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  1. I use the WAP service on my mobile to log in bugs. Its not that fiddly. I don't write logs for caches, just bug pick-ups and drop offs. practise using WAP on your PC then you'll know the way round it. http://wap.geocaching.com/ Dave
  2. Just ordered a pair having not seen your post saying out of stock. They've not contacted me yet to tell me out of stock yet. Back to the drawing board... Dave
  3. He must have misread my post 8 above yours then!!!! :-)
  4. We cache as a family hence the 'team' part and you guessed it.... we live in Ballibeg! The pic is almost all the team nicely silhouetted at this cache Duncan Ban MacIntyre Dave
  5. Unfortunately you need to get a MapSource CD with maps on it. Then you download the areas you want from your PC. There are a few places on Ebay selling maps, MetroGuide will probably be your best option for the mapping software. There is a thread round here somewhere called something like 'before i buy'. Once you've bought Mapsource get free contour maps for UK here. http://www.smc.org.uk/contour_maps2.htm Dave
  6. AArrrgghhh, my mistake, never paid invoice. Apologies. Any left or have they all gone? Team Ballibeg
  7. Placed an order a while back, received nothing. Any news? Team Ballibeg
  8. Glad you managed to work through it! It helps me to see all the different caches on a map on the pc. When I get directions somewhere I can see the close caches to the route and if I'm away a quick search of points of interest lists the numbers of each sort of cache in a 10 mile (or whatever) circle. Dave
  9. I followed this web site. http://www.craiggiven.com/gc_pushpins.htm and read posts about it in the GSAK support forums. It took me a while to set up but I find it useful. I've put an uptodate Autorute file of them all here in a zip. Autoroute file of all uk caches zip Dave
  10. I love Auroroute because with GSAK's help it produces this for the whole uk.... Here's Bute as an example. At a glance I can see what sort of caches are where and with a click I see the short info and a double click opens the web page. I find it invaluable. Dave
  11. Been browsing but cant find the way to see the counties I have cache in image. Any pointers? Dave
  12. Thanks, I thought so but reckoned it better to check!! Dave
  13. My brains gone dead........ I am away for a week and want to use GSAK with my Vista on another PC. Its easy enough to put GSAK on the other PC and then restore my database on that. What do I need to do though to get GSAK to put waypoints on my GPS on its serial cable? Do I need to install mapsource? or drivers? or nothing? Cheers, Dave
  14. Before I contact them has anyone already made a contact to share or an existing cache on their ground? Dave
  15. Steady on....................... Its an interesting point worth mentioning. Dave
  16. That's where I came across it! I see there's a work using Mapsource. Just thought I'd add it to this forum for extra readership. I'd be gutted to get the latest GPS and then not be able to use the functionality of GSAK. Dave
  17. Seems its all a little different on these new models and as such GSAK and Google Earth aren't compatible. Info here, http://www.gpsbabel.org/garminx.html Dave
  18. Well if the maps not there the units faulty. Return it. Dave
  19. http://www.smc.org.uk/books/books_contour_maps.htm get contours here. Free. Dave
  20. I've noticed today images not showing in some cache page descriptions. Its made some caches hard to follow! Details being discussed here. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...ic=117329&st=50 Dave
  21. Thanks for the tips. I've been using the same PQ's with the same settings for months. Last week it went pear shaped and GSAK showed all the holes in the PQ's I was sent. This week its back to normal. Hey ho. Dave
  22. I was looking at the preview. Thanks for pointing out that they're out of order. I've made sure I've run all my PQ's in the last few days and low and behold all the English, Welsh, Scottish identified caches have turned into UK! The only ones I have are archived, and hence not updated. English caches were GCPTEQ and GCG4F7 to name but two. In fact all seems back to normal. There must have been a glitch for a few days. Thanks, Dave
  23. I've checked and rechecked. I've not altered any PQ settings, they are all correct. However it seems the problem remains for me. Settings as described, this PQ {19} 3rd nov- 17th dec 2005 returns no caches placed between 4th nov and 11th nov inclusive. Now I find it odd that its missing a chunk by date. Surely an off setting would remove odd caches, not whole days? Dave
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