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  1. After 28 minutes (of pacing... lol), I just received a confirmation. It definitely makes up for missing the Earth Turtle sale due to my own poor reading skills.
  2. My first Legend got stolen out of my car. It had all my contact information on the first screen, even offered a reward, but I guess if you're stealing something, you're probably not all that interested in getting it back to where it belongs. It survived some drops, but nothing all that serious, and I had it less than a year. I got a Legend Cx to replace it, and it's been dropped on pretty much every surface imaginable. My cat has chewed on it, it's fallen in water, and it's been left in the sun and sat on. Fortunately for me, it's still in good shape. I make sure it's hung around my neck as soon as I locate a cache because I'd definitely be the type to either leave it in the cache or set it down and walk off. So far, so good.
  3. Ordered a coin yesterday for my package, and picked up a few flower items so far. I was actually shopping for flowers as well, but obviously can't send those.
  4. Email sent: yes Name received: May 6 Mission sent: Mission received:
  5. I just saw one of these for auction on the eplace... I'm confused. The sale is still on Saturday, right?
  6. This sounds like a fantastic project, I wish I'd thought to search for geocaching stories online before now. Since I'm starting to get back into a caching groove after a break in my adventures, I'll be paying special attention now for things I could write about. Many thanks to both those who started the site and those who are going to continue with it!
  7. My reading skills blew it for me... lol. I guess with all the looking at the time conversions on the sale page, I somehow got it into my head that the sale was on May 5 (I'm in Canada). My husband took me to the movies, and I was all content thinking the sale was tomorrow night. Just got home to see all the happy posts! I'll surely be reading more carefully next time. Congratulations everybody, the turtles will all be swimming to great new homes soon
  8. I just sent an e-mail, hope I'm not too late! Sounds like fun.
  9. Oh wow, the star ones are adorable. I'll have to see what I can do about getting a few.
  10. We all love our coins, but family comes first, for sure. I'm sure everyone will be patient until the time is right, the coins aren't going anywhere. Take care of yourself and your doggies.
  11. I have a page load error using firefox. I feel so bad, I was hoping everything would go okay this time. Must be a very stressful time for poor Steph... hope she sees the love and hugs in this thread.
  12. I have a page load error using firefox. I feel so bad, I was hoping everything would go okay this time. Must be a very stressful time for poor Steph... hope she sees the love and hugs in this thread.
  13. I've got firefox... no luck.
  14. I thought it was just me, I was racing home from the vet's, hoping I wouldn't be too late and thought my computer was just acting up. Hope everything's okay.
  15. Congratulations you two! It truly is a beautiful and special coin. Definitely something to treasure. Enjoy it!
  16. I'm so glad it arrived safely... being my first mission, I wasn't sure how long to expect it to take. Also having never mailed anything outside Canada, I was unfamiliar with the customs forms and such. It was fun making the card, and I'm glad it put a smile on your face. I enjoyed being able to participate.
  17. I sent out my mission this morning. Hope the recipient enjoys what I chose. I was also spoiled when husband went to check the mail after lunch and brought back my surprise! BrierPatch was very kind to me and sent a neat little card with a great message, a BrierPatch pathtag, MrJiffy's Summer Meltdown 2008 coin, August 2008 Coin and Pin Club coin, and an Oakbucks dollar. It was a perfect day for it to arrive as I had a very rough morning and it was nice to just sit down, relax, and enjoy the feeling of opening an envelope and being surprised. It's very much appreciated, and even though it's raining outside today, I'm feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you so much BrierPatch, and as well to mousekakat for organizing everything. I struggle with posting pictures, but will try to get it sorted out later on so I can share.
  18. I'm not a big fan of cooking either, so I modified my mom's tuna casserole recipe to make something my husband would like (he won't touch seafood either). Chicken Casserole 2 chicken breasts, cooked and cut into bite sized pieces 1 can of mushroom soup 2 cups of cooked small pasta (you can also use rice, but I find the rice less tasty) 1 cup of shredded cheese of your choice (more or less... I love cheese!) * for those who like vegetables, you can also add 1/2 cup of a random vegetable (so far I've tried corn, mushrooms, green peppers, and celery and they've all worked) Preheat oven to 350. In a casserole dish, mix the chicken, mushroom soup, and pasta together. Top with cheese, and bake until cheese is melted and just starting to turn golden brown, usually 30-40 minutes but depends on the oven. Enjoy! Also wanted to say a big thanks to everybody who has submitted recipes so far, husband and I have been wanting to try some new things, and I've got lots of ideas now. Awesome cointest!
  19. My Legend (the second, although I've now upgraded to the Cx) is simply that... the Legend. After reading this thread, I'll have to come up with something creative now. My husband calls caching 'geothingy'. As in 'When we go on our road trip, you should see if there's any geothingies to find' and 'It's been a while since you've gone geothingy'. I laugh every single time.
  20. I've got my e-mail as well. I made a card, so I hope the recipient will like it! Looking forward to finding a special coin for them. Email sent: 4/1/09 Name received: 4/9/09 Sunshine sent: Sunshine received:
  21. Maine Family, thanks so much for the invite. I think I managed to figure it out, I just put my information on the first available row (it was like 347 or something) and saved it. Does it put everybody in alphabetical order automatically, or was I supposed to do that?
  22. I read through a bunch of this thread, and it seems like a really cool idea. Do I really have to put my own information in though once I'm invited? I'd be afraid of messing the whole thing up. I would like to be invited, but I might need some help getting the actual information into the list. Edited to add that I do want to put my information on the list, I am just not fantastic at unfamiliar computer programs and I don't want to break the whole spreadsheet or something!
  23. I've sent an e-mail as well. This will be my first mission and I'm very excited. Thanks for brightening my rainy day!
  24. Thanks BlueDeuce... that's a really good story too. Definitely gets the point across, thank you for sharing it. I appreciate your quick response, since we're leaving this afternoon. I probably could help most of these bugs and coins on their missions, but I figure since I actually drive by this location fairly regularly, I'll grab some this time, and maybe by next time I'll have some things to trade (assuming the cache is getting visited). I chose three that I would really like to help, and a fourth that my dad would probably love to take so I'll talk to him about it and if he wants I'll get it for him as well. I'm going to take the tracking numbers for everything in there so at least the owners will know everything's okay.
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