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  1. Has this request taken into consideration? Haven't seen any reply for over 3 months now. Thank you & cheers, -martin
  2. Hi there, whenever there's a new cache around, I set up a premium member rule that sends me a notification e-mail that looks like this: -- For GC39559: I'm lovin' it (Traditional Cache) Location: Kärnten, Austria 41.6mi E (67km E) El Krawallo published I'm lovin' it (Traditional Cache) at 12/18/2011 Log Date: 12/18/2011 Published Visit this log entry at the below address: http://coord.info/GL73RZCZ Visit Traditional Cache I'm lovin' it: http://coord.info/GC39559 Profile for El Krawallo: http://coord.info/PR4FHHW Notification for FTF Tradi: http://www.geocaching.com/notify/edit.aspx?NID=424985 -- Is there any way to put the name of the cache owner in this message as well? Thank you! -c.dax
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