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  1. I have had good luck on Amazon and Ebay
  2. Coal7


    Get a Garmin with a USB cable. The Legend is good choice for price and useage.
  3. Great Cakes to you both. Now I am hungry for cake and its 1Am here.
  4. I like to leave mostly stuff I piked up a yard sells. You can get some strange cheap stuff there.
  5. Have you checked with your local parks department to see if they took your cache?
  6. Any Jeep with some good All Terrian tires,CB Radio,Rubber floor mats(dont want to get the carpet dirty now would we?)
  7. Left knee has a nice 3inch one. A large part of the Rocky Mtns jumped out and attacked me! Thats my story and I am sticking to it.
  8. And always pack Duck Tape!
  9. Dont ever try to give a cat a bubble bath.
  10. I use a safari jacket .Looks like I belong in Africa when I go out.
  11. You can get a serial card for your PCI slot in your PC. They dont cost much and are easy to install.
  12. Use some of the wood to make a cache. Fake stump, hollow log.
  13. I have one of the mini mag Led upgrade I use. The only draw back I have with it, You cant focus the light beam.
  14. Where there any strange lights in the sky?
  15. 1 of mine and if they plow and pile. My other one wont see the light of day till June
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