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  1. Congrats Tschakko! This is so much fun, looking forward to the next one
  2. I want to join and yes I'm in the (forum) addressbook
  3. My misson person knows her package won't be sent out until next week. Having a bit of problem with this mission
  4. Thank you Sweetlife for the silverspoon, pins and coin 1. email sent - yes 2. name recieved - yes 3. mission sent - no 4. mission arrived - yes, July 3
  5. Email Sent -YES Name Received - YES Mission Sent - YES: July 3 - heading for Canada Mission Received - NO
  6. Today I rcd a GREAT package,thank you Carla(ThirstyMick),it was worth the wait I had a lot of fun with the train whistle , it was the first time I´ve seen a whistle like that
  7. This sounds like fun :-) I´m in the addressbook in case someone wants to send it this way
  8. 1. Participating - yes 2. Nick/destination received - yes 3. Outgoin coin mission details attached - not yet 4. Outgoing coin released in cache GC not yet 5. Incoming coin picked up - cache GC not yet
  9. Why not have a last sign-up date and then enclose all the participating geo.nicks with the cons ? I think it would be easier that way.
  10. I'm back at square one again, something I had ordered for the mission got cancelled by the company - so I´ll have to figure out something else.
  11. Today I found out what I wanted to send, so I´ll soon mail it out
  12. Check your msn, link sent
  13. I´m always willing to give a helping hand when needed
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