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  1. I am. Learned that trying to discuss it here is a waste of time.
  2. I pack the above case from GPS Outfitters, filled with: GPS Digital Camera Mini Mag Light Spare AA Batteries Screen cleaninng wipes Pens/ Mini Sharpie marker Lighter Misc small items, sometimes TB's, coins, etc... I used a carabiner clip to attach it to my belt loop. For longer hikes I'll actually put it on my belt to keep it from swinging around as I walk.
  3. Thank You, PM sent. That might be it, my file system is full of folders with two word names and with Vista they are everywhere.
  4. No, it will work and be useful. The effect of the macro in Outlook is this. Every time my mail account receives the PQ, the .zip file will be sent immediately to a known address. (As in C:\Users\Airmaper\Documents\Pocket Queries\filename.zip) and overwrite that file. GSAK is built to look for a file in the location it was last accessed, which means the ONLY action I will need to do is hit load in GSAK. It will load the same PQ I used last time, only since it has been overwritten, the data is current. If you intend to use more than one PQ in a database, you can set up load profiles to change the settings (and address of the target file) with a click on a drop down menu. The reason I know this is I already do it, the macro will save me the effort of saving each PQ to the destination folder from Outlook. That is a nice feature and a good suggestion, but what if I want to use another program for my PQ, like EasyGPS or USAPhotomaps. With the macro, I can go directly to the Pocket Query folder and get the file after my mail syncs. I won't have to save it first from Outlook. I appreciate the comments so far, but still what I need is to add the code to a Visual Basic macro to tell it where my E-mail PQ folder, and local disk PQ folders are. If someone knows Visual Basic, I bet it will take all of 10 seconds to know what to do, and 15 minutes to tell me how.
  5. Yes you can. The complicated but free method: GSAK's HTML export, then use Sunrise XP to convert the HTML for use in Plucker on the Palm The easy (and fairly cheap) way: Buy Cachemate: $8 I use the complicated way and I'm fine with it, but most people claim to get very confused when I explain how I do it. I've never used Cachemate in depth, but I've heard it's pretty good. Both methods use GSAK. If you want more detailed info on either method, just ask and we will be glad to help.
  6. I once helped a member set up their PQ for Kauai, and Maui seems to be roughly the same size. Depending on the number of caches and the size of the island, you should be able to get some coords for roughly the middle of the island, set your radius to enclose the island, and if there are less than 500 caches on the island you'll have them all in one PQ. Anyway that's what I would try, hope that helps. Edit: typos
  7. I've researched the idea enough to know it is possible, and even have found some code to do this, however I keep getting stuck when it comes time to modify the code to use my existing folder locations, or possibly some other step I'm not aware of. I have a rule set up to move PQ's to their own Sub-Folder (under Inbox) where I then manually "Save as" to send them to a folder in Documents where I keep my PQ's. I'm under the impression by using a macro, as soon as the E-mail with attachment (i.e. my PQ) hits the sub-folder, the macro would run and save the attachment to a pre-defined address (Dcuments\Pocket Queries) overwriting the old PQ file from last week. Then after a week or two my Archive settings delete the messages and attachments saving me disk space. I should never need to touch my PQ's in Outlook, only open GSAK or my folder in Documents. If anyone is familiar enough with Visual Basic to help me solve my issues I'd greatly appreciate it and hopefully others here with MS Outlook can use the method. The online sources assume you have some knowledge of Visual Basic, and while I've managed to get it "half-working" I need some more simplified instructions. Here is the latest (and I think the simplest) code I've tried: Outlook Automatically save and print attachments code
  8. Here is one I know off the top of my head. http://www.fizzymagic.net/Geocaching/FizzyCalc/index.html
  9. You mean rally as in supercharged Subaru's, dirt roads, drifting around the curves, and jumping the hill tops? If so where do you work and can you send me an application!
