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  1. Where is the best place to download the Garmin maps for etrex from??


    Unfortunately you need to get a MapSource CD with maps on it. Then you download the areas you want from your PC.


    There are a few places on Ebay selling maps, MetroGuide will probably be your best option for the mapping software. There is a thread round here somewhere called something like 'before i buy'.

    Once you've bought Mapsource get free contour maps for UK here.





  2. Glad you managed to work through it!


    It helps me to see all the different caches on a map on the pc. When I get directions somewhere I can see the close caches to the route and if I'm away a quick search of points of interest lists the numbers of each sort of cache in a 10 mile (or whatever) circle.



  3. My brains gone dead........


    I am away for a week and want to use GSAK with my Vista on another PC.


    Its easy enough to put GSAK on the other PC and then restore my database on that. What do I need to do though to get GSAK to put waypoints on my GPS on its serial cable? Do I need to install mapsource? or drivers? or nothing?





  4. I was looking at the preview. Thanks for pointing out that they're out of order.


    I've made sure I've run all my PQ's in the last few days and low and behold all the English, Welsh, Scottish identified caches have turned into UK! The only ones I have are archived, and hence not updated. English caches were GCPTEQ and GCG4F7 to name but two.


    In fact all seems back to normal.


    There must have been a glitch for a few days.





  5. I've checked and rechecked.


    I've not altered any PQ settings, they are all correct. However it seems the problem remains for me.


    Settings as described, this PQ {19} 3rd nov- 17th dec 2005 returns no caches placed between 4th nov and 11th nov inclusive.


    Now I find it odd that its missing a chunk by date. Surely an off setting would remove odd caches, not whole days?



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