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  1. I would e-mail the person who owns the trackable i lost but even I don't remember who owned it, I lsot it when I fell down a mountain.


    I have 1 tracklabe that I have kept way too long but that is because it needs ot move north not south (it is heading toward new hampshire, and i mostly cache in jersey now).

  2. I am going through geocaching withdrawn (quite literally) al lI can think about is geocaching. I can't walk to any more caches. I really need help. I either need someone to make the weather cooler so i can walk longer distances or I need someone to make the addiction go away. I have done almost all caches on foot wlaking up to 10miles to a cache. But it is too hot. Please help me before I do something crazy.

  3. .. /-. . . ...-/ .... . .-.. .-./ .-.. . .- .--. -. .. -. --./ -- --- .--. ... ./ -.-. --- ...- . .-.-.-/ .- -. -.-- --- -. ./ -.- -. --- .--/ .- / --. --- --- ...-/ .-- .- -.--/ - ---/ .-.. . .- -./ .. - ..--../


    --... ...--

    -.- -.-. ..--- .-. .--. --..


    .-. .-.-.- ... .-.-.-/ -.-- . .../ ../ ...- .. ...-/ - -.-- .-. ./ - .... .. .../ .-- .. - .... --- ..- -/ .... . .-.. .-.

  4. I can send CW (with almost all letters) at 20 WPM. I can receive at 2 words per minute (.--. .- .-. .. ...). I can pass the written for general and (in practive test) can sometimes pass written for extra. So I would be doing great w/o code.

  5. I have been trying to pass my element 1 for 6 years. I just recently got my tech, but I have good ability on the general test. I have tried tapes, software, and my father (Amateur extra) but nothing is working.

  6. I will look into this before easter break. but if anyone can help me find out who the land manager for the scranton heritage trail is (especially the area around the new cache and the archeived cache). No one on campus knows.


    I know there are a lot of cachers in the area, and I want to have one last horray in scranton before I graduate.

  7. I guess I am a bad capitalist because I give away stuff. If I sold a coin or any item I got from a cache (beside money) it would either go 90 or 100% to charity. I want to help others. I would prefer I was on the street dieing of starvation then 20 other people are.

  8. Okay. as soon as I get the money it will be set up. I may also set up mini-caches at the first 2 points just incase someone can't do all three, probably not though. I want to see if someone can do it. I am also working on the final cache container (a computerized lock). So even if a muggle did find it they couldn't open it.


    though I am now thinking the comptuerized lock my be a little too hightech, maybe just a simple hard to break open lock box using a combination. i want this to be the hardest cache (physcally) anyone feels they have ever done.


    I want geocaching ot be a sport.

  9. I have a weird idea.


    Level 1- scubadiving from location of level 2


    Level 2- rockclimbing for location of level 3 and code


    Level 3- Kayaking to small island then search for cache that is a small computerized lockbox that you need the code to open.


    What would this be a 5*. I know how to set this up. If I made this I would fill it with great items because this is a really hard cache.


    What are your thoughts?

  10. I have a private training cache up, it is not posted on any websites because, beside either someone who thinks like I do or is the worlds best rock climber, there is no way to get to it.


    For anyone who wants to know... it is a 5 12C


    I am only a 5 4-7 climber and I did it without an injury but it is very very hard. Once I make it safer it might get posted here. And it could never be muggled (I had a climing friend try and get to it who is a good climber). W/O a proper harness, ropes, crashpad, and GPS you will kill yourself getting ot it.


    Go for the tree cache, I bet i cna think of how to get ot it.

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