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  1. My contact here sounds like a supporter. We're meeting at one of the planned locations soon. Think he enjoys getting out of the office!! Dave
  2. I um'ed and ah'ed and just picked up a Palm m500 for £16.01 on Ebay. crunchiespg was out on price by 0.01p, there's someone who knows ebay! I wanted the SD slot and reckoned for £16 its perfect for us, though I appreciate the other options discussed. Dave
  3. Argyll and Bute not heavily covered yet.....4 within 10 miles..... but I am working on it!! Dave
  4. I've been in contact with the Forestry Commission Scotland and the local ranger is very positive about getting some caches out. He's worked in Wales before and the system was that a cache was put forward by a cacher to the area administrator for Geocaching.com who then liaised with the FC. The ranger is more than willing to work with a cacher directly if an area administrator for Geocaching.com doesn't exist for this region. I am a newbie trying to work through the guidelines of contacting a landowner and am unaware of such structures with Geocaching.com. Any knowledge out there? Dave
  5. Thanks for the debate! I am looking at all the options you've come up with. Whilst GSAK wont run on Palm Cachemate sounds like a substitute. Like the idea of the pocket pc, it may well be that my wife could use its extra features for work. I'll keep you posted! Dave
  6. I'd like to go paperless! I have a Garmin Vista with a serial cable. I am looking for something to connect it to that can communicate with it and also run GSAK. It would only be used for this purpose and probably needs to be smallish to lug around. Smallest PC I ever bought is the size of a dustbin, hence no knowledge!! Thanks, Dave
  7. Not found a cache yet that needs a GPS but I've only been to a few! We've bought a GPS already so we can learn to use it and I think its given my wife more confidence to go and search for caches and do more walks with her pals without me. Kids have mastered following the arrow to the cache and telling me when I am speeding in the car..... Dave
  8. I've always avoided GPS's preferring to stick to map and compass. BC (Before children) I was a mountaineering instructor and navigation was an understandably huge part of my exams. As a full time dad I've missed the thrill of work and being out and I caught the Radio Scotland programme a few weeks ago. Bingo I thought, something to plug the gap! Kids love it, I enjoy the impetus it gives me to explore new areas. Need to work on the kids somehow so that they don't all want to swap something in a cache..... Dave
  9. Thanks for the tips. I thought link to Streetmap was just a link to their homepage, great to see map of location. Updating Mapsource now. Cheers, Dave
  10. I'm stumbling along through the new world of geocaching. I've been using the interactive map here http://stats.guk2.com/caches/flash_map.php to find caches in my neck of the woods. I've noticed that if I click on a cache from the interactive map the page it brings up at geocache.com has a link from the OS Grid Ref to Streetmap. I am finding this very useful to give me a rough reckoning to the area its in. However when I search geocache.com and bring up a page for a cache this link isnt there....... Do geocache.com have 2 versions of each cache page? Or am I missing something!!! Also can Mapsource import Loc or GPX files? At the minute i load them onto easygps, send to GPS, then from GPS to Mapsource. Seems clunky?? Thanks folks, Dave
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