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  1. Re downloaded and installed and it seems to work OK now.
  2. I found a bug can anyone confirm, when I have a geocache loaded as the waypoint I lose the arrow/pointer on the dashboard compass and regular compass, can't tell which way to go ?
  3. I notice the URL posted shows the update is for a 300, is it safe for a 400t ?
  4. The Onix 400 is not really new ( Sept 07 ) and from reviews I've read not a very good . http://www.cabelas.com/prod-1/004673822861...product-reviews
  5. I noticed on my iTunes email receipt that there is a link under the app to report a problem, you can try that route.
  6. I just downloaded the app today ($ price drop) and it works fine on my iphone but I haven't gone out caching with it yet because we have over a foot of snow here and its still coming down.
  7. The Garmin Oregon/Colorado both do Wherigo cartridges which is a bonus, very fun for the young ones.
  8. Here a review that might be of some help deciding. http://www.gpsmagazine.com/2008/08/garmin_...400t_review.php
  9. After reading the above post I went looking for any hidden shortcuts Garmin might have put in and while I didn't find anything really exciting I did find out a couple of things. One, when your on the Backlight/Lock page down at the bottom is the time, press it once and the date shows up. Two, when your on the Geocache Description page and you've scrolled all the way to the bottom ( some description and logs are quite lengthy ) hit the on button once to bring up the Backlight/lock page and hit it again and you will return to the top on the Geocache Description page with out all that scrolling with your finger.
  10. Yeah I've noticed some of the streets in my Oregon 400T are off also, very disappointing for a $600 device.
  11. I ran my Garmin Oregon and 60CSx side by side last night for a short walk and was surprised with my findings. I was expecting the 60CSx to easily win but I must say it was a draw. I walked at my local park ( about 1.3mi on the 60CSx and 1.22mi on the Oregon) that has both heavy tree cover and open space, I followed a path marking waypoints along the way and later uploaded the tracks to google earth for analysis. Both units would wander at times with the Oregon wandering off farthest but the 60CSx did some weird loops that weren't on the path and some of its waypoints and tracks didn't meet up. The Oregon gave the straightest/smoothest track and did good out in the open but under heavy cover it went off course and didn't come back where the 60CSx did good under cover and a bit more eratic in the open. Also the Oregon's waypoints seemed to be more spot on than the 60CSx's. The 60CSx always had better EPE with the gap between them anywhere from 3' to 30' but the Oregon was faster to lock on satellites and had more of them. This was one short unscienentfic test but I found it interesting that the Oregon did so well against "the champ" of GPS's.
  12. I've only had my Oregon for six day but I like it a lot. I come from a 60CSX so I do find the accuracy not as good but I was able to find 3 out of 4 geocaches the other day ( the 4th was a micro and to many mugglers around ) and 1 cache I almost stepped on the accuracy was that good for me. The touch screen is great and while the screen isn't as bright as I would like ( my biggest complaint ) I find turning off the DEM shading a big help in bright sunlight. Love the Geocaching pages with the hints and descriptions, let me go paperless and thats a big plus. Im hopeful that a software upgrade will fix some of the issues we are having with the unit but if it didn't I'm would still keep on using mine.
  13. Did some geocaching yesterday for the first time with the Oregon and it worked out fine but I have a question, when you find a geocache and mark it found it lets you add a comment, where does the comment show up ?
  14. I've heard that a few people now have the Oregon 300 and was wondering where they bought it at ? Im going hiking this next week and would like to get one along with the new 24k Topo's for Washington. REI and GPScity say 7/31 but would perfer to get it before then. Thanks
  15. Does the Oregon have a tempature reading like the Colorado ? I've heard the Colorado's is quite inaccurate.
  16. Thinking of purchasing a Garmin Oregon and have a few question. I was thinking about the 400i model since I go fishing a lot but want to add the new TOPO U.S. 24K microSD card for hiking and geocahing ( I live in Washington state and don't need topo for the whole U.S.) and I also have a custom map overlay of some local trails, could I fit all this into one unit ? Is the Inland lakes maps on the microSD card or internal memory ? Where would I put the custom map overlays, in internal memory ? Thanks for your help.
  17. Thank you these topo's are great, hope you do more (hint rest of snohomish Co and north)
  18. If anyone is interested in the Bushnell Onix 400 here is a review I found on XM411.com . http://www.xm411.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=32506
  19. I had my hopes for this GPS but decided to wait til some reviews came out before ordering this one since the earlier Onix 200 got very bad reviews. Thanks danielbacon and let us know how it goes.
  20. Try these.... http://www.gpsies.com http://www.travelbygps.com/
  21. How big/area size can you make your custom topos ?
  22. Updated last night and I immediately notice I could recieve WAAS indoors ( I've had no problems while outdoors recieving WAAS ) great !! Took it for a walk today and notice that my EPE seemed larger than usual, before I would be around 10-18' EPE now its more like 20-30+ EPE. Has anyone else notice this ? Seems to connect to fewer satilites but also less jumping around. Would be nice to compare it next to another 60csx without the update.
  23. The mailman must have eaten all the Kitkats thats why he got it to you so fast. Have fun with the gps.
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