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  1. I ordered from Provantage on Tuesday and it was $114.46 shipped. scheduled to arrive 12/19-12/20. Coming ground freight from Ohio to California, we'll see.
  2. Just curious....Why are they asking for our Geocaching.com password? Nevermind! Ordered one up!
  3. Why not have an event and have everyone that attends bring a toy?
  4. I'll assume that these are multi-caches? It sounds to me that if the caches you need to visit in order to log these two caches have been archived then these caches as well should be archived. Wish I could look but I can't get on gc.com from work.
  5. I'm going to give it a shot. we'll see what happens I guess. I actually used Netzero for a time before I got DSL and their services worked fine for me. I think I'll make a cache where you have to solve a puzzle to get the phone# & I'll record the coordinates to the cache on the message...could be interesting.
  6. Is it possible to download maps from Delorme Topo or Street Atlas to the 60csx? If it's been asked before forgive me, and point me in the direction of that thread. Thanks
  7. Unfortunately you cannot delete single geocaching waypoints with the explorists 210 series. You have to delete the entire file the waypoints are in.
  8. Mt. Hiami? closest landmark I could find. Southern Peru.
  9. Thanks Yes the experience is exactly the same and there are no other caches within .20 mi of so there is no problem there. I'll just have the coordinates changed. Never really thought about that. I guess technically it would be a problem if there is another cache within 528'
  10. The reason I ask is that one of my caches has been moved about 800ft and the spot it's in now is better than the original. I don't want to archive or rename the cache itself as it needs to be hidden in part of the structure that was moved. I'm sorry if this question could be answered by Groundspeak F.A.Q. but I can't access the site through the network computer I'm forced to use right now. SurfPatrol won't let me on Gc.com but lets me on the forums...go figure. Thanks
  11. Nano-Small! If we can have a Nano-Micro why not a Nano-Small?
  12. I have a Gold and like it, but if there is a problem with it there is little to no support for it anymore. I also have an Explorist and have had no problems but Magellan tech support is severely lacking in my opinion. Get a Garmin 60 something.
  13. I will second this request. I have placed a few caches that are definately 4x4 only and the addition of an atribute to reflect that would simplify thing greatly.
  14. I set one near an intersection a couple weeks ago. 3 days after I planted it a horrific accident that nearly killed a man occured right there. I could see the bush the cache was hidden in on the news that night. It survived but the poor people in the mini van almost didn't.
  15. I sometimes leave a lotto scratcher ticket.
  16. According the log he never found the last stage, so in that instance I would dissallow the find.
  17. His comment of "I guess we didn't interpret the coordinates correctly." would make it so I wouldn't have any problem deleting that log. I of course would also go check to make sure the final stage is indeed there. If it was gone then I would replace and advise him to go back & sign the book and re-log.
  18. About 2-3 months ago my 15 Y.O. daughter and I came walking out of the woods in front of a few guys riding motorcycles on a popular trail. one of the guys stopped us and asked us what were doing. I told him just out for a walk but he blocked out path and made me real uncomfortable so I told my daughter to get to the truck and off we went. The guy wrote down our license plate # I guess because 45 minutes later after we got another few caches up the road we got lit up by a sheriff. I asked what the problem was and he quickly told me to shut up and he'd be right back....I was starting to get a bit nervous especially when he asked my daughter if she was alright and if I was her father....It seems the guy that stopped us on the trail earlier was an off duty sheriff deputy and he wrote down the plate number wrong. The one he wrote down came back to a registered sex offender. Once he ran the right plate number and all came back clear he asked us what we were really doing. We had a good laugh and I explained geocacing to him.
  19. I cache with my (Non Premium Member) daughters and we usually don't find out it was a MOC until we're sitting back at the computer logging our finds. I have always allowed them to log them and don't see the problem with it. If the cache owner wants to delete their post because they are not premium members then so be it. They haven't had that happen yet so I can't see it beign a big deal. If it does happen I'm not going to lose sleep over it, and I doubt my Daughters will complain either. Since we usually always cache together I couldn't justify paying the $30/year twice.
  20. Yes you can load the detailed streets & topo info but you cannot auto route.
  21. It's sooo hard to be patient when I sent off my request right away, still haven't seen one, and read posts where others just mailed requests and have already received their jeep! Yep me too, still waiting! And I'm right down the road in No. California.
  22. It could be a premium member only cache which you wouldn't be able to see since you're not a premium member yet.
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