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  1. Its not getting through my pop-up blockers. Dave
  2. I've checked and rechecked dates and settings and still have big holes in dates. Now running a PQ to fill that hole. Thanks for the thought. Dave
  3. Still think PQ's odd. Looking at your dates, this PQ PQ No {19} 3rd Nov 2005 to 17 December 2005 returns for me no caches places between 4th Nov-11th Nov inclusive. 478 records in all. That isn't right!!! These caches were placed in that time.... Lorna's Delight Windy Rossall - Part 2 Maisie's Place to name but a few of the many that were placed in those dates. Dave
  4. A PQ for 6 nov 2005 - 12 nov 2005 shows 68 caches. A PQ for 5 nov 2005 - 22 dec 2005 shows no caches between 6-12 nov and a totak of 487. I am guessing that if the PQ will produce more than 500 they just miss out days? I came by the dates by noticing the pq had hit 500 then reducing the dates till it was sub 500 on preview. Must be me. Dave
  5. My PQ's and PQ previews show no caches placed from 6th Nov 2005 until 12 Nov Inclusive. I have received these up to 29/12/2005 but not showing since. I've checked my settings in the PQ. Dave
  6. I am wondering if at certain points when caches being organised in the Groundspeak databases some were given the identities England, Scotland, Wales. These then aren't listed in 'UK' Pq's. Dave
  7. I am a lot further to solving this thanks! Seems country is important! GSAK shows of the 205 that I have, only 84 are marked in the 'Country' column' as 'United Kingdom'. The rest are marked as either Ireland, Wales, England or Scotland. This may explain a large chunk. If I remove this 205 I am questioning from my main database all are shown in the country column as 'United Kingdom'. This makes me think that the country has something to do with it. We're still not at the bottom of it yet though! Thanks folks, Dave
  8. Since I have been using a filter in GSAK to find archived caches I have realised there are a large number of caches missing from my PQ and from the preview of the PQ. As my PQ's cover the UK every week I search for any cache who's last GPX date is older than 8 days, meaning its disappeared from the PQ and is therefore archived. I haven't changed my PQ settings and so at some point these caches were in a PQ or else they would not be in my GSAK database and have a last GPX date. If I give a few examples could folks check there databases? I have a PQ for 5th April to 5th May 2005 looking for caches placed. The Rock Pool, GCNDHJ, hasn't been in a PQ since 14/9/2005 and yet is still going strong. Also a PQ for July 17th to 22nd Aug 2005 hasn't shown Stone Rings Secret Spoiler being updated since 5/9/2005 and again is going strong. Neither of these caches appears in the previews of the PQ's either. I have 202 such caches in my database. Any ideas? Thanks, Dave
  9. This site provides links. http://gpstracklog.typepad.com/gps_tracklo...ew_gps_rec.html I like the use of memory cards. Dave
  10. Geocaching Swiss army Knife is a database programme for cacherss. http://gsak.net/ Its a powerful tool that handles pocket queries from geocaching.com (assuming you are a premium member.) Dave
  11. Lochgilphead, Argyll. 55 Caches within 25 miles. 25 of them need a ferry !
  12. I got this.... [14:31] Connecting... [14:31] Unable to connect : java.security.AccessControlException : access denied (java.net.SocketPermission lust.uk.nixhelp.org resolve) [14:31] Connecting... [14:31] Unable to connect : java.security.AccessControlException : access denied (java.net.SocketPermission alba.uk.nixhelp.org resolve) [14:31] Connecting... [14:31] Unable to connect : java.security.AccessControlException : access denied (java.net.SocketPermission envy.uk.nixhelp.org resolve) [14:31] Connecting... [14:31] Unable to connect : java.security.AccessControlException : access denied (java.net.SocketPermission pride.uk.nixhelp.org resolve) [14:31] Connecting... [14:31] Unable to connect : java.security.AccessControlException : access denied (java.net.SocketPermission nl.nixhelp.org resolve) Error at my end or yours? Dave
  13. I'm passing in two weeks so if no-one beats me to it.............. Dave
  14. Has anyone used this feature with their photos? My album is here. Geocache Album Its pics I've taken at caches and some are such spoilers I've not put them on the logs so be warned. Once on the page click 'Map this' in the upper right. Its quite neat and I'll probably add the lat/lon when I put photos up. Just thought I'd share. Dave
  15. Thanks to Clyde for spotting my mistake....... "There is no chance you had this box ticked when you did the load: Regards Clyde" Dave
  16. Thanks but it didn't help. I ended up adding the Waypoint manually. After that it did process and update the waypoint with the GPX file for it. Odd. Dave
  17. Just placed and had published my first cache. Tried to load the GPX file into GSAK and it processes the file but wont add it to the database. This is the first time its happened and it seems to much of a coincidence that its happened to our first cache so I am guessing there's a setting somewhere to toggle???? Any tips, Cheers, Dave
  18. Is there such a utility to shove on a Palm pda? Google has only brought up one to convert to swiss Grid ref! Dave
  19. As the title says i am struggling to get my XP computer to use recognise the m500 palm to hotsync on a usb cable. 'Device not recognised'. I direct it to the palm folder with drivers and it says driver no better than current one, but there isn't a current one. Aaaarrggghhh. Some info gleaned off Google on the issue but nothing has worked yet. Any tips? Dave
  20. "Go home and using the excell averager (on our website) find the average of the co ordinates you have taken." Where on your site please? Dave
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