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  1. I'll add red eared terrapins to the adders slow worms smooth snakes grass snakes common lizards sand lizards already named.
  2. 5. AT & T 6. Red Bull 10. Transco (?) 16. Visa 21. AOL
  3. Please can I be let in I will hang around the door until it's opened Thanks
  4. That would be DING - just to be picky actually fences 15 and 16. Over to you for next question.
  5. I'm going to continue my Grand National theme from earlier question. Name the two fences on the Grand National course which are only jumped once.
  6. From vague memories I think that that is one of Judy Blumes! Read it a very long time ago!! Marigaux Toby
  7. Here's Melmurs retrospective DING (I see he's already asked the next question)
  8. Although there have been many grey horses who have run in the Grand National there have only ever been two grey horses who have won it. Name these two grey horses.
  9. OK first time I've managed to answer a post on here I think that a fusee is part of a clock, something to do with the weights as I recall. Claire
  10. Go on then Mandy put us down! Hope that the person before us gives us dog breeds or something similar (even horse breeds would be good) Thanks MarigauxToby
  11. We'd love to be there as long as you give us enough notice so that we can be in the right part of the country at the right time!! (Know of anywhere we could kip?? ) Claire, Steve and Toby
  12. Our Nickname came courtesy of the Lancashire Heeler that accompanies us to most of our cache finds. He's known around the house as Toby, but his pedigree name is Marigaux Toby of Norton. And I didn't think that anyone else would have used it.
  13. First post for me in the forums, but as it's a doggie topic, Toby the Heeler would be happy to join in with this adventure, we tend to do caches around the midlands and north wales! Would love to be involved.
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