  10. Here is another option available to you without leaving this page: Also take a look here: How to Search
  11. Does 21 count? Been caching since I was 18, mostly with my folks or other local cachers, but occasionally I go solo to get local caches. I avoid caching solo, a guy my age hanging around an area digging in the bushes or tampering with utility fixtures is asking for negative attention IMHO. As for why I think there aren't many younger cachers, I guess it's not "cool" enough for them.
  12. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=198252
  13. Or people that quote something to make a point that was made very early in the thread showing that they haven't actually read the thread. You got me on that one. Has anyone complained about people who add their comment in the other persons quote box yet?
  14. This would have to rank up there with the email reply "Thanks!" followed by the email reply "No problem!" followed by the email reply "Anytime!" and all with the complete previous dozens of emails included and everyone CC'ed. Ahhhh, the lost art of communication skills. There is fine line there, but if one previews the message and actually re-reads their message before hitting ADD REPLY then it should be okay. Agreed! I like being able to quote from several previous messages at once so when you see snippets from several posts you want to reply to you don't have to post several different replies. Makes it easier for people to skip by your comments if they want
  15. Welcome to caching. I'd recommend you get a dedicated handheld GPS unit. You will save yourself a lot of technical issues in the long run. You should be able to get one around $100 or less, but occasionally I've found excellent older units go for less than $100, that have some more advanced features you wouldn't get with a brand new basic unit. On option 1: If you have a knack for or enjoy configuring and rigging this stuff up, I think it can work, but unless you are looking for something that is not going to be easy to set up I'd advise against it. Also in the long run I'd estimate you will spend more money and time rigging up alternative GPS solutions than getting a basic unit to begin with. Not to mention a PDA/ GPS rig is going to be fairly fragile, and easily damaged when caching off the beaten trail. The Palm M100 is a great Paperless caching device for holding the cache page info. It is on the low end as far as old PDA's go, but it can hold a lot of cache information. Using it as a GPS may be a little iffy, I do know it probably has one of the slower processors, so performance might not be great, but I've never tried it. On option 2: I'm not familiar with cell phone units, I don't think I would like one personally, but I don't know enough to say. Hope this helps.
  16. I think the idea of a lure as a cache is cool, not so much for the wadded up line. I have to agree with gonegeofishing, I always keep an eye out for lost lures, bobbers, and any tackle I can find. Any cache disguised as a lure would disappear quick.
  17. I have a German compass that I've been told IS radioactive. Like you I started a thread about it. LINK In my thread is a link to CompassCollector's profile, he told me a lot of information about mine, and warned me that it was Radioactive. Needless to say I don't take it caching.
  18. I'd say around 6 or 7. I don't go a month without finding a cache (I make a point to find one before 30 days pass.) I visit these forums and my local forums about every day, maybe skipping a day if I'm particularly busy during the work week. I have an Ammo can full of cache placing gear under the drivers seat in my SUV. I have however passed up FTF's if it meant making a stop after work, and frequently pass up caches I don't think I'll like (Mostly urban micros.)
  19. I don't like Cracker Barrel, and I don't like caches there. This change hasn't affected me one bit.
  20. Here is a link to the Lowrance Users Geocaching Guide. Hope it helps.
  21. There is a good cache in the parking lot of the Corvette Museum. LINK As for Mammoth Cave it has several Earthcaches, no actual container though makes it kind of boring for scouts, but they are educational.
  22. While I've found Lowrance tech service very friendly, they aren't very knowledgeable or particularly helpful beyond arranging a return. Something tells me they aren't really techs, but phone sitters with a stack of manuals. Last time I dealt with them they started to act like I didn't know my stuff, (but were very friendly.) I finally stacked enough evidence that they just did what I asked and it fixed the problem instead of having their techs do the troubleshooting. Worked like a charm after that. I guess I ought to start calling or writing E-mails about my concerns over the WAAS. Your NiMH idea is also a good suggestion I didn't think of.
  23. I'm really happy with my m125, and I run it without any issues on Vista Home Premium.
  24. I'd like to see the WAAS thing fixed. It isn't a big issue but I would like to use bird #51 since it is the best one for my area.
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