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  1. Precisely one of my points. If that CO has like 200+ caches you have to go to each individual Cache page now, bookmark it, and if that CO archives or hides more you have to stay current on there publications or archives. Otherwise that bookmark list is never current. I have done this by making a Bookmark list but very difficult to keep it CURRENT. It is nice to run a PQ off the said created bookmark list. Groundspeak, please create something for us. Traveling this summer and a feature like this would be AWESOME!
  2. Oh so very true, never thought of it that way. This could be used to either group up a 'chunk' of caches you want to do....or personally not want to do. But at least you could get this quick list generated, then personally sort through them by type, size, etc using other programs. As I'm sure most of us do use other programs for managing all our downloads, or solved puzzles, such as GSAK. Thanks for replying folks, that's what Groundspeak wants to see and hear, all sides of this topic! All you cachers rock! Scotty of CHRISNSCOTT Spokane, WA
  3. So, I was sitting around the other day, running different Pocket Queries(PQ's), really wanting to just get a PQ of caches by Cache Owners. There are many other ways to run PQ's but not by 'Cache Owner'. Just need one simple button added to that to click to do this. As you can find a cache listing by that Cache Owner, then go to there profile and see there list of hides, and download each page of 20 at a time, but not there whole list in 1 swoop. There isn't even a way, that I have found, to Create a bookmark list for a certain cache owners hides, as then you could just do a PQ of that Bookmark list. And creating your own bookmark list only stays as current as that current time, so keeping it updated is a pain in the rear. So who's behind me on this, I have contacted Groundspeak about adding this feature, but asked that I post a new topic here on the forums so they can see the response, as they monitor these forums for new ideas that are liked and disliked......Come on people let's make it easy to go find all you Best Cacher Friends hides, Sincerely, Scott of 'CHRISNSCOTT'
  4. I use the EasyGPS (look on the Geocaching.com website under Resources, I believe) and it allows you to specify how you want things to display. It might seem easier just to drag GPX files into a file folder on the Oregon, but I find using this program helps a lot. Karl So I tried downloading the EasyGPS to get the cache names to appear above the caches on my map screen for me 62st. still didn't work....so I tried just dragging them to the GPX file directly....still nothing.....has anyone contacted Garmin about this? Well I'll go drop them a line to support about this whole issue. I as totally agree that I would like to see many cache names above the caches on the map screen without having to scroll over each one of them. I will keep you posted.
  5. I totally have to agree with the person who put this topic out here. So some of us are not technologically advanced or have the time to sit and rename them in our GPS. and by going by GC#'s that's even more confusing when the wife is navigating and saying up here on the left GC#### is coming up, where as the name..we are coming up on IHOP Valley Mall, that tell me as the driver to start heading towards IHOP and when owners name them with long frontend titles the a number or letter you are right they all come up with the same name so finding those on our cache pages SUCKS and wastes time. Thanks for bringing this up and please everyone help up more underfinanced cachers out a bit
  6. Hey there what about an attribute that specifically state "NIGHT CACHE" one that is set up to do at night with reflectors, etc. for fun at night while being legal, as at least around here in WA state, parks are off limits after dusk etc. Sure some of these "Night Caches" will be able to be done during the day....but some could and are set up to do at night for optimal FUN!! I proposed the idea to Groundspeak about a Night Cache type icon, like an owl or a wolf howling at a moon, but was told that the flashlight required and available at night icons were for the night cache reasons but most cachers that I talk to tell me that flashlight required just tells them that it's a dark area where the cache is....not the whole cache trip and that available at night just tells them that it's ALSO available, legally at night, and the 24/7 icon states pretty much the same thing both day and night. I haven't found any night caches set up with reflectors or specifically for doing at night, where the cache owners have used the attributes.....we, as cachers, need to get the word out there to start using and putting the Attributes on there cache pages, as I don't think we will get a specific Cache type icon, even though Groundspeak did make one for the new "Wherigo" that is really specific to only cachers that have a new Garmin Colorado, or lug a laptop around to do it......what about those of us that like and use Magellans or are happy with our older, but still working GPSr and can't afford a new GPS just for certain cache types???? At least a new NIGHT CACHE ICON would be available to ALL users without singleing any cachers out..... So let's get the word out to get us a specific ICON and ATTRIBUTE for night caches!!!
  7. My night cache has the reflectors far apart. It's set up a bit like a maze in that the reflectors are set up to 100 meters past every trail junction, so each choice needs to be explored until the correct path is found. There are over 10 junctions along the route. On the final bushwhack the tacks are placed within sight of each other. The markers are the camouflage pyramids. So far no one has done it in daylight. I have found a couple that used the large thumbtack type reflectors in daylight. As most have said.. the night attribute should be a clear indication that it s a night cache. YES, I do agree with most of you on this, an attribute that SPECIFICALLY identifies a night cache would be great BUT the GSAK will not filter those and I personally don't read all of the caches listings that I download to Possibly hit that day/weekend until I'm there to do the caches, but I do search for Multi's, when I have time or nearby caches if there is still daylight while out in the field, but if I knew there was night caches in the area I would stick around and look after my daylight finds.... Also to comment on doing them during the day.....well some of my ideas are.....well like was stated put them( the reflectors) OFF of the beaten path and then hide little caches at each reflector area that state where to stand to see the next "Spot", not where they actually are but where to stand....and don't put each marker in the same position as the previous ones.....like not all 6' off the ground at eye level, maybe stand up on a nole and look down into a ravine to spot one on a rock at knee level??? or get climbing gear and place them above the average sight line......and well....you get the picture So YES give us cachers a dedicated Night Cache Attribute, or give us a type of cache icon so that it is filterable while in the field.......PLEASE!!!
  8. SQ?? and ALR??......I wouldn't prove that you were there at night just that you did it every now and then look at the log as a true night cache will not be able to be done during the day......TRUST ME I have MANY ideas on how to do this so there is NO way to do it during the day!!
  9. Hey there fellow cachers!! I'm starting this forum to get us united to see how many of you like night caches?? Also that we, as a group, can get Groundspeak to start us a night cache icon. I have emailed them and asked them and the response was that there is a flashlight in the attributes, stating a flashlight is required. BUT the problem arises that not all cachers use the attributes. By having this new icon we could make it a cache "type", like a multi, Wherigo, puzzle, traditional, etc.. Night caches are truly a breed of there own and by having there own icon we could search on them so when we travel to other areas we could search for caches to do afterdark when we are still raring to go. By developing this Cache type it would possibly increase the number of Night Caches out there too. Let me know what you all think and if you like the idea, email Groundspeak and let them know too. Or contact your local Geocachers group and let there people know. Thanks, Scott of "CHRISNSCOTT" Spokane, WA
  10. Don't know what breed does the best, but I do have to say that our Rott/Shephard mix that we found as a stray does pretty good on sniffing them out. Especially when we go after TrevorandKate caches, as Trevor dog and house sits for us when we go on longer trips where we can't take the dogs. and Kopper, our Rott/Shephard, LOVES Trevor and everytime he comes over Kopper gets really excited. So when we hunt there caches I tell him to go and find Trevor, and it has worked several times....my GPSr will tell me to go one way and Kopper will go another and come up with the cache..........probably the smell of him on the container still, and some of them have been hidden over a year before.....Good luck finding a dog....try looking for one at your local shelter, Kopper has really worked for us!! CHRISNSCOTT
  11. I'll take a copy please. geo.allanon at gmail.com I would like a copy. Can anyone put it in Googlemap format or Mapsend(Magellan) format also for those who do not have Garmin Mapsource? thanks. CHRISNSCOTT email: bivens6@excite.com
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