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  1. See this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=267656 While connecting and disconnecting my Garmin and trying to get all the maps to load, I must have disconnected it at the wrong time in the wrong place, because now my computer won't recognize that it is even connected. The Garmin screen shows that it is connected, but it is not showing up in Windows Explorer, and I'm not even getting the screen that says to open it to view files. I've rebooted my machine, I've reloaded Garmin drivers, and I can't get Mapsource or the Garmin interface (for downloading waypoints from geocaching.com) to work. I'm at my wits end. The GPSr is useless if it won't talk to my computer. Help! Carl
  2. Not sure how to do this. Mapsource, as far as I can tell, will allow only 1 map at a time.
  3. aintnorock

    Multiple Topos

    I have an Oregon 450 and want to go caching in two states in the same day. I've downloaded both the Lousiana and Mississippi Topo maps from gpsfile depot. Using MapSource, I've installed the maps on my Oregon, but wait - when I load one, it unloads the other. Only the last one that I loaded stays in the Garmin. Is there any way to load and enable both topo maps? thanks, carl
  4. Ive got a Nuvi for the car and an Oregon 450 for caching. I think trying to navigate on the streets with a 450 is sort of like performing surgery with a mechanic's tool box. A good surgeon could probably make it work, but I think he or she would rather have their scalpel. Most of the handhelds don't have the detail for driving. Most of the driving ones don't have the capability of paperless caching. Get both.
  5. Thanks, this helps, particularly the link to the Wiki. I forgot that was there. It would have been useful if Garmin's manual had all this stuff.
  6. I'm very confused. I just got a new Oregon 450 and like it, but when geocaching, instead of showing the geocache or point I'm navigating to, in the compass and map views, it shows the nearest geocache, not the one I'm navigating to. I need to know how far it is, etc, but it's impossible to tell from the map and compass views. How do I get them to show the information or customize the information on the compass and map screens to reflect what info I'm looking for. The compass shows the name and distance of the closest geocache to my current location, and changes as I drive around. Same with my map. Any suggestions? I'm sure there's something I'm missing. carl
  7. I saw that it, but it wasn't very clear. I'm a big dummy, I guess. I did like how easily Basecamp worked, though.
  8. Thanks, I was able to download the topos using Basecamp. I never could get Mapsource to load, it kept telling me that no previous mapsource progam was found. Thanks for your help.
  9. I'm not as smart as i thought I was. Everyone told me that I should buy the 450 instead of the 450t because there were free topos to download for the Garmin 450. Okay, so I bought the 450, I downloaded the Louisiana topo from gpsfiledepot, but I have absolutely no clue where to go from here. I downloaded the Mapsource file from here: http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=209#Instruct but when I run that executable, it says "Previous Mapsource not found" What do I have to do to load the LA TOPO maps to my 450? Do I have to buy some other software? Garmin doesn't even look like it has any topos for sale for the 450. I've looked all over the forums and can't find the answer. Thanks.
  10. Wow! where was this thread when I bought my 450? Sure glad I found it, I was about to go insane, too. Major reason I wanted this was for the paperless - I was tired of printing out reams of paper every time I wanted to go caching. So, first time I load a couple of caches, go to the GPSr and look for them, and they're NOT THERE! What? I loaded them again. STILL not there. Then I started looking here at the forum and came across this thread. Went back to my unit, deleted all the waypoints, and sure enough, the caches showed up. Next ran a pocket query and downloaded 50 of them with no problem. Sure hope this problem doesn't rear it's ugly head again. Other than that. I LOVE this unit. It's my 2nd - I had an older eTrex Legend which I loved also, but man should I have bought this one sooner.
  11. Micros are not my favorite, and depending on how much time we're going to be spending caching, I'll filter out the small ones. Why? 1) Too hard to find 2) If you've seen one guard rail, you've seen them all 3) If it's not an inspired location (for any size), I'll pass. I have looked for some micros, and actually found several. Some are fine, others are just a waste of time. I'd rather find TBs or cleverly hide larger caches. BTW- What the heck is a bison tube? Never heard of it.
