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  1. Having made many trades myself, I can speak from experience that with the coins coming to Ontario (probably Canada as a whole) there can be and are extra delays. Waiting a month is not unheard of by any means. Of course, I have a couple that have been more than 2 months now ... and that's a different story. JWID
  2. I see that the bugs have been released ... so the race has begun! Go JWID Geocoin #250! JWID
  3. Well, the race was set to begin today. Hopefully all the racers made it out to the starting caches. Good Luck to Everybody! JWID
  4. When our coins came out back in January, I had a total of 3 shipments that went AWOL. All replaced OK with a second shipment. On the receiving end of trades made at that same time, I also have 3 that seem to have gone AWOL. I've just chalked it up to "the powers that be" and that way I don't assign any blame to anybody. If the coins arrive ... GREAT! If not, it's not worth losing sleep over. They got my coins, and if they don't want to return their end of the trade to me ... I'll just remember it for future reference. JWID
  5. Well, you never know if you don't ask ... Looking for: Thanks ... Trade Made Thanks. JWID
  6. In search of a Legend of Bigfoot Coin. Offering 2005 USA Antique Bronze, or see my trading list below. Thanks. JWID My Trading Link
  7. Looking for the Ledgend of Bigfoot coin. I was at an out of town seminar/meeting when this one came down. I have the following available for trading: LE JWID Bronze (only 100 made) JWID Silver Illinois (trackable) Nevada (trackable) Ontario Bronze (trackable) Manitoba Dreamin' Eagle Bronze Thanks. JWID
  8. Well, all of our JWID coin orders and trades to date have been placed into the mail service's hands. We do have a few envelopes left over, so let's try for a trade or two... LOOKING FOR: 1> Geocoin Club Ammo Can 2> Oklahoma Natives 3> Pennsylvania Keystone 4> Connecticut AVAILABLE TO TRADE: (all coins currently in hand) 1> JWID Personal Coins (LE Bronze and Antique Silver) 2> Geocoin Club Selective Availability Off Green 3> GOWT 2006 Gold 4> 2005 Antique Bronze USA Thanks. JWID
  9. Well all this talk of Paperless caching has pushed us to upgrade to a working Palm. My old M100 had given up the ghost last spring, and now we've updated (a bit) to a Palm IIIxe. Seems pretty straightforward to get set up for Paperless caching, but since you all gave us the push to get going, you know where we're coming to get help if we need it ... JWID
  10. The LE Antique Bronze coins are all but sold out, if you were interested, you will need to email very quickly. The Standard issue Antique Silver still have some available for sale. Those that have proposed trades, I will be getting in touch with you tonight or tomorrow. Thanks everybody for your support. JWID
  11. Well it looks like there will only be a few more lucky ones that get in for the LE Bronze. Down to single digits left for sale on the Bronze. There are still standard edition Silver coins available. Thanks everybody for your support! JWID
  12. Wow ... I finally caught up on the emails. Still a few LE Bronze coins left and some standard Silver ones as well. I believe that I have conatcted everybody or forwarded invoiced to everybody that emailed about purchases. I still have a few trade emails to respond to in the morning, but it's past midnight now and I need a little shuteye ... Thanks Everybody ... I look forward to doing it again tomorrow morning! JWID
  13. OK folks, here is another personal coin that has entered the market! The front of the coin depicts one of the main landmarks in our hometown of Welland, Ontario. It was bridge #13 over the Welland Canal in it’s glory days. While the canal effectively split the city into two halves, it joined Lake Ontario and Lake Erie to provide a safe trade route around Niagara Falls. The bridge was decommissioned in 1973 when the canal moved to the east with tunnels passing under the canal. The bridge remains however connecting the east and west sides of town. The first cache that we ever found was just a shadow away from the bridge. The back of the coin features the dual-leaf design and our cache-name logo that we had been using on our poker chips during this past year. The coin is not trackable. They are sequentially numbered to 300. Some will be placed in caches, some will be traded, and some are available for sale. If you had pre-arranged a trade with me, those coins are already in the postal service and on their way. Thanks! Coins #001-050 are a LE shiny gold. These are primarily for placing in caches, but we do have a few put aside for really intriguing trade offers. They are not for sale. Coins #051-150 are a LE antique bronze. 