What more do we need? Thanks, I didn't know about that feature. I thought that they all came in and got sent without discrimination or any way of telling found from unfound. Now I got one for you, I'm not sure why but when I look at the display on the left side it reads as "Cache name GCXXXX" On the right side (the map of caches) I see both the name and GCXXXX next to the icon. I have EasyGPS Version 2.3.8, not sure if it matters but I can't find where you would change the settings to tell it to display the names like that.
  16. I found a reference to it on a Kayaking website. I seen that it was related to GPS, an interest I already had, so I Googled it and found Geocaching.com Been here ever since.
  17. EasyGPS is a great program. Be aware though it will not mark Found/Not found, you will need to use the Pocket Query options to send you unfound caches.
  18. A Pocket Query is a file you can get from Geocaching.com with nearly complete info for the caches you specify in the options, which is a detailed method of sorting the caches based on your preferences. You can get up to 500 caches. You have to be a Premium (Paying) Member to get a Pocket Query, it is one of the many extra features that come with the paid membership.
  19. Check and make sure the unit is not in "Easy Mode" If it is put it in advanced mode and try to enter a waypoint by pressing the ENT/Save button.
  20. The M125 is nearly identical to the M500, the only differences being the M125 uses standard AAA batteries, and has a backlight, and of course the shape of the case. The M125 does have a SD slot, and I use a 512MB card to store my caches, programs, and other necessary files to run programs like ZLib and MathLib. What I do is use the SD card to store the data for Plucker, so I'm in business even if I can't use the HotSync cradle or Palm Desktop. However it's just another step I could eliminate if it I used the computer for this as intended. Another thing that not being able to use the computer does is makes my Palm useless for storing my contacts and calendar appointments, which while not the main reason I got it, is nice to have. I tried the hard reset and the unit works fine. It's after I Hotsync and allow the unit to reset is when the trouble begins. I tried the "soft" reset by itself and this will cause the problem as well. If I have to hit the reset button for any reason it will throw off the digitizer, then requiring a "hard" reset to fix it. However it never done this before my change to Vista and using it with Palm Desktop. I can get it running correctly with the computer, but I think it means removing my account and starting over each time I change batteries. (The memory wipes during battery change, and taking the battery out for a few moments is the same as a hard reset.) If worse comes to worse I'll go back to just using the SD card. Thanks for the suggestions.
  21. Seems a little odd to put this in the GPS forum, but I guess it falls under the "Software" section. I've never had much trouble out of my Palm m125 that I couldn't fix myself, but this one is getting on my nerves a little. Ever since I started using the Palm with Windows Vista the digitizer (or more precisely the alignment of where I tap in relation to the objects on the screen) goes way off track when I put in new batteries. The problem occurs after Hotsync, when the unit asks to reset itself after re-setting the user on the unit. For example, I cannot tap on any buttons to get me to the digitizer alignment screen, as the Home button, or the top dropdown will not work, their tap region is off screen somewhere in space. I can usually fix it by not using the computer, doing a full reset and getting data solely from the SD card, but that defeats the entire purpose of a Palm. What I think may have happened, is I mistakenly installed Palm Desktop version 6 before I realized it was version 4 I needed the update for. I now have the correct version, but operating it with the other may have done something to it. Anyone else have this happen or know how to fix it? Technically I can operate the unit for caching without Palm Desktop, but it's somewhat annoying, as it makes the process a lot more convenient. The Palm runs OS version 4 I think. (Cannot get to that screen either.)
  22. I think the only case where it would matter is if a compass is required as part of the cache hunt. If you did not have a compass you could substitute your GPS if it was set to Magnetic.
  23. I bought that upgrade pack with 3 LED's for a standard Mini-Mag and I'm pleased with it. Like the others said, it won't focus, but it is a pretty bright, wide area beam, and lasts a really long time. (I can't remember the last time I put batteries in it.) I keep the original lens and bulb in a tiny zip bag, that stays in the GPS case that I also have the light in. If I want a beam I can swap it out. I also pack a large 6-D Mag light (or Cop light because of it's size) It has the LED conversion, and it will focus a beam. It of course does not have the range of a standard bulb, but the battery life is amazing. It won't leave you in the dark, and plus it makes a handy weapon.
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