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  1. Correct, after changing to T=1.5 I could remove the wheelchair attribute. A bit strange isn't it?
  2. Nothing special, I am on the Edit page of one of my caches and have just decided that the "wheelchair accessible" attribute need to be removed (to difficult). Normaly, clicking on a attribute toggles between yes-no-nothing, and it does so with the other attributes (both in Firefox and IE), but especially this attribute does not react any more to clicking. As said, the other attributes seem to behave normal, and its both in Mozilla and IE that this special attribute can not be modified.
  3. I like to have my Cookies deleted at the end of each Browser session, guess I am not the only one. Because of that (I assume) every time I want to login to geocaching.com, currently I have to do one of those photo-CAPTCHAs. Very annoying. I understand that CAPTCHAs may be required, but is there a technical possibility to avoid them repeating in a case like mine, usually sitting at the same PC from where I made the last successful login yesterday?
  4. Gefährlich ist der Cache nicht wirklich - abgesehen davon das man manchmal mit den Kopf anstöst, aber zu zweit sicher lustiger. Perfekt ist durchgehen zu können, mit einem Rücktransport von der anderen Seite. Viel Spaß!!
  5. Mein persönliches Highlight war in Moria unterwegs zu sein: http://coord.info/GC1EFF5 An vielen touristisch interessanten Stellen gibt es auch die passenden Earth-Cache oder Dosen mit vielen Favoritenpunkten.
  6. Quality-Geocachers of the world are waiting, here or at the nag screen of GSAK
  7. Ich hab mal irgendwann ein altes und kaputtes Vogelhaus auf dem Waldboden liegend gefunden, mitgenommen und einen Cache daraus gemacht. Während ich also die Hütte "renovierte" erinnerte ich mich auch an die vielen Objekte, die ich zu unrecht -wie sich herausstellte, aber manchmal halt auch eben nicht zuunrecht- schon nach einer Dose abgesucht habe: Vogelhäuschen, Pilze, Moospolster, Gartenlauben (natürlich nur vom Weg aus), Zäune, etc. Besser sind die potentiellen Versteckobjekte dadurch sicherlich nicht geworden, und ich kann auch nicht ausschliessen, das ein oder andere mal Muggel, Rehe, Vögel, Käfer, Spinnen, Zecken etc gestört zu haben. Letztere im Endeffekt sogar mit tötlichem Ausgang. Ergebniss war ein "offener" Vogelhäuschen Cache, wo ganz sichtbar und erkennbar eine Dose drin ist, ohne Vorderwand, Dose mit Magnet befestigt. Bisher ist er nicht gemuggelt worden, weil das Häuschen so abseits und abgewandt hängt. Aber ich habe ein gutes Gefühl dabei.
  8. Hallo Katinka, falls sich hier keiner meldet, versuch es mal da: https://forum.geoclub.de/viewforum.php?f=133 oder https://forum.geoclub.de/viewforum.php?f=47 oder geh zu einem der Eventcache in der Gegend.
  9. Schön das du dir überhaupt Gedanken über die Qualität machst! Ich denke es reicht, wenn eine Dose in irgendeiner Hinsicht interessant ist, sei es wegen des Umgebung oder dem Zugang, der originellen Tarnung, der Mutprobe um dran zu kommen, des interessanten Rätsels was zu lösen ist, der sportlichen Betätigung auf dem Weg, die besondere Verpackung oder... Wer viele Favoritenpunkt-Prozente haben möchte, der kombiniert hier mehrere Faktoren.
  10. Schau mal nach Event-Cachen in deiner Gegend. Ein sicheres Mittel Mitcacher der Umgebung kennen zu lernen.
  11. Just hope that it will never become a lost place!
  12. I totaly agree with Waldpirat. My perfect Pocketquery would be: Give me up to 1000 active Caches in the area with 10 to 95 PERCENT favorite points (assuming that 100% is a new cache, found one or two times from the friends of the owner). The result is the kind of quality geocaching I am looking for, without complicated use of other tools. This has also something to do with my situation here in Germany: The landscape and much more the cities full of Caches. Good for me, but 40-70 percent of them not nice, not interesting. This would also give very good new caches a good chance to get more visits and more Favoritepoints fast.
  13. Had this problem (no information popup on the map) a couple of times already. Sometimes waiting or zooming or F5 helps, but today for example it just does not work. I tried Firefox (20.0.1) and IE (8), I tried swich of the Antivirus, i tried reload a couple of times but no cache info on the map appears. "I am: WEB15 " ,Windows XP SP3
  14. I just received the above mentioned error message in the Groundspeak-Wherigo-emulator about google-maps-api-key and would be very thankfull for any tips or repairs.... Problem solved, thanks to the Wherigo illuminati
  15. Probably been asked and answered already: Is there any known problem if I load 2 Pocketqueries into my Garmin Oregon, which are overlapping? That means several Caches are in both files?!
  16. Ionspy

