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  1. 1 The wolf pack

    2 Gipsie - sent (I hope it was received!) and received

    3 GeoKs

    4 Ljay

    5 Tooey

    6 Cheesy pigs - sent and received

    7 Cheesy pigs - sent and received

    8 Team Flipper

    9 mousekakat - sending in the morning, packed, stamped and ready to go. Nothing received.

    10 grodan - sent (they got it) and received

    11 fiabus - sent (she got it) NOT received and not a clue if it is sent

    12 Nochipra

    13 Whitby

    14 Bluemotmot

    15 Tschakko

    16 The Blorenges

    17 Plnauta

    18 Team Van Stoffelen

    19 GEO*Trailblazer 1

    20 TIGGR

    21 Dorsetgal & GeoDog

    22 Night Hunter

    23 southpawaz

    24 sweetlife

    25 sweetlife

    26 Rozecki

    27 Krazytrollz

    28 Geo-Gophers - Sent (and "my person" got it) but nothing has arrived yet, (they did get in touch tho').

    29 Lorca.nl

    30 degai

    31 Team Ekitt10

    32 Crowesfeat30 - Sent (they got it) and received

    33 Crowesfeat30 - Sent (they got it) and nothing so far.

    34 Hollora

    35 dark_onyx1982

    36 SleepyRN

    37 luckyduckie

    38 mrs usyooper- sent and received

    39 the other yooper- sent....still waiting

    40 Steinwälzer

    41 six little spookies

    42 keewee

    43 keewee

    44 elle 77 - sent and received

    45 Horn Hunters

    46 Team hvilan

    47 solan 109 - sent (on it´s way to Tooey) and received

    48 jan and the percey boys - sent and recieved

    49 jan and the percey boys - sent and recieved

    50 pengofamily - sent and received

    51 bison woman

    52 toojin - sent and received !!

  2. Not receiving a mission takes the joy out of it, but luckily there are som GREAT people around :)

    I never rcd the Leprechaun mission so Tooey and theotokos sent me replacements, thank you !


    I still miss one of my missions but I'm not making a big deal out of it BUT I think there should be some kind of list to keep track somehow or let the ones not receiving know who they were supposed to recieve from.

  3. Wouldn't this be best discussed under the individual missions' topics instead of creating a whole new topic? That way the organizers would have the opportunity to help out or track down any missing missions.


    I'm sure it has already been done, but since nothing "happens" it was also brought up here ?


    the correct answers, in order were:









    8.Jan and the Percey Boys




    And the number drawn is 35, making Jan and the Percey Boys the winners for this round.


    Congrats ;)

  5. Participating - Yes

    Name Received - Yes and research complete

    Sent - Yes - and received

    Received - Not yet - but mission person has been in touch to say it will come - guess I have to wait a bit longer, but I'm shortly going away for three weeks, maybe there will be something nice in the mail box when I get home :unsure: It's always nice to have something to look forward to.


    It's in the mail :ph34r:


    Participating - Yes

    Name Received - Yes

    Sent - Yes - July 31

    Received -yes

  6. 06fc74fb-aead-4814-8813-bc12f1a9e8f1.jpg


    I was so pleased to find this coin in the TB/Coin basket at the Caching, camping and chilling at the Crocodile! and since I knew what it was I quickly grabbed it :mad:


    It was a hot and sunny day, 32 C but luckily the eventsite was located near to a lake (that´s where I'm standing ). We all had a great time and looking forward to come back next summer for the next event ;)


    Edit: It was coin #1

  7. We had a great time at the event yesterday. It was about 32 C and the event site was just near a lake, it was very nice. The event was well organised (Thank you Naomi and the rest of the family) and it was fun to met other cachers, some of them for the first time. I rcd some great prices and gifts, thank you :o



    Edit: Left:spaM,Hasseper,Fiabus,Middle pic: The organisers ;-), Right:Grodan

    and my gifts and prices.

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