  12. Tried to go to Naval Flight 1968. Passed all my tests, my application not accepted by Washington (only 10% were) Tried to go to Air Force Flight 1969. Failed the eye exam. Joined the Army in 1970. Served 1970-1972, mostly in Stuttgart, GY. Active Reservist 1972-1974 in New Orleans, LA. MOS 73D - Accounting Specialist. Attained rank of Sargeant. We didn't have GPS when I was in - we used the sun and stars.
  13. I'm not looking for SWAG. If I find something I like, I may take it for my grandson. I carry a backpack full of SWAG and try to trade up, but more often than not, the search is the fun for me. What I DO like, however, is TBs. I always move them along, but wonder why the several that I've left go one or two places, then go missing. EDIT- in one case it took me 3 years to move something along (long story - a cross country move, major heart surgery, I lost my GPS and the TB for a while, etc, etc,), but it was worth it - I place it in Alaska. I got it from PA.
  14. What are the smallest and largest caches you've found? My smallest was a piece of 1/2" copper tubing, about 1" long. Held a log, that's it. Was in a hollowed out hole in a concrete post - only thing showing was an eye hook on the cap of the tubing. Largest was a piece of 4" PVC, about 10 feet long, very well hidden but almost in plain sight (I'll let you know where if you PM me).
  15. My wife and I have visited 47 states (all but Hawaii, North dakota, and Iowa) and have cached in AK, MI, NJ, PA, DE, OH, and LA. We'd have done a lot more, but just discovered caching a few years ago.
  16. I just googled Prolific drivers and found a MAC driver here: http://www.prolific.com.tw/eng/downloads.asp?id=31
  17. I can't guarantee use with a MAC because I've never used it with one. It's supposed to be compatible, but not sure.
  18. I spent the last few days looking at all of them and feel that the Oregon 450 is the best buy with the most features. 450t has more maps, but is $100 more than the 450, and the 550 adds a camera, but I already carry a $600 camera that is well, a camera and doesn't pretend to be a GPSr. So, I went with the 450. JMHO. Can't wait until I get it. Do you know what might help you decide? Look at the user reviews on Amazon. Very helpful. BTW, the 450 at Amazon is $312 and comes from Beach Camera which sells it for $308. I saw it on eBay for $288, but no returns allowed. I went for Amazon because of their liberal return policy.
  19. Are you a noob? this unit is perfect for someone just starting with little or no budget. Make me an offer. This is an older eTrex Legend, a discontinued module. I've had it for a number of years and it's seen light use (I've found about 50 caches.) It comes complete with serial cable, a serial to USB cable, serial to USB drivers (You may have to download a driver for Windows 7), original manual (pretty complete as manuals go). Specs- 500 Waypoints Track Log - 10 saved tracks 2500 points Routes - 20 Routes, 50 points each Base map, 8 mb storage if you want to download maps WAAS 2 AA batteries (included). In the spirit of full disclousure, this unit did fade out on me one time. I went to the forum, was referred to this thread http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=183365&st=0&p=3277154&hl=etrex%20screen%20connector&fromsearch=1entry3277154 (See last two replies
  20. aintnorock

    Oregon 450

    I ordered it yesterday from Amazon for $311.67 - comes from Beach Camera who had it $4 cheaper, but I like dealing with Amazon - their returns if needed are a lot easier than most places.
  21. aintnorock

    Oregon 450

    What maps would you have to buy? I'm thinking that the base map will be fine for the little geocaching I do, but am curious as to what additional maps are available. Is the base map a topo? It looks like it in advertising. Thanks
  22. aintnorock

    Oregon 450

    I've been doing some research, and I think I'm settled on buying the Oregon 450- I'd like to hear your comments, pro or con, if you have one. What do you like? What do you dislike? thanks. carl
  23. Thanks everyone for the replies. I understand now. I think I'm sold on the Oregon - I always get lost with all that paperwork I print out.
  24. Whacking the garmin on my hand returned the unit to normal, this time. Does this mean I can't buy a new Colorado? Darn, Carl
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