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  1. Our best day was 43 and covered about 150 miles but we had it layed out pretty well as to where we were going. We normally cache 1 day per weekend and average between 15-25 per trip. The problem we have now is that we've found almost everything with 40 miles of our home so we keep traveling farther and farther away and have less time to cache once we get there so the numbers are declining. I think we've been going too fast anyway. We just started in mid August and we're just under 550 finds. I guess we're just N.U.T.S.
  2. Blucruz

    Garmin Gps12

    I started geocaching with a 12cx, just a color version of the gps12. Great unit other than the internal memory battery never held a charge and thus I lost my waypoints & route data frequently. Could be fixed but not really worth it since the unit is over 7 years old. I do still use it as a backup when I can't get my Magellan Meridian Gold to calm down under the canopy of trees. If you can find one for under $50 with a good internal memory battery I'd get it.
  3. I have a Magellan Meridian Gold and the Mapsend Topo cd and it works great. There are lots of Magellan & Garmin units you can load maps into. I went with the Magellan because of the expandable memory via the SD card slot & Price. Got the whole package of the GPSr, mapsend Topo Cd, & 512 SD card for $285 from gpscity.com
  4. That's cool to have a dog to sniff them out for you. I just hid a few up in a area where it does snow and hung them in the trees so they wouldn't get snowbound for extended periods of time. I can't imagine trying to find on at ground level in the snow. Maybe I need to add a metal detector the the caching gear I carry....Honey can I have some $....
  5. Wow, I'm definately a euc man. Welcome to the forum.
  6. We have 2 dogs. 3 cats, 2 hermit crabs, & a rat in the garage somewhere that the cats wont take care of ...Northern California.
  7. Look at my avitar, I've had a Blue Landcruiser forever, people started calling me blu and it just stuck. The Personalized plates even say BLUCRUZ. Too bad it's not running at the moment.
  8. Just pick one...There is a lot to choose from! No seriously, I would try to find one that has been a DNF for a few people but is confirmed to still be there. That way you can claim to be...well that's antoher topic. I am trying to figure out what to hit for #500 which should happen by the end of the year. Good Luck!
  9. My wife is the leader of Jr. Girl Scout Troop 258, here in Northern California and she had me come in a do a class on Geocaching with them. I hid 4 caches within 500' of our meeting place and had my two daughters help them along the way with the GPSr's. They had an absolute blast and wanted to do it more. We have just put together a cache for the troop that we will be hiding in the next couple weeks and they have already sent out a troop travel bug. My wife is also working on the set up for an official patch for Girlscout Geocaching.
  10. I bought a palm zire31 for $60.00 on ebay and loaded it with cachemate. I'll never go back! I also have a Dell laptop with Wifi & GSAK so I can load the pda & gps on the go.
  11. Out of curiosity, what makes you think the cache was compromised "within 2-3 hours" of your visit? I would say that without question, the person who took the cache is responsible. edit: spelling I know the cacher that visited the area after me and he was about 2-3 hours behind me. he was the one who let me know it had been muggled.
  12. I like them if I can walk between stages and if it shopuldn't take longer than an hour to complete. Multi's that have stages 3-4 miles apart I wont even bother with unless I'm heading that way.
  13. Ok, here's the scenario. I was the last person to visit a cache "above a creek" and then it was apparently muggled within 2-3 hours of my visit. This cache is out in the middle of no-where and there was no traffic to speak of. After I drove away from the cache site I notice a truck parked off a dirt road about 1/3 of a mile from the cache and he may have seen me put the cache back in its hiding spot. My question is this. Who is responsible? I feel terrible about this as it was a well stocked cache. I e-mailed the owner and offered to replace the cache or at least supply some swag for a new one. I was curious as to what other people have done in situations like this. Thanks..Blu
  14. I saw a lawn ornament gnome TB that was 19" tall. YIKES
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