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  1. If you are going to put Lamneths feet to the fire how about adding a couple to items to your list? I want to know all about SF2062 and Syrinx. I am curious what activities you are demanding Lamneth perform? Will I need to remove my 'Parental Controls' to read your reply? How about a picture? I hear you are really good looking and have been trying for an FTF on Kablooeys 'Get a Date With Kablooeys Cache'.
  2. If you do not happen to live in Pleasanton and want to access to Bernal Park you can go to the Park and Recreation office located off Main St. near Bernal Blv'd.and they will issue a gate pass. You then show the pass to the gate keeper and he will let you in. The passes are dated with a max. time of one week.
  3. The Hedwig Saga-- After I got the TB Hedwig back from the no good DoctorPuzzleMakerI gave it to a park Ranger/Naturalist to take with him on a 'Night time Hoot Owl Hike' through Sycamore Grove Park. He did this and I placed Hedwig in the Picnic Cache along with the certificate and business card of the Ranger/Naturalist. After that I lost interest in Hedwig. So whoever took Hedwig from the Picnic Cache left some important items and has not logged in their activity. This bug has bugged me more than you will ever know. Working through the main office of LARPD was futile. Finding a Ranger/Naturalist with a sense of humor and weakness for doughnuts was more difficult but fruitful. I was out a lot of time and a dozen glazed and I had a lot trouble anthropomorphizing that little piece of sheet metal. The Saga of GoldGarbage: While in the hands of Lamneth someone, apparently breached his flawless security and managed to kidnap this TB. Not so strangely GoldGarbage seems to have resurfaced and is passing through the shadowy hands of SF2062 and the phantom like 'Vanona'. The Central Travel Bug Agencies dossier on Vanona is empty save for one TB found entry and the bio is equal unrevealing. We suspect the kidnappers evaluated the Gold and found it mere plating and now are trying to reintroduce the TB with the least amount of fuss. Also it is very small and could be used as a lure for some of the more difficult caches. We will just wait and see.
  4. 'tis not! For me the hints are an important and fun part of caching so for gosh sakes next time glue them to the back of your GPS so you don't leave them at home. Now Lodi is Geocaching Hell. They favor 'Needle in Haystack' type caches with 'No Clues Needed' or 'E-mail me if you get stuck' notations. Sure, I am going to drive 100 miles back just to paw through a mountain of dense vegatation looking for a heavily camoflaged hollowed out asperin tablet. I feel better already. Maybe I should write a song about getting stuck in Lodi.
  5. I was out early this morning snagging Magnet Mayhem when I spotted a cougar all hunkered down in the grass intently watching something. It was about a hundred feet from me and I didn't want it to get any closer but I couldn't get it to move by yelling, whistling or arm waving. It just glanced at me and went back hunting. Shortly, it leaped for the prey and missed and loped around a knoll and out of sight. I have only seen one other cougar and this is the first time I have seen one leap. They can really move! All this about 75 feet from the back fences of an urban development.
  6. Hitting number 300 is pretty impressive but finding Double Agent knocks my socks off.
  7. Thanks for the great birthday gift. A couple of months ago I wondered if I would hit one hundred before I hit one hundred. I'm at ninety eight!! Wow. Two more birthdays will do it.
  8. Nuts, I was unable to weasel anything useful out of you, Chuguy. Guess I'll just have to go up there and look around. Not this weekend though. It's going to rain. It will be so nice to put those gaitters away for the winter.
  9. Urban II is my least favorite Pope. I think he is responsible for a lot of the problems that exist in the middle east today. Besides, it's a long walk from Livermore.
  10. I like the idea, Chuguy. It might be more interesting to me if I knew the focal length of the camera lens, image size and/or angle of view. How accurate are the compass directions and are they magnetic? I might be able to play with a topo map before I start the hunt. The IQ Tests have got me hooked on home work.
  11. I very cleverly hid a cache just a few days ago and I have started getting feedback and logs noting the presence of 'Homeless' people hanging out near the cache site. I drove near the site and confirmed this. There are some rather scruffy looking characters using this place for card games, bull sessions and who knows what else. They seem to fade away late at night and I haven't seen them in the early morning hours but I can understand why they are intimidating and mess up the straightforward retrieval of a cache. This is only my third cache and I am not too sure of myself as yet so I want to know if I should 'Archive' the cache or just warn geocachers about the 'Homeless' and let them deal with it as just another caching problem to be worked out?
  12. I just activated the Travel Bug "Psittacosis" and everything worked just fine except the image does not appear with the text rather one must click on a link to see the picture. How can I cause the photo to be part of the page?
  13. I have put 21st Symphony on my must do list. I wish I had been with you folks today except for the Pepper eating rocks. With only one eye there would probably be two casualties. Everyone has been very sympathetic except my doctor who took one look and threw bottles of antibiotics at me then wanted to know all about Geocaching. I should have full use of infected eye shortly and I hope Pepper recovers speedily.
