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  1. I've used the GPS as an accurate and reliable time keeper for spotting visible satellite passes. I want dead on time, and with a GPS all I have to do is turn it on and let it lock. I also punch in my coordinates into astronomy programs, but thats generally a one time thing.
  2. I looked at the XOG, but bought a Expedition C instead. I'm a long time Lowrance user, and a big fan of their units, but there were a few issues I had with it. The biggest one was it felt delicate. I take a GPS into the woods and out in a kayak, it gets packed around a lot, it gets rained on, and my hands usually get dirty from poking around for the cache when I'm using it, so it's going to get a little dirt on it. The case didn't seem all that tough, but more than that is the Touch screen. I can clean dirt off rubber buttons and plastic with a damp cloth or wet wipes, but a touch screen is going to get dirty and is a lot more trouble to clean, and in my opinion might get damaged by being touched then cleaned a lot, at least over time. I think the XOG would be a very cool unit, and I was tempted to get it, but overall for what "I" use it for it didn't seem like the best fit. You may be different, and not necessarily have the same issues I thought I would have with it.
  3. I got my Expedition C from an Amazon vendor, it arrived it it's original from the factory packaging, and has been working fine. I also got a reasonable deal on it, but not anything too good to be true, I bet I saved $30 or so. I've also bought DVD's from Amazon itself with no issues. I've been happy with them so far, and usually check there before I buy anything from the store.
  4. I tried the code in the cache description by itself, and it did the same thing you describe. However I cut out the table holding the top photos and it worked fine in both rendering engines. It must be all that crazy and unnecessary code Word generated. I bet that you could get the same appearance with half the code if it were written in HTML by a person. I'm just halfway through my HTML class, so I really can't find what exactly is causing it. I hate to tell you to go chopping up the code, but if you can hit whatever IE doesn't like it will probably start displaying the photos.
  5. I have a cheap one I got at Wal-mart for $15. I drive a stick shift and it's not in the way, even thought it doesn't have a cord on it to get it off out of the front panel. My vehicle is nice in that it has 2 12v plugs, one up high for the cigarette lighter (shuts off with ignition) and another one down low that stays on always. I use it with the lower one, which is below the gearshift. I have a fairly small Laptop (14 inch screen) and it works great. What I really need now is a mount of some kind, and a USB puck GPS and I'll have it made.
  6. No why would you go and do that! GPSBable should work on a Mac and do what you need.
  7. Using gof's link, here are some dimensions:
  8. It appears you can export pushpins in MapPoint to an Excel database. I've never used it for that, but GPSBabel can probably convert this to .usr for you.
  9. To update my end the computer that my problem happened on is sitting in a heap of non working electronics I keep for spare parts. Completely unrelated, but at least that problem is solved. I hope someone can find out a solution for svwayne's sake. I don't even have MapCreate on the computer I use now. I have an old Windows 98 machine I can hook up if I really need it to load maps.
  10. I once did a Geocaching demo for a Camporee. About 5 troops went through that day. It went okay, things got kinda crazy with the larger groups, but the smaller groups of only 4-5 kids seemed to pay more attention and ask questions. They all appeared to have fun with it. Only incident was one of the boys honestly forgot he had the GPS in his pocket when he left. That was okay because it was a Garmin Rhino. I did a quick inventory of the units after they left and watched him stop dead in his tracks about 150ft away when I keyed up the 2-way and asked who had this GPS. I think the biggest mistake was trying to give them an intro speech. By the end of the day I figured out to just distribute the GPS units, give a very brief explanation of what they were for, and let them start asking what to do with them. Once they asked, I had their attention and they were interested in finding the cache.
  11. Here is a link to the Lowrance Users Geocaching Guide. Hope it is helpful.
  12. I'm with the OP, I'm getting tired of seeing every other thread on the same unit. I thought the 60CSX buzz was bad, but this is crazy. Edit: Typo
  13. Geocaching.com Waypoint conversion page: LINK
  14. Most of the time from home, but sometimes from the Tech School campus. At work I have access to internet, and work at a computer, but I don't have time to surf the forum, maybe time to check the weather, but I stay very busy.
  15. I remember at the first Geocaching event I attended Joe was one of the first to shake my hand and welcome me to the group. I've felt at home at events since then. Thanks for all the swift cache approvals in the past. Have fun now you can find more time to hide those great caches I look for when I get the chance.
  16. You could ask your local reviewer.
  17. WestbrooksByTheSea, In the window where you set up SunriseXP to export to the PDA, there may be some options you need to set to get it working. You seem to have the URL/ File set correctly, the index file in the folder GSAK generates is correct. Under link depth set it to 4. To its right set the drop down menu to "Restrict to Directory. If you are connected to the internet it will go and grab image files, this is fine, but if your on Dial-Up like me it will be slow. In the output tab, make sure it is going to your PDA, or a file location where you can grab it and load it yourself. This process is pretty quick once you have the file system set up. It goes like this : Update GSAK, export to HTML in GSAK (Place an icon in toolbar for this) Open and Sync the Sunrise XP file. Sync the PDA The key is using the same filenames and locations, when you do updates the old files are overwritten, and when you do the Syncs it knows where to get everything. I have a folder and file system set up so I can update everything in less than 5 minutes, the only issue is my slow internet. It takes me longer to download the files than to sync them. Hope that helps.
  18. I use Rayovac Hybrids at times, 2100mAh with no issues. Only thing is the batteries are getting older and don't hold charge for as long, but I used to get all day use out of a set.
  19. GSAK exports each cache as it's own HTML file, however it also generates index files that allow you to navigate through them. Each cache page can also have links to nearby cache's pages, so even though you have a lot of files, you'll never really interact with them individually. Sunrise XP takes that index file and will retrieve all the separate cache ad image files on its own, you just tell it where to start. Plucker is a program for the Palm, you can probably find it using Google if the Sunrise link didn't work. Hope this helps.
  20. If not it appears EasyGPS supports both units, I jst checked GPSBable and didn't find the Globalmap format.
  21. I also use a m125. Cachemate is great, but I use a combo of GSAK and SunriseXP. GSAK exports the caches into a HTML database that Sunrise XP then syncs and sends to the palm's 512MB SD card, and a program called Plucker displays it. It is a bit more complicated, but the cache pages look a lot like they do on the website, and since it's mostly free I'm all for it.
  22. Yau-Man's log to a cache would read: Had to dig deep for this one, took a small metal turtle, I was so happy to find it I danced and jumped around, left $40,000 Ford Truck. TFTC!
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