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  1. Sunset and the time its too dark to see enough are not the same. Dave
  2. I tried a few usb-serial and the one that works best, in fact with all my serial devices, is the PFranc one. Available here, http://tinyurl.com/nlres I use the purple 4" one. Dave
  3. Thanks! Just realised my GPS will convert too. I'll pass the links onto them. 1 Scotland geocoin and 1 TB hopefully out soon! Dave
  4. I've posted a geocoin and a TB to a non caching relative on holiday in NZ. They've got an account and are trying to place them both in a cache near Nelson without a GPS. Is there a way to get a grid reference for a cache from the cache pages so they can use that instead? Thanks, Dave Scotland
  5. Use the export function in GSAk to export HTML files. Store these on the pc and you'll all the info and photos. Dave
  6. I've been trying to upload pics and logs for the last hour with no luck. I can get stuff down but not get stuff up to them..... Grrrrr Dave
  7. There's a few to get on the way.... Firkin Point GCTP26 Rest and Be Thankful Too GCR3W8 The Butter Falls GCR2W4 "Real Handy" GCT89F There's only a few near Oban, all worth a visit. I'd particularly recommend Anchored Down in Anchorage GCVBZV for its location. Duncan Ban MacIntyre GCM7AX near the north of Loch Awe has great views. There's a cluster of caches near Craobh Haven about 30 mins south of Oban. Search near this one to find them, Lunga Ridge Cache GCVQDA. If you go further south to Lochgilphead (where I am based!!) there's some lovely caches in locations with great views/locations. Search around this one Two to View GCQQ9Y. If you need any more info on caches or the area drop me an email. The west is the bit I know best! Dave
  8. I listened to Haggis Hunter on the radio. Dave
  9. Where's the WAP, I cant find it? Thanks, Dave Edited- Came across this in the forums from April.. Westonwanderers mobile phone query - 2006/04/20 21:06 What has happened to the download site for the midlet.? http://mobile.guk2.com no longer seems to works. I've looked through the forums and I can't find any mention of this super tool for over a year. Can anybody help?? Re:Westonwanderers mobile phone query - 2006/05/09 10:17 Unfortunetly, this tool no longer works, as Geocacheuk.com are unable to supply the coordinates for selected caches. I'm not sure if this was down to presure from GC.com, or other technical difficulties, but as it stands, the midlet is dead. Quite a shame, if you ask me. Cheers. Hmm, has it gone? Dave
  10. Two Ways..... To copy all files and all settings use the 'File' ----'Backup' option. Then simply on laptop use the 'File'-----'restore' option. To Just copy all the databases goto where GSAK resides on the computer... normally c:\program files\GSAK and copy the contents of the folder 'data'. Open the same folder on the laptop and put the copied files in the c:\program files\GSAK\DATA there nad you will have an instant copy of GSAK and contents on the secong pc. Dave
  11. I just run a very simple filter to find archived caches. The filter is.... On the 'General' Tab.... 'Available Status' have only one check next to 'Available' On the 'Dates' Tab..... 'Last update GPX' 'Not during' the last '7' 'days'. This finds all the caches not in the recent PQ's. I then use the split screen format set to online page, see its archived and then right click on the cache and use the cache status option to change to archived. Done on a daily basis shows 3 or 4 caches. Dave
  12. Lyme's disease and its transmission is an interesting area. Some regions have hot spots and being married to the local GP I know we are in one with on average 10 cases of Lyme's a year. Methods of removing the tick are important. Effectively they are a blood sucker and are intent on getting fluids from you into them. The transmission of Lyme's from tick to human is not guaranteed from a Lyme's carrying tick. The chances of infection increase in proportion to the traumatic nature of the removal. The more stress the tick is under the more likely it is to regurgitate and vomit some of the contents of its digestive system back into you along with the disease. Conversely a tick left to feast and leave less likely to pass on Lyme's. Some time windows are being defined in the feeding habits of the tick and it may become clear that removal in the first four hours is more risky than at a later point. The removal and leaving of the head parts of the tick is not associated with an increased risk of Lyme's but does increase the risk of infection. I note the Otom Tick Remover has been recommended on this forum already and they are effective and easy to use. All cases of infection that I know of personally have been easily treated. Welcome to Scotland! Dave
  13. If SMC not detailed enough your only option is the expensive Garmin Topo product. Dave
  14. Solved! Worked behind crash report screen to turn GPS off. Then restart MM. Dave
  15. I've just added a palm to the pc using a usb to serial converter and sync'ed it up. Now Memoery Map crashes when opening. I guess memory map could be trying to find the gps on the same converter. Anyone had the same? Dave
  16. Very good radio! They put you on the spot a bit didn't they? I liked the touch of inviting folk to find the cache on air. Could you post the caches so we can look at the logs? Well done, not easy to explain the concept of item swaps v TB/Geocoins. Best bit is the presenter with you enjoyed it. Dave
  17. Best bet is to use the google earth facility available from the website. Download google Earth and the lug in from Geocaching.com. Zoom in on wehere you'll be. Dave
  18. The vista can store 1000. Mine does! Garmin website agrees. Dave
  19. My emails are extremely accurate. Have you set you home location on Geocaching.com as Lat/Long or postcode? Lat/Long will be more accurate. The notification emails agree with GSAK on distance for me. Dave
  20. Where abouts in Scotland will you be? Dave
  21. I left a small portable FM radio a cache. A subsequent visitor to it left this log, 'Took radio, left postcard.' Dave
  22. Didn't call and they arrived this morning. Very good! Dave
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