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  1. Any geocoin that is the first of that kind I buy I keep, all others will go out toothers. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER sell a coin for 31 dollars. I guess I am not a good capitalist.
  2. I am going to put out a cache. i have decided this. If I get this stuff together, from the 29th till the 1st it will have a note in it telling you were to find me for a goody bag. I plan on trying to leave the cache out till I graduate. I ma right now trying ot figure out how to make a small log and find a palce ot hie it (though I have an idea).
  3. I would lvoe to buy one. I have yet to have my coins in production (beside the one i made by hand), but I hoep too soon. it's hard ot do with a limited budget and being a full time undergrad college student.
  4. I will take 1. I don't care which one. Heck, if you really want I will take one of each. I am not picky.
  5. I am now up to the ownershio of 4 geocoins. My collections is well on it's way. I am in tlaks with one of the website to cotruct the coin. I want to see what they can do with resin.
  6. At this point in my life i am buying geocoins. I don't have the money to have my own, since all the places i talked to what an original run of a minimum of 500 coins plus die. And that would cost me 2500+. I can buy some elses geocin for like 6-8 bucks. I have enough to occasianlly buy a geocoin, but i can't afford a run of 500. I already have a geocoin design, a private tracking site, and the time to put forth for it. I even minted the coin on my own in the campus metal shop. Please will people sell me geocoins. I only have US and Maryland (and they are pretty).
  7. Bjornian

    My Goals

    My goal is to A) Create my own geocoin Get atleast 1 copy of every geocoin (atleast logged). If a coin is ever given to me or found, all activated coins will keep moving (unless I activated them). All coins that are unactivated, I don't own will stay in my collection and be activated by me for me. All others (anything beyond 1) will put cached or traded. I know B is nearly impossible, A will happen once I get a real job (I am a full time college student right now).
  8. I never thought this would be a real thread. Just comes to you. Micros in Raisins? I wish I could make myself a cache. that would be fun, but i move too much.
  9. mmmmmm wasteland coconut.... and i bet it has never been muggled or a bomb squad blew it up. No one ever think of the coconuts. Coconuts rule the world.
  10. Coconut. What aren't any caches hidden in coconuts? A coconut would be a weird item but no one would muggle a coconut. Bomb squads would never notice a coconut. I like coconuts, they are pretty and full of milk. mmmmmm coconut. (Bjornian has lost his mind because of caches in scranton, if you want him to get his mind back, give him better clues to some of the caches) You put the lime in the coconut and throw the ca away you put the lime in the coke you nut and throw the can away.
  11. and soon I will also be a geocoin. So if someone gave me a ride they would have a lot of things to log :-).
  12. I have a travel bug and 2 travel tags attached to me already. No one wants me.
  13. I am looking for anyone who may be feeling really nice and be willing ot give me a ride to any geocaching event. I am a full time college student in scranton pa. I spend all colelge breaks in fishkill Ny. If anyone is ever feeling really nice it would be much appreciated. I know I just started in geocaching, but I beleive myself to be an active energetic geocacher.
  14. the closest event is in hersey, PA. I keep looking. I jsut don't know what to do anymore.
  15. maybe I should just give up for now. My plan was largely selfish 1) Are feel like such a theif not having a cache when everyone else does 2) I have no way far away from campus. a) I have no car because I couldn't afford it. I have had a lot of medical problems thoughout my life that made me think it a good idea I don't drive for a little. 3) Beside my brother who got me into this I don't know any other geocachers, nor anyone who even know what it is. For the entire even I had time ot plan it but only about 100 dollars to spend. Maybe I will try when I can really put forth effort (6-10 years from now when I am settled in a place). I have a year left in scranton, then 2-3 eyar to get my graduate degree. Then my Clinical fellowship year. Then moving around to get job experience.
  16. I am a campus ministry leader. E-board of 2 clubs. I am 22 years old. I have always tried ot take a leadershi position. I have only been caching for a little over a month. I don't know any cachers in the area. I could set up a small event, I could probably even get allowance from campus to do stuff here. :-) I jsut really want to get more involved in caching, but I graduate from here in may. I will look into this. I have a keen mind and even if I made cahces to find the event, they would be fun as heck (I am smart and spend 15-20 hours a week wandering around scranton).
  17. How do I set up an event cache? A geocaching halloween party in scranton is a good idea... and as long as I had the money I would set oe up every year no matter where I am. Can someone please help guide me. I have been geocaching for a month. Did 7 as part of a team and 3 on my own.
  18. I am kind of new to geocaching, and a full time college student (so money is not in my pocket). I was thinking of creating a temporary cache in a location that is just a log book and some candy (I didn't expect exchange of items, the candy is because it is a halloween cache). I jsut wanted ot hear people say if this is a good idea or not. I could keep it up for 1 day to 1 week with full permission. i jsut really feel like I am jsut using the geocaching community. The soonest I could reasonably make a perminent cache is...... 10 years, when I settle down. Till then I will be doing college and intership around north america. Is this an okay idea? I will see the locaton everyday while it exists. The location won't be attacked by animals (well maybe squirrels but I will try to make sure that doesn't happen).
  19. never have to worry about me. I am a photo geocacher. I don't really care what is in a cache (though I sometime do take and leave). If I ever got my hands on a jeep travel bug it would be in the next cache I did of the day (I always have a digital camera on me). I lvoe geocaching.
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