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  1. Ischoklad = Ice chocolate (40 pcs)



    75 gram (3 ounces) coconut butter

    125 gram (4 ounces) semisweet or bittersweet chocolate (broken into pieces)



    Put the fat in a bowl together with the chocolate pieces.

    Place the bowl on top of a pan with boiling water until the fat and the chocolate is melted.

    Scoop the liquid into tiny aluminium cups.

    Store in a cool place.

  2. I'd like to thank Mousekakat and Solan109 for fooling me in to the wonderful part of geocaching that this whole geocoin thing is. Ever since I started with geocaching I've been a sucker for trackables, but it's thanks to Mousekakat and Solan109 I've understood that you can collect the coins too!


    Mousekakat started it, when she posted a topic on the Swedish forum, that there would be minting of Geojellies 3 soon. I was all ears, and ended up with ten coins or so. Then Solan109 made it all worse, when she showed me her collection of geocoins, and told me that she was going to use her Geojellies (we were in a group at the GC.SE forum that made an order together) for trade.


    Thanks to them I'm now trying to build an own collection so I can get inte the trading too. :rolleyes:


    I´ve got a few more coins I can show you the next time we meet :D

    Thank you for ordering the Geojellies for me

  3. I received a very nice & unexpected surprise in the mail today from Sweden! The post man started to bring it to my door, saw my dog in the window, threw it on the chair outside & took off, lol.



    I´m glad you liked it :-)

  4. Hello? What's happening with the race? There hasn't been an update in 2.5 months. You've had my TB for 4 months... Any chance the race will be starting any time soon? If not then I'd prefer you to place it in a cache soon instead of participating in the race. Want to get my little LandCruiser on the road!


    I am so sorry about the delay, I have had some serious family issues come up, and I haven't had the chance to get thngs rolling.


    I have a couple of spots chosen to start the race, and I will keep everyone posted as soon as I can.

    Again, so very sorry!




    Hang on, wait for me !

  5. 1. Participating...email sent Oct 6

    2. Received Name yes

    3. Mission Complete sent Nov 4

    4. Package Received Nov 16


    Thank you so much Mike and Mandy :(


    I got a turkey table ornament, filled with dried flowers and fir cones - very beautiful and 3 coins:


    Future coin

    Surfboard coin

    Signal geocoin(Germany)


    They are all new to me, thank you :laughing:

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