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  1. I'm looking for a way to make my caching system easier. I have a Lowrance setup, an Airmap 500 (Basically a I-Finder Pro with aviation features), Mapcreate 6.3 Topo, and a 512MB SD card. (I'm not a premium member and don't want to become one just yet.) Here is what I do, I download one page of caches at a time to .loc files via EasyGPS. I combine the files copy/ paste into one EasyGPS file, then copy/ paste to Word where I clean up the format (That is a huge mess) to mach what Mapcreate will accept as an imported waypoint list. Then I load them to the GPS and can pretty much handle it from there. I do not want to buy any more equipment other than what I have now. (Like a Data cord or more software.) Mapcreate will accept this as an imported waypoint list, 36.xxxxxxxx, 086.xxxxxxxx, GCxxxx 36.xxxxxxxx, 086.xxxxxxxx, GCxxxx and so on. Any thoughts will be appriciated. Airmapper
  2. I thought it was MY computer, it's usually the problem.
  3. When I bought 6.3 topo I was told there was NO updates to the road maps, so if the new freeway near you isn't in there that's why.
  4. They are a good bunch of people up there, it may take a while, but they will come up with something. They did me right, I had to have my unit replaced 3 times over an unrelated problem, and they worked with me to make sure it got worked out. Good Luck.
  5. I've felt your pain. I know the guy's up in Tulsa pretty good myself now. They are really nice but not always helpful. I got Mapcreate 6.3 Topo (Also called Hunting) Is that what you got? I guess you know this pretty good by now, but you create the map border, build the map, and load it on the card. What your saying is that it will not display on the GPS screen? Lowrance says that any GPS unit they make with a MMC/ SD slot will work with 6.3, so it is probably a bug somewhere that you will just have to fix, often without even knowing how you done it. It may be as simple as your computer messing up the file suffix, which should be .LCM and may be displayed as .AT5 in the unit. Here is a tip, install the product emulator for your H2O off the website, it will usually behave exactly as the actual unit will, without swiching the card back and forth from unit to reader all the time. You can experiment a lot quicker and usually figure out something, if it only how to explain it to the tech guy's. Even if it doesn't help now, you might be glad you have it later, just so you can transfer files and make sure they work. Good Luck, AirMapper
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