    5 star ratings

    My idea is more a search and filter system for potential cache-finders, searching the cachetype they prefer, not so much a feedback for COs. You are right, a single 1 to 5 overall rating would not be much better than the favorites/gcquote/Wherigo situation. But I like the idea of what is called factors in the first post. That would make it useful.
  17. Ionspy

    5 star ratings

    I absolutely agree with the suggestion to improve the cache rating by a 5 star (or smilies or whatever) system with multiple factors! But: - Giving a rating must be optional (like in Amazon or...) - The possibility to vote should be switched on for users with more than e.g. 50 finds, not too early. - Enhanced voting only for "found" logs. - We can discuss limitations like the one for favourites: One possible rating every 2nd cache and/or only premium. But a high amount of votes is needed for validity/significance. - The amount of different rating factors should be small, I suggest maximum 5 or 6. Few people want to spend to much time/brains for voting found caches: It must be fast, simple and obvious. - Another long discussion about name, meaning and function of the rating factors is needed. Which aspects of a cache do we want for voting? Advantages: - As a quality-more-important-than-quantity-cacher I would filter my search/pocket queries. - It will increase fun for people like me, avoiding wasting my time with boring caches in stupid locations. - It could drive Geocaching into "positive" directions. Example: Including a rating factor for "environment" may result in fewer visits at caches somehow spoiling nature. Example: A rating factor for "fun" may drive SOME Owners not to hide boring caches at boring places. Example: A family-friendly-rating factor will make our hobby more attractive for families and so on. Owners will want to have good scores, so there is a motivational-force! - Compatibility: Not voting or ignoring the results of such votes is easy. Surely the rating will reflect a lot of different preferences, priorities, opinions and emotions. But with an increasing amount of votes, we are getting statistical tendencies, in a similar way like nowadays favourites: A cache with more than 30 votes and an average of 4,5 stars is probably “cool”, similar like a cache with today more than 30% favourite points (or a certain total amount). But extending the favourite (or gcvote) system, with different factors will tell us -fast and easy- more than just “cool”: Is the Cache exiting, making you laugh, making children happy, on an interesting place, on a scenic location (a better rating will replace some attributes), environmental friendly and so on? Votes of people, who are “miss-voting” for any reason (protest, revenge, laziness, friendhelping, frustration,...) are outbalanced sooner or later, similar like in other voting platforms. City-Caches get more visits/ratings from City-Cachers and a bad vote from a “country bumpkin” is statistically “suppressed” and vice versa. Most people know, that you can not trust a single 5 star vote, but 25 of 30 are telling you something. Other platforms like http://gcvote.com/ are good and reflect the need of a better rating system, but we are discussing here the local implementation in geocaching.com, which just makes the handling easier and more obvious (compared to external platforms). Doing enhanced rating in geocaching.com simplifies the implementation of rating-filters in Searches/pocketqueries/shown maps and so on.
  18. I am the owner of a kind of "romantic" Wherigo. If such an attribute would exist, I would use it. Or even improve the idea by attributes like: Recommended for 1 geocacher, for max 2, for max 4, unlimited. These attribute only as recommendation, of course.
  19. Longing forward for this feature. Question: Where is a discussion about enhanced cache ratings, like a 1 to 5 star rating for different aspects of a cache? It must be here somewhere, but I can not find it...?!
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