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  1. I typed all the information for my latest cache and saved it as HTML using Word Perfect I then opened it on a program that shows the source code stuff then did a Copy and Paste onto the description box. I click on the send and get a message that my description contains "Script" and it must be removed. What is "Script" and how do I remove it?
  2. Still no FTF on TheRats multi/puzzle. Is Marky the only one working on it? It is such an interesting story that I may get my butt out of my snug nest and join the morning migration over the Sunol Grade to the South Bay. Reading the story was annoying as the text is wider than my monitor screen so I had to scroll sideways a lot. Is there a way to setup my browser or PC so I can see all the text without it being cutoff?
  3. Since I never got a reply back from you am I to assume that I am one of those that missed one of the six questions asked verifying my visit to T.M.L.? Rest easy, I never claimed it as a find.
  4. Hi Montythemule: Hope to see you at some event or other. It's a good way to meet some great folks and assign faces to screen names. Pepper, I got your call but you didn't leave your new phone number. Your old numbers I scribbled on a cache page printout and after 6 months in a fanny pack it became confetti. (The National Geographic paper that Fizzy gave me is indestructable. I think the fanny pack will go first.)
  5. I was in Sacramento for a wedding this weekend and between 'I Do's' found five caches. Interesting, good coordinates, regular sized and nicely hidden even in heavily trafficed areas. It was a lot of fun. Now if only you'd do something about the fog and the cold.... Will the Olive Garden Event have a web page? I can understand it not being a cache but relying only on the forum might cut out some neat folks.
  6. Some of us may miss you more than others. Fizzymagic has been cleaning up on the FTFs since you left.
  7. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your new job. My daughter loves the Portland area. She went away to school in Portland and never came home. She lives in Tualatin. Hi Pepper: Instead of a second car consider a boat. Or maybe your new house should be near a ferry dock. During WW2 the folks that worked in the shipyard at Bremerton would get on the ferry in Seattle still in their PJs. They would wash up, change clothes and have breakfast by the time the big old ferry reached Bremerton. Now that's the way to commute. Can't do any of that stuff on BART.
  8. I've now got two caches drying out. The zip lok bags saved both logs but the stashnotes are history. I'm going to print the new ones on that wonderful National Geographic 'Adventure Paper' that Fizzymagic gave me. While laid up with a cold I've been dreaming up a night time cache and I wonder where I can get some of that tape that PG and E wraps around their power poles? It really shows up when hit by head lights.
  9. Now I know what all the running around was about when I finally got to Double Agent. I really appreciate you taking the time to write the history of this event. Very nice bit of work.
  10. I made a cache web page for todays event centered in and around Lamneths "Double Agent Cache". I trust it will be approved shortly so that participants can log it as a find. I suppose Kablooey can log it as a DNF I hope that Geocahers will, in their logs, tell us about their adventures in this slight diversion from regular caching. I would love to see a narrative history of this event as I know there were things that I missed. Even today I got there late and missed the first clue that led everyone to 5th Street.
  11. It sure sounds like fun to me but I won't be able to join the hunt. I fall asleep at 10 pm. What if Venona does not refer to 12:00 noon PST? Could it be 1200 hrs. GMT?
  12. How can you geocache Orient beach and not post one or two pictures of the local fauna?
  13. Welcome home Fizzy. I have come around to believing that Venona must be Green Achers mostly by following the Travel Bug trails but I still want to compare the handwriting. If anyone does El Camino Viejo see if you can get a photo of GAs writing and post it on the Forum. Otherwise see you all at noon on the 31st. What is the "Marky 21" thing that has riled Georgeandmary? What is the Waypoint?
  14. Hotphoot may be from the Cockney branch of the tree, but I think they go by Oughtphoot. I am almost bored enough to go cachin' in the rain.
  15. If I can not get the scan to appear with this posting you can go to http://members.aol.com/gsstratton/FizzyWrites.bmp to see the sample I used for comparison.
  16. Looking at the note attributed to Venona and posted by Lamneth I was struck by two distinctly different upper case E's. I have looked at Lamneth's printing and in the sample I have he uses only upper case letters and they are very consistant. I conclude he is probably an engineer and didn't write the note. FizzyMagic leads the field of those I've looked at so far. Many similarities between his printing and those on the note. You guys in the central valley will have to do your own graphoanalysis since I do not have any samples of the possible suspects. I guess they have to work at the Rad Lab. I hope you have a fun and productive holiday party.
  17. Good idea Jaimee but first I would have to find a CV cache and this is something I have found very difficult to do. I have drawn so many blanks in Tracy that I cut it out of my California road map. Yes, it is now more dificult to fold the map but I am no longer tempted to even slow down.
  18. I'll have to go through the logs on a couple of very popular caches to see if I get a match for handwriting. Of course, Kablooey and Pepper use stamps or stickers but I never suspected either of them anyway.
  19. I suppose you noticed that the letters only go from A to F yet all the number digits from 1-0 appear. Direct substitution seems unlikely. Which means--------I'm stumped. HotFoot
  20. I am getting good at decoding. I gather Syrinx is headquarters of SF2062. Boy, does that ever help a lot. Thanks for really helpful clue, not.
  21. Jacqui and I are almost always ready for a picnic. Maybe you can help not only with Venona but with SF2062 and Syrinx also? Trish, have you looked for Double Agent yet? I see I just blew test number two. I thought FizzyMagic was going to be gone and if we heard from Venona we could eliminate Fizzy as the double. Mary has pretty well convinced me that Fizzy is not Venona. The means Lamneth is being nasty.
  22. I thought Lamneth and Fizzy might be playing a little game with each other and maybe Fizy has set up a new account under the name 'Venona' and possibly Lamneth has accounts with the name SF2062 and Syrinx as the bios on these three are very skimpy and rather new. Fizzy is giving us a lot of information not only the goings on with books at Rad Lab libraries but I foloowed his advice and Google searched 'Venona' and found this to be some code word operation used by Russian agents during WWII. All very intriguey with stuff about Leon Trotsky (See movie Frida on this). I suspected and still do that Fizzy is Venona even though he passed one of my tests. I asked for a meeting at a coffee house with other options if he didn't drink coffee (Fizzie has told us that he doesn't drink coffee, remember?). Venona replied that he/she loved coffee but prefered vodka.. Test number two will be this week. I thinks Fizzy is off cruising the Carribian on a luxury liner and if we get some posting from Venona we should know that Venona is probably not Fizzy. The alternative to all this is that Lamneth is being a dirty little boy and is playing with himself. At which point I guess we are mere voyeurs. Either way the word 'Refactories' has me stumped. My knowledge of refactories stops at bricks, flower pots and toilet bowls. I love the idea of using the library as their post office for messages. Makes me want to hollow out a book for a cache.
  23. In the E-mail from Venona I got a long string of letters and numbers that look vaguely like the serial number of my Windows 98 program. After reading FizzyMagics post it became clear that all the numbers refered to a building and the call letters for some book cataloged in the Library of Congress system. Interestingly the Lib of Congress online catalog shows no book with these call numbers. Very close but no cigar!
  24. I have received E-mails from Vanona and I am intrigued because he writes with an accent. Is this the result of phonetics? If you guys are going to hide caches at the Rad Lab count me out. Scaling clifs and climbing trees are OK but sneaking into secret facilities just isn't for me. (Actually, I think I know how but it is a little risky. Maybe I should just tell Pepper how to do it and let her be the FTF. Sometimes it is OK to be second.)
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