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  1. 1. Participating Oct 31 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Santa Arrived
  2. Question #1 5:25 Question #2 7:38 Question #3 23
  3. Question #1 6:23 Question #2 8:34 Question #3 36
  4. HAPPY HALLOWEEN Question #1 5:23 Question #2 7:34 Question #3 26
  5. #1: 0935 hours #2: 1735 hours
  6. Early this morning I went for a walk to check on my local caches, to see if they are ok for the winter. I couldn´t believe my eyes when I notice a Geocoinfairy coin !! I´ve been reading this thread daily to see if the geocoinfairy was comming to my part of the world but never thought it was going to happen - but now it has and I´m so happy. Thank you so much Geocoinfairy. Geocoinfairy
  7. Type of coin - Christmas coin Date of Drop - Nov 3, 2007 State of Drop - North Carolina County - Cleveland
  8. >It is going in the mail today to Locks of Love. I never heard of Locks of Love before, what a great idea !
  9. Just a friendly reminder to anyone sending to Europe, make sure you don´t write the value for more then a few dollars on the customs declaration, otherwise we have to pay to get the coins. Thank you.
  10. What's the cat's name in your neck of the woods? had not heard the swedish name for it either so I had to look it up - Cheshirekatten, which means Chesire cat LOL so it wasn´t too hard after all
  11. I could never have guessed Chesire Cat as I´ve never heard the english name for it LOL
  12. Brenda: Stitch Heather: Tink DD: Eeyore
  13. Brenda: Stitch Heather: Tink DD: Piglet
  14. Brenda: Cinderella Heather: Tinkerbell DD: Yzma
  15. Brenda: Tinker bell Heather: Fairy godmother DD: Tigger
  16. Brenda: Tinker bell Heather: Fairy godmother DD: Winnie the pooh
  17. Brenda: Tinker bell Heather: Fairy godmother DD: eeyore
  18. Brenda: Tinker bell Heather: Fairy godmother DD: Zazu
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