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  1. I want to join but I might not be able to send it out straight away, hope that is ok. This is a great idea
  2. I´m doing the happy dance Guess what i found in the cache "Tokstollar" yesterday yeees, a very special coin. Can´t believe that I actually got there first. THANK YOU I keep on dancing
  3. Today I rcd a carousel horse and a AE Runstone coin They are both very nice, but since I´ve seen the runstone grow from a sketch into a real coin it makes it even more special, Thank you Naomi
  4. I´m so glad you received it, was getting worried the package were lost somewhere, also happy that you liked what I sent Yes, Stockholm is a beautiful city, especially in the summer, hope you can come here one day.
  5. Solan109


    Where : England Cache: GCV9NF Harwich International Travel Bug Hotel Date: 4 april
  6. Solan109


    Where : Israel Cache: GC13C20 Travel-Bug-Hotel Tel Aviv Date: 4 april
  7. Solan109


    I have no idea, so this is a wild guess - don´t laugh Where : Egypt Cache: GC1992P Bibliotheca Alexandrina Date: 4 april
  8. GC10Z4W Handout This cache was fun to find
  9. We would be happy to release some for you
  10. Hope he´s comming to Sweden soon :-D or actually I think he has been here but just not in my area
  11. I've been trying to solve this for the last hour but have to give up
  12. Thank you for letting me in on this special moment
  13. What a surprise Thank you so much usyoppers for the geotag It was really nice of you //Solan
  14. Santa still giving these away ! WOW , so maybe I don´t have to wait until next Christmas Congrats to all recent finders
  15. 1. Participating- yes 2. Received Name- yes 3. Mission Complete - yes, sent Feb 18 4. Mission Arrived!
  16. 1. Participating: yes 2. Received Name: yes 3. Mission Complete: yes, sent Feb 18 4. Mission Arrived
  17. We only got 1 mission, sent in for 2...nothing in the spam folder. I still haven´t rcd my mission and nothing in the spam folder either :-(
  18. But then you'll know who has you or if someone wants to surprise me then my address is in theaddress book what's this ?? Ask Dolfy or Mousekakat for an invitation to put your info into the addy list being kept by them!! It allows you to have access to everyone's (on the list) addy and contact info. There are a bunch in there already! Actually I think anyone on the list can invite people, not just Dolfy and Mousekakat
  19. 1. Participating - yes 2. Received Name -yes 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Arrived!
  20. These are my favorite icons from my geocoin collection
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