50 will be available for sale, and there will be a limited number available or trades. Coins #151-300 are the standard issue in antique silver. 100 will be available for sale and there are some trader coins still available as well. We may make more of the antique silver at a later date if/once we run out. We have the coins in hand now, and will begin taking orders on a first requested basis using the received time of the emails. Please limit your orders to one Antique Silver and one LE Antique Bronze coin per cacher. Cost for each coin is $7.00 Shipping will be $2.00 per order in North America (our shipping costs are the same for one coin or two.) Outside of North America we will need to verify the shipping costs first. Please email us using the button at the bottom of the posting, or thru our GC.com profile. We will send a PayPal invoice to the successful emailers. Please pay the invoice within 3 days to ensure shipping. As for trades, we primarily collect state/country/province coins and coins that feature animals. With that being said, here is a “Top 12” type list of coins that we are looking for in trades: 1> Geocoin Club Ammo Can 2> Ohio (trade made ... THANKS!) 3> Oklahoma Natives 4> Team Rampant Lion Bearbait 5> GCC Winter Wonderland (trade made ... THANKS!) 6> Joefrog 7> Hawaii (any) (trade made ... THANKS!) 8> Dances with Moose (trade made ... THANKS!) 9> Santa Cruz County (trade made ... THANKS!) 10> Groundspeak Volunteers 11> Blind Avocado & Tigger Lady (trade made ... THANKS!) 12> Golden Dragon (trade made ... THANKS!) Thanks! Jeff of JWID
  14. Hi All ... please let me in the contest too! I dropped off a brand new Gold JWID Personal Coin #10 in (GCRE4Y) this afternoon. Will log the find after lunch when I have the GPSr up in the computer room. Thanks and Good Luck to Everybody ... JWID
  15. Chris, I can't see the image either, although I'm sure it's nice. Did you realize that the callsign on the coin is different than your callsign? JWID
  16. WOW! These are great. Received mine today. Thanks for not posting a picture. If anybody picked up this one and missed out on the 1st Edition, I have an extra to trade. Drop me an email. Thanks Hula Bum and Kealia! JWID
  17. I am looking to trade for any of the following: Alaska Silver GCC - Ammo Can GCC - ROT13 (Trade Pending) Oklahoma Natives - 8 Nations I have the following ON HAND: 2005 USA Antique Bronze Kilted Cacher Canine Cacher 1st Edition I have the following ON ORDER: Ontario Gold Ontario Silver Ontario Bronze GOWT Gold Kansas LE Silver Groundhog Day Holiday Coin Canine Cacher 2nd Edition JWID Personal Coins Thanks. JWID
  18. We'll trade one of our personal coins for one of yours. Silver is good for us. JWID
  19. Hi everybody. I have a gold Ontario coin available for trade. Anybody interested? Please contact me to see if we can work out a deal. Thanks. JWID
  20. I see that we have been confirmed for gold. I would be willing to trade my gold coin, any offers???????? JWID
  21. I have an extra New Mexico coin available if you missed out on that one. I missed out on most of the state offerings, so I am looking for any state other than Georgia, Maine and Nevada. Anybody want to swap states? JWID
  22. Email Sent (twice?) I hope you get at least one of them. Was part of the 1st Edition, looking for 3 of the 2nd Edition. Thanks. JWID
  23. JWID

    Ontario Geocoin

    Utsman, you had mentioned a side of the coin that hadn't been posted yet. You had said that it has a lake with a loon in it. Is it ready to be posted yet? That's the side that sounds most intriguing and seems to have stirred the most debate. Thanks. Jeff
  24. JWID

    Ontario Geocoin

    Well GA Cacher, my 2 cents worth goes along the lines of everything that has already been said. We should try for something that represents the majority of the Province, unless it will be a series to reflect on several areas (CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Welland Canal, Algonquin Park, Parliament Buildings, etc.) My only concern with the Trillium is that the MIGO Spring features that one prominently. I think that the Ontario coin would need to ensure that the graphics were different. Perhaps the entire plant instead of just the flower. The loon sounds like a good idea as well. I like the idea of a lake scene ... thousands of lakes ... the lake in the front, with a pair of loons and a forest behind ... could be real nice As I said, just my 2 cents ... JWID
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