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  1. I lost sight of my original point when I wrote the above. It was that when anyone completes one of my ALs I do not get any notification. Every now and then I have to make a conscious decision to go back to my ALs to read the logs. Otherwise I would have no idea if stage info was missing.
  2. I did a sequential AL yesterday. It was not a pleasant experience. At Stage 4 the notice board is missing. Many people have mentioned this in their logs but I assume that the owner has no idea. Obviously, if one cannot figure out the answer then, as it is sequential, the AL cannot be completed. Apart from that I believe there should be a good reason to make an AL sequential. Especially when there is a choice of parking places.
  3. I've been trying to send a message via the message centre but my page is blank. That applies to my computer and my android phone.
  4. Hooray! It's been fixed. Thank you.
  5. I noticed this a few days ago and it is driving me mad. I also prefer not to use View Maps. I hope this will be changed back.
  6. This is happening to me. I've tried other browsers and Recaptcha Validation Failed.
  7. I am unable to get into my lists from the dashboard. I can access them by going into a cache page that is on a list and clicking on that. So I haven't been asked for feedback as I can't even see my lists!
  8. I'll have another look tomorrow when I switch my computer on. The search problem, where it just takes me to the main page, and I have to put in my filters again, has been like this for some time so I've just got used to it. But the missing solved and found icons were a real pain.
  9. Thank you. That worked. But it seems I shouldn't have to open and close the site just to do something that I was always able to do. I already have to search twice on the filter button. When I initially filter the webpage comes up and I have to go into the filter again. I've just got used to it.
  10. I am talking about lists that I have already generated then go back to after a caching day. So yesterday I found some of the caches on my Solved list. Then I went back to my (already generated) list and look for the smiley face so that I can delete them. Also on my lists, if I have corrected the coordinates, there was an icon on them to show they were corrected. This no longer shows on my lists.
  11. In the past, when I make a list and subsequently find one of the caches, the refreshed list shows a smiley face. Also, when I corrected coordinates I used to have a little icon on the cache name. Now I get neither. Sorry if this has been mentioned before but I have searched and cannot find anyone else who have had these problem. One more thing, when I click on Search then Filter, the first time I press Apply nothing happens. I then have to click on Search then Filter a second time and then it works. Hope these problems can be fixed.
  12. Still no dashboard. Also, cannot get into my lists or Reach the Peak. Tried shift F5 and nothing changes.
  13. Just tested it and it is still broken.
  14. This happened to me today as well. I sent numerous, partial messages to a CO because I didn't realise that pressing carriage return would automatically send the message. Once I realised, I still forgot that pressing enter sent my message so the CO received a number of one sentence messages before I had finished.. This was despite the fact that I had unticked the "press enter to send". It drove me nearly mad and I am sure made the CO wonder if I knew what I was doing. I hope this can be sorted out. It should be enough to just untick the box once.
  15. I've just spent a long, long time trying to find out how to download my "My Finds" gpx without any luck. This worked. Thank you so much!
  16. I can only think you managed to get them deleted before some new rule came in. They categorically stated that they would not delete any of my unwanted souvenirs when I asked.
  17. I have just received a reply from Geocaching HQ. They say they cannot delete unwanted souvenirs, only souvenirs that were awarded in error. They end by thanking me for my understanding. I don't want any thanks because I don't understand why I have to accept unwanted souvenirs in the first place.
  18. All it needs now it to be able to delete any souvenirs I don't like eg 31 days of August. If anyone knows a way to delete them I would be grateful.
  19. Many thanks. What confused me was not realising I had to type in a search area from the home screen! I got used to clicking "view map" from the drop down menu.
  20. Perhaps if I explain how I usually find caches you would be able to see where I am going wrong under the new system. From the opening screen I click on "View map" . I know I will be near Iver Heath, Southern England, in a few days' time so I move to that area on the map. Then I see a couple of nice circular walks: Langley Park and LPN. Once I had the name of one of the caches I used to go back to the geocaching home page, click on filter (which I can no longer do) and then put either Langley Park or LPN into the search on cache name, plus Southern England to refine the search, and a list of caches come up. I then turn the list into a PQ and off I go geocaching. Now I have to search on a map with filters on the left of the page. I type in eg LPN and I get taken to Thailand. I have tried forcing the search engine to keep me in the right place by also adding the name of the person who laid the cache. Still I don't get a list of caches name LPN. What I have now done is made a PQ with a radius of a certain distance around LPN 1 but this includes all sorts of caches I'm not interested in. OK. Now that I have tortuously typed the above, I think I might have worked out how to do what I want: on the opening screen type in the area then click on the magnifying glass. Then filter on the name of the cache. I hope this has helped anyone else! When all is said and done, I don't like this new system. I want my screen filled with caches rather than having to click on "search this area" all the time.
  21. I've tried that and I ended up in North east UK rather than near Slough. I've tried a partial search and a full search of a cache name. What you said is the first thing I tried. That is why it is so frustrating.
  22. There no longer appears to be a decent filter on the search (opening) page and the search box to the left of the map doesn't search by cache name, just location.
  23. Two problems that I would like help with: (1) I cannot find the Openstreetmap on this new map. I use it all the time as it shows more tracks than the geocaching.com one. How do I get back to it? (2) Where have my PQs gone in the left hand window? I traverse the world via PQs.
  24. Every week when I receive my newsletter I say I will write in and complain but then wait just in case issues with it were being resolved. It is now a good few months since it was introduced and it is the same uninformative e-mail. When I click on "Recent geocaches near you" I still get a list which includes caches that I have either found or placed. Picking out new caches means scrolling down many times. Is there any chance that Groundspeak will revert to the previous practise of only showing new caches near me?
  25. There is nothing more aggravating than seeing a newly published cache, going to find it and then discovering that it is not yet in position. This happened to me last month!
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