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  1. Whacking the garmin on my hand returned the unit to normal, this time. Does this mean I can't buy a new Colorado?
  2. I've been geocaching for a few years, and my unit just died, so I'm the market for a new one and I'm thinking about the Oregon 450. So it's paperless. What the heck does that mean? Thanks.
  3. Guess I'll have to spring for a new one. I just bought my wife a new laptop, shouldn't be too hard a sell
  4. I have an older etrex legend whose screen is fading badly to the point that you can't read it. is there anyway to fix this? Last time it happened I reloaded the software, and that worked, but not this time. I'm perfectly happy with it and if I could get it fixed for less than $50-75 I'd probably do that rather than get a new one. Any ideas? Thanks, carl
  5. I do not see a Venture Cx on the Garmin wbsite. Is it discontinued? or is it a Venture HC? How much was it new 2 years ago? thanks, carl
  6. I have an older Garmin eTrex Legend that I got about 4 years ago. I have a serial cable for it, but my new computer has no serial port, so I need a USB cable. Anybody have one or know where to get one?
  7. I have a Garmin eTrex Legend (the B&W blue one) and I've been thinking about upgrading to something else. I'd like one that can be used in the car that has lots of roads and streets (and capable of interfacing with MS Streets and Trips), maybe talk to me. Plus, the same unit has to be portable and hand held for caching. I don't know if there are any "cross-over" products that are good for both auto navigation and caching. I'd like to hear some suggestions. Thanks, carl
  8. I use mine for caching, letterboxing, and autonavigation. I have an eTrex Legend.
  9. it is not a Cx, it's a generic eTrex Legend black and white. The setup menu does not have a "welcome Message" option.
  10. The Etrex sign on screen says "This unit belongs to"... My name is in there as well as my email address, which I have changed. And I have no idea how to access that to change it - I've tried every menu item to no avail. So, how do you edit the unit name? Thanks. Carl, who feels like an idiot.
  11. Thanks Blue Deuce for the help. - I knew I had seen that and through all my efforts to find it again, I couldn't. thanks for the tip carl
  12. I have a Garmin Etrex legend and can't figure out how to delete all my waypoints - I have loaded far too many waypoints from geocaching.com, and want to start all over again with only selected waypoints. I have successfully downloaded all my waypoints to EasyGPS software - next I need to delete all the waypoints on my GPSr, and upload only the ones I want now, not all of them. Thanks for the help. carl
  13. It is a legend, not a legend/c Why does the arrow continue to point in the original direction? Does anyone know?
  14. You are absolutely correct - it was set on Course Pointer. Thanks for the tip! Your explanation makes perfect sense. carl
  15. That's the first thing that always pops into my head, but the Legend doesn't have a compass. My bad for refering the bearing pointer as being a compass...if it has an arrow and points, it's a compass to me Still, doesn't it need calibrated also, so it knows which way is which? Wife has the legend, but I haven't played with it much. I know I had to calibrate my old Sportrak Color though. Let me try to explain the issue more clearly. The setup allows you to choose whether North is at the top of the navigational page, or whether it should be pointing to the direction you're travelling. I've chosen the second option. Say I'm 5 miles away from the waypoint. The waypoint is actually on 4th street, I'm on 3rd street. 4th street is parallel to 3rd street on my right. After I start travelling towards the waypoint, the directional arrow will be pointing almost straight ahead on my Legend - it will be pointed a few degrees right of dead center. The closer I get, the needle will start being more and more degrees to the right until I get to the block of the waypoint. When I am closest to the waypoint, the needle would be pointing 90 degrees to the right, but AFTER I PASS that point, the needle sometimes points the wrong way, and the further away I go, the more wrong it gets until it is sometimes 180 degrees in the wrong direction. The only way I can tell that I've passed the waypoint is by looking at the distance from the waypoint, and it goes up. I can resolve the issue by resetting my "goto" waypoint, and it seems to be able to "find" it again. Hope this makes sense. carl
  16. Hi- We just spent our first weekend geocaching with a Garmin etreex Legend. I really like all the information it gives you, but I found that if you parallel a waypoint (e.g. say a waypoint is on 4th street midway through the block, and you're driving on 3rd street), and then drive PAST the waypoint which was 90 degrees hard right or left, the directional needle on the Legend just goes beserk and points in all different directions, usually 180 degrees the wrong way. I solved the problem by finding the waypoint again and resetting the GPSr. Is this a common problem? What causes it? How do you resolve it? Thanks, carl
  17. Is there any way to download more than one page of waypoints at a time? I'm a newbie, and want to check out all the caches within 50 miles or so. If I do a search on my zip code, I'll get several pages of caches, but I can only see how to check all of them on 1 page and download only that 1 page. Is there any way to download 2 or 3 or more pages at once? Is there a way to search on difficulty and terrain designations? thanks, carl
  18. I have a Garmin Legend. I have a cable that connects from the GPSr to a serial port on my desktop computer. When I go to wander around, I use my laptop. My laptop does NOT have a serial interface, but it does have several USB 2.0 ports. Is there anyway to connect to my laptop? Do I need a new cable, or is there an adapter to convert a serial interface to USB? thanks, carl
  19. Thanks everyone, that helps. Guess I'll be sticking to 3/2 or less.
  20. I'm sure it's someplace and I just can't find it, but, well, I can't find it!!! I'm looking for a legend for the Distance/Terrain numbers that you find on geocaching.com. I.e., What does a 1/1 really mean vs. a 5/5. My wife and I letterbox, and want to start geocaching and we're planning on a trip to North Central PA where there are a lot of geocaches, but due to my wife's health, we can't be walking for miles and up and down hills. We can do a little more than that, but we've found that letterboxers sometimes are extremely vague as to how difficult a box is to find, and how far. One we found wound up being a walk of over 2 miles (no way to get closer by car) and it was listed as an "easy walk". Not for us in 90 degree weather. I was expecting less than a half mile. So, where is the legend? How far is a 1, a 2, a 3, etc. What distinguishes a terrain of 3 vs. a 2? I'm sure it's all explained somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it. Thanks for the help carl
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