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  1. I have a geko 301 and was trying to fabricate a special holder for the GPS. It has a nut on the back of the unit that will accept an screw. Does anyone know the size and thread of the screw I need? Thanks
  2. Was reading an update on the British/Iran hostage situation and they showed a picture of a Garmin Etex Legend with the coordinates where the British troops were abducted. Not sure if the British navy was using the unit at the time. Thought it was interesting. Tried to go back and see the picture again, but could not. Did anyone else see this??
  3. I always take mine in the carry on luggage and never had a problem. Hope this helps.
  4. Give him any GPSr out there and within a week he will be showing you new tricks and tips he found out by himself. Kids now a days are fantastic at figuring out how things work.
  5. Or you could use the Dos Copy command. C:>copy *.loc all.loc This will merge all the loc files into one file named all.loc
  6. EasyGPS or GSAK is needed. Connect the cable to the serial port of the computer. Open GSAK go to GPS>setup. Choose Garmin (GPS Type) Com1 (communiocation port) 9600 (port speed). Hit OK. Go to GPS send waypoint to transfer waypoints to the GPS. The GPS must be powered up. Since I use GSAK i'm not sure how EasyGPS is setup, but assuming it is the same. Hope this helps PS EasyGPS is freeware and GSAK is shareware (well worth the cost)
  7. It will drop down to feet. I also have a GPS 12 and that is the only feature that i would change given the opportunity.
  8. Not to be a smart a**, but is the GPSr on when you do the transfer??
  9. What type/brand of stand alone compass do you fellow geocacher use??
  10. Was under the assumption that this could be done without purchasing a mapping program such as Map Source. I'm I wrong??
  11. Using either a Garmin 12 or etrex(yellow) can you download a saved track (breadcrumbs)? If so how do you do it? Thanks
  12. Prem membership will allow you to download all real infromation that is needed for paperless caching. Cachemate is a program that you load onto the palm device. GSAK is a program to convert the files to Cachmate specific files. This is the setup that I use. Good Luck
  13. I have a GPS 12. Great little unit for geocaching. The buttons are nice and big for manually entering waypoints. Keeps the signal a lot better than some of the newer units under the canopies of trees. My major drawback on the GPSr is that it never goes to ft when your approching the WP. Modern GPSr switch when under 1000 ft. In addition it slightly bigger than newer units and take 4 AA batteries instead of 2. Mine is not WAAS enable, but not sure about the XL. Overall, the GPS12 is a great unit.
  14. Is this what you are looking for? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000278XY...172282&v=glance
  15. That's how we do it now. Just a pain in the butt. Figured that there was no hack or firmware update, but thought I would ask. Seems like a simple change in code will allow this to happen. Garmin still sells the 12.
  16. Have a Garmin GPS12 with the latest fireware installed. Great unit, but the only thing I would like to change would be the units would change to feet under 0.01 miles. We use this primarily for geocaching and once under 0.01 miles it becomes more difficult. Other Garmin GPS change from miles to ft, but this one does not. Does anybody know of a way to have it go to feet? Has anyone tried to write their own software? Thanks in advance.
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