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  1. Ok... I found a way to load topo maps to my iPAQ 3955...easy as ExpertGPS. After locating a map that you want to use just pull down the "Map" menu and then select "export Image". this will save in a Jpeg format. then just drop and drag to a folder on your Ipaq and your in business....the iPAQ then views the map in windows viewer. However, ExpertGPS does let you zoom in and out so look for your quality preference. It also alows you to change the sixe of the exported file. You'll have to play with this. I can open a 1meg jpg. file, but not a 2meg file without a memory upgrade. Not a problem though...just save related files and change the file your viewing on the go. I hope this helps others...I dpon't know if the shareware version of ExpertGPS will allow you to export files. I may be worth the purchase. I'm glad I already done so. Bob
  2. Thanks for your help...I downloaded GPXView and like the format used to view the Caches. I didn't care for mobipocket too much. Now I have to figure out how to get topo maps on the Ipaq. Thanks ..Bob
  3. I get my PDA tomorrow (05/31/2003)I'm only looking to use the PDA (ipaq 3955 pocket pc) to store my downloaded locations. I currently use Expert GPS and Mapsource for my maps and topo maps. What software can I use on the PDA to hold all this info. I'm going to Hawaii in a few days and want to have all my potential Geocaching spots loaded into the PDA for easy access while roaming the islands. Key point is I don't want to carry paper anymore.... Bob
  4. Phew, I'm not alone...There is one exception..I walk at 90+ mph. Fun isn't it. I have both a GPSMAP 76 and an Etrex Vista and they both have "Burped" in the past. I would like to try MACH 3.2
  5. Thanks to all that replied... I have a partner for this cache. Dave Schofield will be at the coordinates on tuesday without any special trip. If anyone needs my help in the future let me know. Thanks again. Bob
  6. I'm greatfull for the responses thus far. Not to offend anyone either I have an Idea....I'm in no rush and I don't want anyone to have to travel too far. So, if you can tell me approximately how far you are from my coordinates I'll hook up with the closest person. I'll stop taking distances saturday at midnight eastern standard time USA. Bob
  7. quote:Originally posted by Pharisee:I logged a find on this cache this morning with a little help from Mr.Magoo in New Jersy As a fellow geocacher put himself out for me, it would be churlish not to respond to a similar plea. The co-ordinate you want is a little way north of me and I could only log it as a note but if all else fails, let me know and I'll go get it for you. John I saw your posting and saw that Magoo was going to help you out. I then went to the cache posting and decided to try myself. The funny thing is that the letters used from my screen name "jbsuper" put me across Ireland and England. To while trying and find geocachers near my coordinates I decided to locate a cache nearby. This way I would have a better chance. I would certainly appreciate your help but since you have already posted....Someone else may want to post a log. thanks, Bob
  8. I'm trying to complete "where's in a name " gc3153 cache. The coordinates I have to start with are lat n52 39.737 (wgs84) anywhere along that lat is ok. you pick the longitude. If you read the intructions you'll see we both get credit for the cache and can log in. Your part starts at #4 in the instructions Again any help is appreciated, thanks in advance Bob [This message was edited by J&B Super Sleuths on January 16, 2003 at 12:59 PM.]
  9. I don't get poison ivy. I guess I'm one of the lucky few. There is an actual statisic showing the number of people that are immune to the poison. If you want all types of info on this topic go to http://poisonivy.aesir.com/ it tells you all about it. I found particularly interesting that it takes less than a pin point of the oil to cause an outbreak. Early in our geocaching ventures we were concerned about PI and I found the above web site. There are pictures you can print out and take them with you and make it a point to find the PI while geocaching. This way you'll become very familiar at glance. Also, I just found at the web site there is a homopathic treatment called Oral IVy that may work for some of you. You take it daily to prevent the outbreak before you come in contact. I don't know if any of this works but, if your alergic to PI I would try anything and everything to curb the posibility of an outbreak if i came in contact with PI. Check out the website http://poisonivy.aesir.com/
  10. We use both a etrx vista (silver) and a GPSMAP76 (no"s") we have had the same coordinates on both units and different coordinates on both units. I've lost sat reception on the map76 and the vista was still tracking the sats and visa/versa. The trick in Allaire is to use your topo maps and look at them closely. Although, there is a place to cross the manasquan rvr. I haven't seen it but, dreamchazzer (my brother ) found it. If you still want to compare let me know we'll go out. I have to finish "Steamboat Landing" by Marty621. Felt unesy when I encountered hunters and we weren't wearing any orange clothing. Bob
  11. Half of this team if up for this one. Let me know too. I have plans for the two upcoming weekends but, depending exactly when ..I may be able to attend. Bob
  12. Tom, We enjoy your caches and when there are other caches close by it just keeps me from spending too much time in the car and more time caching. Anyway, my point being....if a cache in bad shape state it in your log or ask the owner if they need help maintaining it. We, all enjoy this hobby...we can all help one another from time to time. Bob and Jean [This message was edited by J&B Super Sleuths on January 13, 2003 at 08:40 AM.]
  13. This picnic get together sounds great...include us..if and when it happens. I currently have a pocket query for "Events" Bob & Jean
  14. The rules are what makes the GAME !! Follow the rules [This message was edited by J&B Super Sleuths on January 13, 2003 at 07:45 AM.]
  15. Can someone read the topic for me ?
  16. I Started a search for what topo software to purchase and then thought, let me ask for some advice. I have a GPSMAP 76 and a ETREX VISTA I use Mapsouce software for all other mapping features but want a topo map too. What I'm interested in is a detailed 3-d style topo map that I can lay tracks/routes on then print out. Any ideas ? Bob
  17. I agree with treemoss2 stay underground...remember what happened to the "CB"? It went public one christmas. The push was on....everybody and thier mother was on the air.
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