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  1. Hello, knew someone a local forum for New castle where I can also write this ? Forgot to mention that this connection is also possible to Manchester. Last but not least we have more than 300 Caches in Hanover. Happy hunting camino8 Send E Mail by geocaching.com to camino8
  2. Hello, just read the offers of TuiFly.com from Hanover to Newcastle and think it might be possible to come to an exchange between cachers(n) of both Citizen. One comes to us and I take care of him plus free stay for a couple of days or a week and later I do the same there. More details later. If more are interested I have to ask in the forum here. I saw one offer plus tax from Tuifly from Hannover to Newcastle back and forth for 48 €. That is incredible cheap. Happy hunting camino8 E mail over geocaching.com to camino8
  3. this year I am going to Portugal and Spain. Is there anyone who can help me to find maps routes for wandering cardriving and caches point? I am using the Garmin Quest. Camino8
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