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  1. Have any of the above missions been received please??? I haven´t rcd my mission yet, but I guess it´s on the way
  2. Finally an answer !!! It seems there was a mix up with the names, so mine was never sent out in the first place I guess that´s why Kdv received 2 missions instead of 1. Kdv you can keep and enjoy the coins you have received The other day I rcd an unexpected package from Theotokos, a replacement for my missing mission It was such a nice thing to do. Thank you again (Photos in the "What Was In Your Mailbox Today!" thread) //Solan
  3. ´ I've got an explaination for you since I've just found out myself. It seems your name was sent out twice for the Leprechaun mission and mine wasn´t sent out at all. You don't have to do anything, just keep your coins and enjoy them. There are some great people in this forum you see, Theotokos is one of them. They sent me some coins to brighten up my day, since I hadn't rcd my mission. It was such a nice thing to do, thanks again if you read this.
  4. Very nice, especially the purple one
  5. I would like to send a big THANK YOU to Theotokos for their great generosity. I've received 3 AE editons as a replacement for my missing Leprachun mission THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! Beautiful coins
  6. 1. Souvenir Email Sent - yes 2. Souvenir Name Received - yes 3. Souvenir Mission Sent - yes 4. Souvenir Mission Received - yes I have rcd my mission today, thank you so much Keewee I really like everything you sent The birds have already met some new friends
  7. So the coin I sent out for you, southpawaz, is missing I´ll send out a new one for you, but it will start in another country this time. I´ll let you know when it´s ready for adoption.
  8. Oh no, I´m sorry to hear that , I´ve got 3 coins missing too
  9. I´ve sent coins I won this way - and most of them are missing, so if it´s a coin you really really really want -use the postal services - otherwise it´s fun sending them "the geocaching way"
  10. I go first 1: Which is my (grodans) favourite dog German Shepard 2: What animal is our one-year-old sons favourite softtoy? Frog (lol) 3: What is my (grodans) mothers favourite animal? Cat Edit: spelling
  11. I did eventually get to see what my wife got from solan109! Her package contained about a dozen postcards from Stockholm and elsewhere in Sweden, a couple of toothpick flags, a lanyard, one of Solan's wooden nickels and two coins: a Lapporten 2008 and a princesscake. Thanks solan!! Hopefully there was a dalahorse pin in there somwhere too ... I´m glad she liked it //Solan
  12. Solan109


    congrats to all the winners :-D
  13. Solan109


    I still haven´t received my leprechaun mission but the Highland Geofairy said she would send me something and it made me so happy so ofcourse I want to nominate her
  14. I´m still waiting for my Leprachun mission, I´ve e-mailed the organiser of this mission several times, but still no update so what´s going on ??
  15. E-mail sent --> yes Name received --> yes Mission sent --> yes, May 11 Mission received
  16. Great to see you found your way to the forum :-D Welcome
  17. and waiting...... TheCollector, any news ?? Edit:spelling
  18. e-mail sent, I would be interested to do another birthday mission "off the records"
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