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  1. We still seem to have lots of lock & locks up here in Canada. Good thing too, I use them for just about everything. Hopefully it's just a temporary shortage or something.
  2. Anybody else find it interesting that all the tracking numbers are covered in the pictures? This guy might know more than he's letting on.
  3. I love the antique nickel one and am thrilled to think I might have a chance to get one. The coin budget is slashed pretty dramatically for me for the next two or three months, but this will be right at the top of my list. Thanks for updating us!
  4. Good to hear that more packages arrived! Does that mean that everybody got theirs now?
  5. WOW! I just got these coins and they are fantastic! I chose two when I ordered them, hoping to keep one and have one to give away or send in a mission or whatever, but I don't think I'll be able to part with either. They are both beautiful, thank you so much.
  6. I would like to play too please! My name is already in the address book. This should be a fun one.
  7. There are gerbera daisy micros? I would love to find one, they're my favourite flower. Does anybody have a picture?
  8. Forgot to say thanks also last night to Penny and Kona for helping with the picture issue. I like seeing what everybody else is getting, so it's nice to be able to share my pictures now too.
  9. This is the mission I received from A Mitt. Thank you so much, it was awesome. The magazine has a special hummingbird section, and my whole family loves hummingbirds. I painted the suncatchers today and they'll be going in my daughter's room. The coin was a wonderful Earth Turtle Oceania (Tahiti). Thanks again, it really made my day, and I'm sorry it took so long to post about it (hopefully the pictures will work).
  10. Yes, please help me too. I want to share my awesome mission with everybody, but can't figure out how!
  11. Just a quick note to say I received a wonderful package from A Mitt. Will post more tomorrow, just wanted to update.
  12. guess this is my forum initiation... my first double post... lol
  13. email sent - 4/28/09 name receive - 5/06/09 mission sent - 5/18/09 but as of 6/02/09 my recipient has not posted that she has received it. mission received - today! Received the best package from sarahbelle this afternoon. ... I'm so glad that your package arrived safely, and especially happy that you enjoyed it so much. It was a lot of fun to put together. I had really been hoping I'd be able to send seeds, but since I couldn't, I tried to be creative. I'm actually surprised you got it so fast, but maybe Canada Post is just slow getting things to my house Hopefully by the time my mission gets here, I'll be better at posting pictures, since I think that's one of the best parts of the missions - getting to see what everybody else got and their reactions!
  14. It's a sydney Koala! Thanks! That's definitely going on my wanted list.
  15. Oooh, what's the koala one? It's very cute!
  16. My mission is finally ready to go out today. Just thought I better update. Mission sent: May 28 Mission received: not yet
  17. I received my silver one today. Thank you, it's great!
  18. Just to update, my mission should be going out Thursday. The coin has now arrived, and I just have one more thing I need for the package. It's been fun getting things ready to send off.
  19. I'm happy to report at least some of these great coins have arrived in Canada! I had two packages waiting in the mailbox for me today and this was one of them. Thanks tsun!!
  20. I haven't seen mine yet either. Mail seems to be awfully slow getting here these days, the husband had something coming from Montreal that took almost three weeks. I'm still waiting on three packages from the States though, all mailed around the same time, so I'm not too worried yet. I just keep eagerly checking the mailbox each day, and some day soon, I hope I'll have a good mail day!
  21. I absolutely agree, when I was younger, my family spent a lot of time at Awenda, and my dad took my brother and I camping at a lot of different provincial parks. Most of my great outdoor non-caching memories are from camping or just hanging out there. Very nice set of coins, I'll be picking my two coins up at the Spring Fling in June. Great design!
  22. When I try to use that map, nothing shows up on it. I know there's a coin in a cache nearby because I dropped it off the other day and it's still there, but I don't see any icons on the map. I know I'm logged in, but maybe I'm doing something else wrong?
  23. For me, nothing beats a nice glass of chocolate milk!
  24. Wow, that is a fantastic coin!
  25. I'm a pretty new mom, and I hope I can be great like my mom. She's always doing stuff for us and knows when something's wrong and we need to talk. She's funny in her own crazy way and there's nobody like her. She'd do pretty much anything for anybody, even when it means giving up something for herself. She's awesome. Happy Mother's Day!
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