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  1. OK I found the filtering page again at https://www.geocaching.com/play/search but I still am wondering why I'm no longer seeing any of the filtering stuff when I click Advanced Search. Advanced Search is now less useful than regular Search. I read through this because when I click on Advanced Search now, I no longer have access to any of the filtering tools. All I see now is this: Advanced Search Geocaches are located all over the world! Search for geocaches by postal code, state, country, coordinate, keyword, username or GC Code. New to geocaching? Learn the steps to Getting Started with geocaching. Search for: {pull-down menu defaulting to ALL GEOCACHES} By: {pull-down menu defaulting to BY POSTAL CODE} {box for you to enter your postal code} Exclude your owned or found items from results. Search Types Postal Code - Search by a postal code if you live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia. Coordinate - Search for geocaches near a certain latitude and longitude. State/Country - Select a state and/or country to search. Keyword - Enter a keyword to search for a geocache beginning with that word or phrase. Username - Search for geocaches hidden or found by a specific username. GC Code - Search by the unique identifier associated with every geocache listing. All the screen shots at the FAQ are what I used to see when I selected Advanced Search. I click on my user name in upper right corner, as I always have, and then along the right edge of the screen I pass Stat Bar and Favorites and go to Search Options, where I click on Advanced Search. Is there another way to get to it that'll get me to the filtering page? Thank you!
  2. As I said, when I choose "All Logs", my dnf logs are included in the list. In fact, they are at the top of the list, as those logs were among the last logs I posted. I just did it again, and got the same results. Perhaps you need to fully explain how you are accessing the "All Logs" option. On a computer, on a phone, what operating system, etc. I'm assuming that if there was a problem on Groundspeak's end, then I would experience the same inconsistent results. B. I'm using my laptop with Firefox, just like I always have. geocaching.com doesn't work very well on my tablet or phone. This display issue never happened before today. I am hopeful it'll straighten itself out eventually. If not, at least I now see that I can click the specific button to show DNFs.
  3. Nothing has changed, as far as I can see. Go to your profile. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?id=7398971 Click the "geocaches" tab. Click "Geocaches Found (All Geocache Finds)" B. Since the format change, doing ^^ this no longer shows my DNFs. I don't know how to access my DNFs anymore. Of course doing that won't display "dnf" logs. Nothing has changed since the update. Go to your profile http://www.geocaching.com/my/default.aspx Click on "geocaches" http://www.geocaching.com/my/geocaches.aspx Under the text "Your Geocaching Logs This Month (Max 15 Logs Shown)", click on the link for "Didn't find it". B. I wish the moderator wouldn't have locked my Where'd My DNFs Go thread, because although you gave me this same response over there, I wasn't given time to respond to say that I click on ALL LOGS (not the Did Not Find button, but the ALL LOGS one) and so far, it's shown me All Logs one out of five times I've clicked on it. The other four times, it's shown me *only* my Finds. That is NOT the same as before the format change. Something is wonky in the programming or else I wouldn't be getting different results each time I click ALL LOGS.
  4. So I used to go to my profile, then geocaches, then All Logs to look at my finds and my DNFs. Now when I do that, since the format change, my DNFs no longer show up. What gives? I no longer have a way, that I know of, of seeing a list of DNFs.
  5. Nothing has changed, as far as I can see. Go to your profile. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?id=7398971 Click the "geocaches" tab. Click "Geocaches Found (All Geocache Finds)" B. Since the format change, doing ^^ this no longer shows my DNFs. I don't know how to access my DNFs anymore.
  6. OK thanks, I will keep that in mind! Still hoping to hear from folks where they think this would make sense but I'll definitely be aware of that.
  7. The segments fit together nicely, tight enough to keep out moisture but easy enough to separate.
  8. Pictured are four curved 1.5" PVC segments creating a PVC donut. I would love to hide this somewhere without further camoing it. It seems like ideas should be easy to come by, but I'm coming up empty. You pros have any thoughts? I have 150 finds and 8 successful and well-liked hides for background on me.
  9. I've been poking around on the geocaching.com find-a-cache map for the area near my home to find a few caches with my kid, and I never noticed before that some of the cache icons on the map are surrounded by a circular frame, and some by a square frame. Can you tell me the distinction? Thank you!
  10. Again, it's not a question of me being comfortable finding a cache at a playground. My issue with these placements is that I believe, as a parent who takes her child to playgrounds, that playgrounds should remain a comfortable place for the parents and children who visit them.
  11. This is really what underlies my original inquiry. I would feel so sad if people stopped using that playground because there were solo adults lurking around. I also sort of think that there's a good possibility that the CO might simply not have thought of this when she placed the cache. I know that my first ideas for cache placements when I was brand new to the hobby were HORRIBLE and thankfully I read a lot here in the forums before proceeding with any hides. That's why I was seeking a "tactful way" to bring this issue onto her radar. Thanks very much to all who responded thoughtfully and, well, tactfully.
  12. Here's are a couple of pictures of gladware, in case newbies don't know what gladware looks like: But what exactly is it in this gladware container? Did you post a picture of the wrong one? its obviously a stash, but what KIND of stash The kind of stash I used to hide in film canisters when I was in college
  13. Hi there - I've searched the guidelines for cache placement and I guess it's not expressly prohibited to place a cache at a playground. But I think most people agree that it's not a great practice. There is a new cache in the hedges surrounding a playground near my home. It is also adjacent to an elementary school's greenbelt. The person who placed it is a noob (11 finds at the time they placed the cache). I am a relative noob (3 hides and 59 finds). The logs of the first handful of people who've found the cache (all caching veterans) do not say anything about this being an inappropriate placement. In the past, on other playground caches, I've seen log entry after log entry urging the CO to move the cache. Here, no such pattern. I think it's odd. I would looooooooooove to see this cache moved but feel awkward saying anything about it given the above circumstances. IE who am I to complain if nobody else is? Anyway I am wondering if y'all had any tactful, non-obnoxious ways to urge the CO to move the cache. Would appreciate your feedback.
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