  14. You could BART to Dublin/Pleasanton station and bike over to Shadow Cliffs on Stanley Blv'd for at least four caches and I think there are 3-4 at Sycamore Grove Park south of Livermore. It is all pretty flat and within 10 to 15 miles of the BART station.
  15. Having visited a couple of Ron Streeters virtual caches I E-mailed him my answers to questions he asked but I have not heard from him. Has anyone been in contact or know what is happening? He is usually very prompt so I am a little concerned. Maybe he is on a vacation but then when you are retired aren't you always on vacation.
  16. Canyon Road... anyone know what Initial D is? Well, on Monday my fellow Geocachers thought it must mean Down but for all our luck at finding the cache it could very well mean Decastadia. The cache was named after Diogenes or some other Greek. My own feeling was that it was some obscure measurement used in ancient Summaria for the number of rocks that had to be DISLODGED to find the cache. One D being approx. 5,649.62 rocks.
  17. I am usually content with 2 or 3 caches a day so I was awestruck at the volume that 4 organized people, well,make that three and a half, could do in a morning. The easy part was the driving. Fizzymagic had the route all flawlessly figured out. My special thanks to Jimswim who did most of the record keeping in adition to entering coordinates on my Mag 315 so I could leap out of the car with everyone else. It is always fun to be with Supergenius 'cause she is so good at finding the little devils and you never have to turn on the radio. We visited eleven sites before stopping for lunch. I still have a 'Grapes of Wrath' vision of Stockton but we visited some pretty nice places on this group venture.
  18. Ed Levin Park on the 2nd suits us just fine. Never been to this park and a quick look at the map shows Calaveras Road going South from Sunol right to the park. Can this be so? Has anyone ever used this road?
  19. Ed Levin Park on the 2nd suits us just fine. Never been to this park and a quick look at the map shows Calaveras Road going South from Sunol right to the park. Can this be so? Has anyone ever used this road?
  20. This morning In the vicinity of Chili Today Hot Tomale I met a geezer even older than I and he was picking star weeds. His name is Jim Wilson and when ever he is out he pulls up this pesky weed and throws them away. I am sure we all wish him the best of luck.
  21. Many years ago, well 20 or 30 anyway the Altamont pass really was a 'Rest Stop' of sorts. There was ample parking places and 20 to 40 chemical toilets. There is no water within miles of this place so the plumbing was rather spartan. Well on weekends with basketball games and similar activitities the toilets would be overwhelmed so by monday the whole area was a big stinky insanitary mess. CalTrans decided they couldn't put in regular facilities so they simply changed the signs from 'Rest Area' to 'Brake Check Area'. Well the school busses quit stopping but the trucks didn't. It was noted that an orange colored VW van with citizen band antennae was always parked in the area. What was happening was that truckers would make arrangements using their CBs with working girls known as "the Alatamont Angels" for assignations in the brake check area. I guess old tradidtions die hard.
  22. I think being excessively clever can spoil the fun. There is a person that wants me to keep looking for his cache and he seems very proud of it. I am not sure anyone has found it to date. For all I know he just made up some coordinates and vague clues and never really hid anything. I do not think he is having any fun. No one will ever know just how clever he was. I have only hidden 2 caches so far and my idea has been to create a cache that all Geocachers can find but no civilians will ever find. I do like the type of cache that causes one to really think. A little math and research before getting out on the trail can add to the fun for me. I like clever containers but I also like some little device that will catch the eye and flag it as something put out by a fellow geocacher.
  23. I am not the most competent person at Geocaching and without good questions being asked I never would have caught the math error for Plumbers Other Friend and that would have spoiled all the fun. Thanks, Pepper, for causing me to go back to the calculator. If only I could figure out where I went wrong with the More than just Math life would be sweet again. I spent some long hours bushwhacking, climbing fences, looking through garbage and under anything that might be called a tree all to no avail. I think it has to do with the salsa container. I have a couple of Mexican restaurants I frequent and as I recall the containers are little bowls and I can't beleive anyone ould try to use one as a cache container.
  24. I type the description for my cache all nice and neat in *.doc format then moved it to the dialogue box of the online form. It turned out to be a ragged looking bunch of text. Barely legible. Left margin OK but the right margin did not seem to exist. What did I do wrong and how can I correct this problem? How do people add clipart to their cache page postings?
  25. My question is this: Why won't people log a cache as "not found" when they don't find it I almost never log a 'Not Found'. It has always seemed a waste of time. I just go home and pout and cry. After sticking pins in some voodoo dolls I feel better. At first I failed to find about 30% now I find all but about 15%. I have learned to avoid caches placed by certain teams and individuals as they are just too clever for me. It never occured to me that a cache owner would monitor the cache page to see if it had gone missing. Reevaluating my attitude around 'Not Found' seems indicated.
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