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  1. Ok, is that a kilted skirt or just a retail skirt from the store, hmmm. Tell you what, I will send you a coin, if you send me one of your signature poker chips. By the way this would be coin #11. Thanks Kilted Cacher! Very generous of you to extend the rules beyond #10. We'll send you two poker chips, one of the originals, and one of the new design that we just had made up since our first batch is nearly gone. We'll email you directly. JWID
  2. OK We'll give it a shot. Here is a pic of JWID ... the Mrs. JWID ... in her kilt. Thanks! JWID
  3. While our story certainly is not unique, and undoubtedly is being repeated numerous times throughout the gulf states currently, it is a story that has resulted in much happiness for the family and our dog Daisy. We had to put down our last dog in 2004, and in doing so greatly upset our young son. Although he was only around 4 months old at the time, he was inseparable from his favourite doggie. The dog however became very ill and needed to have his suffering ended. As time went on we decided to start looking for another pet. With a now very active toddler it would be a challenge to find a dog with just the right temperment to fit in with a growing family, and this is where Daisy enters the story. About 8 weeks ago as we were searching for a new pet, we came across a posting at a dog groomers advertising a Brittany Spaniel free to good home. We were looking for a Brittany as our last dog had been one and had a great temperment and was a good size for the family. With that said we decided to check it out in spite of our wariness around "free to good home" postings. As we walked up to the trailer park and the home of the dog in question a large orange and white head stuck out from under the gate. This was no Brittany! Upon being let into the gated verandah Daisy proceeded to walk over, flop down on the floor and expose her belly for some rubbin'. A very layed back dog for strangers. The current owners of Daisy explained how they spend the winters in a trailer park in Florida and then return to Canada and a trailer park here in the summer. Daisy was found wandering loose in an open field in Florida after the 2004 hurricanes, and they took her in. She was in need of care and affection, and in spite of their efforts could not find any records of her owner. They took her to the vet, had her checked over and given the medicinal treatment that she required and then took her into their homes. They were told she was a Brittany Spaniel by somebody in the trailer park that was knowledgable about dogs and that she was a puppy that would get to be around 35-40 lbs. She now topped out at a trim and muscular 65 lbs. and had really outgrown trailer life. The couple had sadly come to realize that they needed to let Daisy go so that she could get the most out of her life. So, Daisy is only about 1 year old and already on family #3 ... or as they say, her "Forever Family." She was an immediate hit with our son and is a great companion all around. Although she has had no formal training until a few weeks ago (wouldn't come when called, wouldn't sit on command, pulled on leash) her temperment was a perfect fit and she is incredibally well behaved. We have also found now that she is a FAST learner, picking up all of the obedience training very quickly and always very eager to learn. With all the struggles that this dog has been through, it truly shows something about dogs knowing when they are in a good surrounding. It would be easy to understand a few character flaws, but she is an even tempered, easy going and loving dog 24/7. She's been out on about 1/2 of our cache finds, and attended her first cache event this past weekend where she was a big hit. We wouldn't be the same without her in the family now. Thanks. JWID ... and yep, the "D" is for Daisy!
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