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  1. Thanks everyone for the informative responses. I'm a letterboxer who just bought a GPS. Now I'm addicted twice!
  2. In each one of the pages that lists a geocache, there is the text: In Pennsylvania, United States [view map] Hidden: 11/20/2003 Use waypoint: GCH8C6 (what's this?) What does Use Waypoint mean? I know what a waypoint is, but I'm uncertain as to whether or not there is any meaning to GCH8C6? Or is it just a random label of the actual coordinates shown above in the clue? Guess I've got a ways to go to understand this stuff. thanks, carl
  3. Hi- I'm an active letterboxer (www.letterboxing.org) and am getting interested in geocaching as well. I love maps and have Microsoft Streets and Trips software on my PC. If I get a GPS unit, I'll want one with mapping capability. Does anyone know of a GPS unit with mapping that could have maps uploaded to it from Streets and Trips? Is that even possible? How does one normally upload maps to a GPS device? Thanks, carl
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