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  1. Sorry to hijack your thread but it's kind of relevent. Does anyone know how to send your logs of found caches from the PDA back to GSAK? Is it even possible?
  2. I am looking for Map Software that I can use on the Laptop in the cachemobile while on caching trips and traveling. I like to explore back roads but do a ton of city driving too. Topography is not that big of a deal to me but I like knowing that the old jeep trail I'm looking for is on the map. Does Street Atlas go into enough detail to include those jeep trails as well as all those back alleys in the cities or am I going to need to buy both depending on my choice of terrain?
  3. ??? I have both a meridian gold and an explorist 210 with version 2 and have been able to switch serial numbers dozens of times without reinstalling. ??? As far as comparing the 2 units goes, Meridian by far is a friendlier unit to use in my opinion. The 210's biggest problem I feel is the lack of being able to delete geocaches after you find them. Also the 210's 200 cache limit is restricting compared the limitless waypoints with the meridian if using a sd card. I would definately go meridian before a 210 but it's a great back up unit.
  4. I figure it has cost me over $400 in fuel just this year for Geocaching. I know that we are going to have to cut back our caching trips for a while because of it but I'm curious. What are your plans relating to geocaching with the increasing price of gas?
  5. Got pulled over Saturday by a deputy because someone saw me and my daugfhter walking out of the woods together and called the cops. Anyway the license plate the guy gave the sheriff came back to a pedifile so you can imagine that every cop in the county was looking for us. I asked the deputy what I did because I saw him before he saw me and made sure I wasn't speeding or anything. He told me to shut up! I'll ask the questions....by this time I'm freaking out trying to figure out what I did. I gave him my ID and he ran it and my plates again and everything came back ok. He explained the pedifile mixup and that the guy who reported us said we were acting suspicous. We got a good laugh out of it. I actually thanked him for doing a good job since I have a daughter and can relate. We talked about caching for a few minutes and we went on our way.
  6. Let me chime in here and thank you all for your hospitality the weekend before last. My family and I had a great time celebrating our 1000th find with you all. Please let us return the favor and join us for GCV1VW June 24th. Hope some of you can make it. Blucruz & Family
  7. I'll 2nd this one. I have no access to GC.com at work due to firewalls etc. but I can retrieve my e-mails. Coordinates would be awesome as well as the type of cache, Multi, traditional etc.
  8. Me too still waiting on yesterday's query? PITA for sure having to print cache pages and enter manually.
  9. Figured I'd revive this thread due to my experience with Magellan Customer Service. Begin Rant... Explorist 210 I bought for my daughter in January worked fine for about 3-4 weeks. Over the time we used it we noticed that the display was starting to fade. Now when we turn it on it just turns black and shows nothing or it comes on so dim you can't read anyting on the screen. I went to Magellans Tech page on the website and filled out the RMA form like it says and waited. No response for 3 days, so I e-mail again, CSR sends me a reply asking me to send the info again saying sorry very busy and it must have been deleted by accident. No problem so I send it again. 3 days later and nothing again. So I call the 800 number and wait & wait & wait. 45 minutes & then a recording comes on saying cust service is now closed please call back.....during buisness hours. I'm Pissed! so I e-mail again & no response again. So this time I call again & this time I'm on hold for over 1 hour and still no answer. Really pissed! got up at 5:30am this morning and started calling the 800# right at 6am. Rang 3 times and WOW! a human being. Told him my problems, he wasn't very receptive to my previous attempts at contact. 10 minutes later i finally get a return # and ups shipping label to return my unit. I asked how long he thought it might take to get it back & he said 8-10 weeks? Seems like way too long to me. Anyway i'm very unhappy with their service not the product. Worked great when it worked. END RANT!
  10. If this has already been brought up then ignore this. Why not put out a coin trade cache and just put a disclaimer in the description that there may at any time be coins in this cache than some may find offensive. I personally wouldn't take that coin out of the cache because of my views but I also wouldn't take it personally as an offensive jesture. I think if it were explained then most would find it very interesting instead of offensive.
