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  1. Same here, it's like pressing the button only refreshes the page.
  2. Well I was ready to try one, but wanted to wait for some reviews before buying one. I waited, and waited, and waited a little longer. Nothing good came. I'm still tickled to death with my Expedition C, and it still runs like a top so I don't guess I'll want a new GPS for a while. This new stuff just crashed and burned it seems to me.
  3. You wont find many here on these forums, we have our own local forum through River Valley Geocachers.
  4. Well, a little late, I don't check in here often, but welcome back. If you haven't already, check out www.rvgc.net Might see you at Hematite, I'll be there for the entire weekend.
  5. I used http://www.000webhost.com/ to make this website for a small group getting started in Bowling Green: www.lostrivercachers.comxa.com we have also been using Facebook to relay information.
  6. My local caching group used them at Geowoodstock 7, but we used our own channel selection, not 2.
  7. You found every cache in Indiana using that? Color me impressed. No, he found all the caches in Illinois silly.
  8. Yeah, I bolted that on there. It's come in handy for various things.
  9. I've never taken it Geocaching, but I ride old school on 3 wheels: 1985 Honda ATC 250 ES "Big Red" This is my 2001 Geocaching Escape 4x4, complete with TB number.
  10. Most of the time my GPS and a pen is all I take. If I'm going a little deeper into the woods I'll put my GPS case on my belt which contains more items like a small flashlight, camera, lighter, and various small useful things.
  11. If your not the owner, then it may be that caches owner made an error on their cache page. You need to list the waypoints for the reviewer, but you need to set them to be hidden so everyone else can't see it. That particular cache owner may not have hidden their additional waypoint.
  12. Didn't work for me this morning either.
  13. Awesome! I can pick out the cities by their blob.
  14. Deep down I agree with your statement gof1, still that other part of me wonders where people's common sense went. I've heard more about train tracks being dangerous than about trespassing, so that was just a pre-conception on my part. Put me on as one more vote for a TRAFFIC attribute. I like to know before I go to the trouble of driving up to a cache I won't hunt.
  15. Guideline suggestion: TRAFFIC! No caches that require or involve risk of getting hit by a car. I decline to hunt caches all the time since they are too close to a road. I'll be the first to jump in line for not having too many guidelines, but in my opinion roads are more hazardous than train tracks.
  16. I got to go up a notch since last time. I think I was 20 then, 22 now.
  17. Interesting. I had not thought of that outcome using the new ALR guidelines. Is the opposite true now? If a Non-PM logs a PMOC using the Groundspeak approved "back door" can the cache owner delete their log for it? If you think of it a PMOC is an ALR cache provided your not a member. Relevant text above rendered in bold. Briefly, your statement is grossly incorrect, and the actual reality is far different has been discussed numerous times on the forum. Relevant text ignored really, and your condescending attitude does nothing to convince me you have any valid point there. What I'm more interested in however, is why you skipped over the real relevant part of my post, the question. Is a PMOC owner allowed to delete the find log of a non member, seeing as how the opposite is no longer allowed, and considered an ALR situation. I'd prefer if someone who had an authoritative answer give a short and simple reply to my question, but if someone else wants to logically discuss it, I'll gladly start a thread devoted to the topic.
  18. Interesting. I had not thought of that outcome using the new ALR guidelines. Is the opposite true now? If a Non-PM logs a PMOC using the Groundspeak approved "back door" can the cache owner delete their log for it? If you think of it a PMOC is an ALR cache provided your not a member.
  19. By clicking that box you create a cache where non paying members of the website will not be able to view your cache page or get the coords. Personally I won't use that feature. I would like an audit log, but I'm not going to make my caches members only just to see who is looking.
  20. You need to log something, like post owner maintenance to clear the "Needs Maintenance" attribute. I'm not sure if you can clear that from the attribute edit or not. If you don't clear that, the reviewers will question it in a couple weeks, if they are like the ones in my area. Personally I'll log needs maintenance if I see clear evidence the cache was disturbed, like finding a shredded logbook and bits of the container. I'll also log for soaked logbooks / containers. For just plain not finding it I post a DNF, no matter how easy I think it was supposed to be, if I didn't find it I can't say it's not there.
  21. Personally I would try not to do that part again. I knew a guy who had a gyrocopter, it looked like a lot of fun, I'd fly one given the chance. I've got around 50 hours in a Cessna 150. I haven't been flying in some time and I miss it. I soloed at 16 before I drove a car by my myself though, so I almost learned to fly before I learned to drive.
  22. If you can get a newer unit you probably should. While it will work, it will not hold a good lock on the satellites, and it will not measure under .01 miles, (might be able to get a bit closer in metric) A newer unit will hold satellite lock very reliably, and will bring you down to feet on the readout. While around 30ft radius accuracy is considered the norm in Geocaching, a newer unit will do better than that most of the time, where a Garmin 12 is going to do worse than that all the time, guaranteed.
  23. That is a multi cache (or qualifies as Puzzle as well) and not an ALR. The difference is the multi stages are stand alone traditional hides, and there is no "requirement" that you retrieve the additional info to find the multi. You will do so if you want to find the multi, but no logs are going to be deleted on that traditional cache if you don't. I own a leg to such a cache. Only issue with it so far is getting the multiple owners of the legs to all keep their caches in good condition where it is reasonable to expect one could find the Multi they reference.
  24. In my experience with FRS radios, you'll probably see your fellow cachers before they are in radio range. (I exaggerate a little, but realistically less than half a mile is the only usable range on them in my area, considering tree cover, terrain, and such.)
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