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  1. I am trying to email a recent member caching in the Eastern England region, appears to be mainly Suffolk, since 26th May 2013 but his profile does not list an email because his membership has not been validated. He has 89 caches logged and I am trying to find out if he came across a racing TB FISHBONES 5 when he found a cache WOODPECKER TRAIL #21 on the 26th May. Any help in getting touch with this geocacher would be much appreciated. many thanks posted 19:50hrs 4th June 2013
  2. I recently renewed my premium member subscription and had to pay £24.99.. after paying a lot less in dollars before. One very minor consolation was finding a link for a free month if you owned a Garmin. So I have 13 months subscription for my £25.But it still leaves it bad taste in the wallet. Perhaps if you can manage without logging premium caches a group could be formed with one premium member supplying the ordinary members/subscribers with the PQ's they require.[]
  3. pkp430uncw a member since 2005 and who last posted on 01/17/2013 ? Possibly a Carolina resident?
  4. Hi, not sure if this is a new topic. I have managed to get the OSmaps option back (many thanks for all your help) but recently when I click on View Larger Map on a cache page it does that, but then I can't move back to the original page after viewing the map. If I view a number of caches on the map, when I go to the history it displays the same number of Google Map visits as caches viewed but clicking on the back arrow does nothing. I have Tampermonkey installed and Vista Home SP2 and Chrome Version 27.0.1453.94 m. Any advice would be much appreciated. I've just renewed my premium membership and the unwarranted hike in subscription and this poor systm delivery is very galling.
  5. Personal Geo-Dog Tag Geocoin G1 (What has happened to you?) 09/15/2012 2x5b3z placed it in L'hotel de bogue de voyage (The travel bug hotel) 09/27/2013 Lil Jumpah retrieved it from L'hotel de bogue de voyage (The travel bug hotel) Alabama Pretty awesome! Will move along. Since then, no mention of it. It is "awesome" and a little pink but it is not collectable and was purchased and sent off to TRAVEL. If anyone knows Lil Jumpah perhaps they could ask her what has happened to it? According to her profile she is back and caching quite prolifically in the Alabama area.Any help with this would be much appreciated. Thank you http://img.geocaching.com/track/display/122f82b6-a873-48e7-9b52-1349304f6c9f.jpg http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=4180244
  6. Hi and thanks it was all working... but today I switched on and I can get OSmaps but no caches are displayed. Have they been playing about again? It has started working properly now.We are lucky to be Premium members.It is soooooo reliable.
  7. Many thanks simplysup and jri . What a relief to see the OS Maps again.
  8. Well thanks, that is re-assuring to know.The nerds obviously haven't got it ALL under control
  9. Yes I am well aware of that fact. I check my Junk folder for emails that might have been filtered there in error. I was wondering if perhaps the holder of the TB checked hers? Perhaps my emails to her are there???????????? Just so you understand
  10. Regarding The Blorenges post, that return email will not go to your spam filter... it goes to "no reply", which does not exist -- therefore nobody gets it. It WILL NOT appear in your filtered file. Just so you understand.
  11. Thank you for all your helpful comments and hints. I'll just sit back and wait in hopeful expectation of a pleasant surprise once Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is truly over.Happy caching and trackable travelling.
  12. Yes I ticked all the boxes, except the friend request, and even sent my home address.Perhaps they ended up in the junk folder, but I do check mine just in case something important has been filtered out.
  13. Just one possible thought - When you sent emails to make enquiries, did you tick the little box which says "I want to send my email address along with this message."? If you didn't, and the person received the email then clicked 'Reply' to send their response, their email will have ended up in the No Man's Land of "noreply @ geocaching.com" and you'll never know that they did, in fact, send a reply. MrsB
  14. My Black Phantom Tetra geofish coin went missing in NZ after being retrieved from a cache. The geocacher concerned eventually answered my emails with "I can't remember which cache I left it in". He'd visited about 5 other caches that day.Keep an eye out for it, it could still get a place in the race.Happy caching http://img.geocaching.com/track/display/7377e4d6-921b-4682-92f9-96330c4851c8.jpg
  15. I agree. You can't really blame Groundspeak, especially for a non-official cache. Just keep you fingers crossed, you never know your luck. I had a TB go missing in Australia, to turn up in the UK 10 months later, not in a cache but hung on a fence post and found by chance by a geocacher. This week (here in NZ) I picked up a TB that went missing in Canada 9 months ago.
  16. Thanks, but the watch is history, along with others that have gone missing, rather than being logged as retrieved. The TB in question was retrieved and logged on the 12th November 2012.
  17. I wasn't expecting personal information from the Groundspeak team but felt they could be a bit more pro-active, eg writing to the person involved. making it less personal.
  18. Wow. Didn't expect so much interest. Must admit I was feeling just a bit emotional yesterday as it would have been my son's ,PJ, 37th birthday yesterday. Even managed to give incorrect pick up date of the TB sent off in his memory. It was retrieved on the 13th November 2012. I am resigned to the fact that TBs will get stolen from caches but am at a loss to understand fellow geocachers who retrieve them, log them and then when they are approached, resolutely fail to answer emails about them. If they have subsequently lost them, we're all human, I can accept that,but why no response?
  19. A member of Geocaching.com retrieved and logged a very special, to me, TB on the 13th November 2012. I have written to the person at least three times asking them to either let me know their plans for the TB, or to get it placed in a cache or return it to my home address. I have had no replies. I can only presume that they are intending to keep the item, safe in the knowledge that I cannot report the theft to the local police because I don't know their locality. Groundspeak originally answered that the trackable was lost. I believed it to have been stolen. Yes they would give information if asked by the police, but if I don't know where the geocaching member lives then I can't contact the police to make a complaint.Is that a Catch 22 or a Cache 22??? It seems to me that joining geocaching.com is a permit to steal any little knickknack that takes ones fancy, tell people you've taken it and thumb their noses at the rightful owners. Surely this is a situation that shouldn't be allowed to continue.Another one of Groundspeak's "mistakes" ?
  20. Oh and wet logs. Unless they are disintegrating I find that the waterproof pen I always carry manages to write my name clearly and is still in evidence months later when other names have faded or washed away. Other geocachers have noticed this on their travels and approached me at meets to supply them with the pens.
  21. Couldn't agree more with MartyBartFast. I had a TB, White Rabbit's Pocket Watch, which was taken from a geocaching site and deposited in some pseudo National Trust cache the organisation used for training. It went missing, probably because whoever came across it next didn't know what to do with it, despite it having two metal tags explaining its purpose.
  22. Crikes it has just started working perfectly. Computers, there is no logic to them.
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