  11. Those look awesome Marky, I just ordered 10 for me
  12. Boy I feel stupid now. It's never done that before? I usually just press and release and it turns on. Now I have to hold for a good 3 count before it comes on? Well it's working, that's the important thing. Thanks
  13. My Meridian Gold wont turn on. Just beeps once and nothing. Has never done this before and yes the batteries are fresh. any ideas?
  14. I'm 23:1 with 676 finds & 30 hides but there is a guy in our area (retiredprof) that is around 7:1 with over 1400 finds & over 200 hides.
  15. I've got a used Garmin GPS 12CX that I don't use anymore. I have the Cig Lighter plug and a hard mount for it. I think I still have the instruction manual too. I'll have to check on that. Good cosmetic shape and no dead pixels. The unit works well other than the internal Lithium Battery does not seem to hold a charge for very long. I get a msg every time I turn the unit on saying "memory battery is low" I've never stored more than a few waypoints in it at one time so I'm unsure if it will maintain memory or not. I've been keeping around for a back up to my Meridian Gold but now we have an explorist too so no need for this one. What's it worth? I was thinking maybe $60.00. Going on E-bay tomorrow evening 1/27/06 with starting bid @ $34.99
  16. '05 Chevy trailblazer 4x4, 72 Toyota land cruiser or 85 Toyota 4runner. The 4runner is highly modified (5.29 gears, lockers, dual transfer cases, 37" tires, and will go anywhere I want to go & most places I don't so it gets me close to most caches. The Land Cruiser (BLUCRUZ) is being modified/rebuilt and will replace the 4runner when done. The Blazer has never let us down yet, great little rig on & off road.
  17. High lakes OHV area above Chico/Paradise. Lots of little lakes and some real cool trails that will put your rig to the test. Only 2 caches in the immediate area up there right now but I plan on putting out a dozen or so this spring after the snow melts down. There are alot of caches in teh Chico/Paradise area. Check out "Lotts Up" & "Under the cross" Sorry I don't have the GC#'s but those are the 2 up near the OHV area. Camping at Philbrook Lake or there is Primitive camping at Long & Campell lake. Takes about 1.5 hours from Chico to the trailhead. I'd be more than happy to show you the trails if your interested just give me a couple weeks notice. Blu
  18. We've been working on a Girl Scout cache for Junior troop 258 in Paradise/Magalia. We asked that each of the Girls in the troop bring a trade item to put in the cache and for a FTF find we are giving a certificate for 4 boxes of cookies. We also set out a TB about 3 months ago for the troop to track The Cache should be up and running the middle of next week sometime. 3 1/2 gal bucket hidden in a heavily wooded area. The Girls don't know where it will be hidden either. They will have the opportunity to hunt for it with the rest of you.
  19. Not that long, I got mine in 3 days. I'd contact someone
  20. Check out the Magellan Explorist 210. A great little geocaching unit. We got one for my daughter from Tigergps for $156 + shipping. Has 22MB for detail maps and waypoints. Hold 500 waypoints & 200 geocaches at a time and has a usb connection for a PC. Also has Geocache management software. My 10 year old loves it.
  21. Blucruz

    Explorist 210

    Thanks, I guess I would find that if I read the instructions 1st huh?
  22. Blucruz

    Explorist 210

    I use a Gold but bought a 210 for my daughter and we used it for the 1st time this last weekend. It's deadly accurate but the geo-software still has me a bit baffled. I downloaded a 9mb detail map from mapsend topo without incident. Then I went to download the 300 caches I wanted to put in there from my gsak to the magellan geocache software. All transfered to the software program but not to the gps itself. It's like it picked & choosed which caches it liked. I'm sure I missed something somewhere.
  23. That's funny Thrak, Watch for one in the next week up in Magalia. I just finished putting it together and will be sending to the reviewers this weekend.
  24. Thrak, I'm in the process of making a few right now. I'm using Manzanita I cut up by the Jordan Hill cache. Manzanita is a good hard wood and usually has really neat Knarls etc in it. The hard part is finding a branch that is long enough and straight enough. I'm just waiting to get them dried out enough so I can start working on them.
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